Jim Powers Shoot Interview

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a part of the biggest show in the world? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel the roads, wrestle in the ring, and share the locker room during the biggest era in pro wrestling? RF Video sits down with a man who has been in and out of the ring with wrestling’s biggest stars. RF Video is proud to present our newest Shoot Interview with the “Young Stallion” Jim Powers.

Jim Powers wrestled a who’s who list of pro wrestling greats in the WWE. Powers was an enhancement wrestler in the Hogan-era of the WWE. Powers has stories about being in the ring with guys like Dynamite Kid, Bret Hart, Ric Flair, and more.

Powers not only saw it all in the ring, he saw it all outside of the rin g. Powers recounts in great detail the night Jacques Rougeau knocked out the Dybamite Kid. Powers also talks about witnessing a WWE star stealing medication from another WWE star. Powers names the wrestlers and more in this exclusive story on the RF Video Shoot Interview.

Powers also comments on all of the rumors about the WWE during this time. Powers tells about his own experience with a homosexual WWE employee. What did this office member proposition and how did Jim respond? You will be shocked when you hear about WWE superstar went to Vince McMahon on Jim’s behalf and what happened next.

Powers also talks about all of the frustrations of his role in the WWE. How does someone with such a great look and so much talent stay on the bottom of the cards? What finally led to Powers cracking and making his frustrations known to the WWE? How did Vince McMahon respond to this tirade from Powers?

Powers also brings into a day in the life of a WWE pro wrestler during this time period. Powers talks about the drugs he needed just to function day to day on the road. How did Powers stay in shape, eat, sleep, and wrestle on such a hellacious schedule? Powers goes beyond the spotlight and opens us up to a very dark side of the pro wrestling industry.

Powers also talks about traveling with two of pro wrestling’s most infamous personalities. What was it like to travel with Roddy Piper and the Ultimate Warrior? Powers talks about it and has some great road stories to boot. You will think much differently about the Warrior after you hear Jim’s stories.

Jim goes into great detail about his one run in the WWE. How did the Young Stallions come about? What was the original intent of the gimmick? Did he like Paul Roma? What was the plan after beating the Hart Foundation? Powers’ frustrations didn’t get any easier during his time as part of the Young Stallions.

Powers also talks about making the career decision to jump to WCW. Why did he leave the WWE? How was WCW different than the WWE? How was Eric Bischoff different than Vince McMahon? Had Hulk Hogan changed? What happened to his push? Was it bad luck, bad timing, or politics?

Powers was recently in the news as part of the Iron Sheik Roast. Powers stood between an enraged Scott Hall and a comedian after an Owen Hart joke. Why did Powers intervene? How bad was Scott Hall that night? What does Jim Powers think of the Sheik? Hear about that night first hand from the man that may have saved a comedian from the beating of a lifetime.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear about life in the fast lane of the WWE. Hear from a man that shared the ring, the car, and the locker room with all of pro wrestling’s most infamous characters. Jim Powers will bring you into the closed world of Vince McMahon’s WWE in a way never told before in RF Video history. It is with great honor and excitement that RF Video presents the Jim Powers Shoot Interview.

Were you a wrestling fan growing up
Who did you enjoy watching
What did you do before getting into the business
How did you get into the business
What was the training like
What was the biggest misconception of the business that you had
What was the hardest thing in training
Memories of John Studd
Memories of working in World Class
Memories of the Von Erichs
Memories of Fritz
Memories of your Star Wars match against Brian Adidas
Did you feel a lot of pressure in the WWF at that time
Did it take a while for the locker room to accept you
Did anyone try and take liberties with you as a job guy
Could a job guy like yourself make a decent living back then
Who were your favorite guys to work with
Memories of Hulk Hogan
Memories of Randy Savage
Favorite traveling partners
Memories of the Ultimate Warrior
Memories wrestling Ric Flair when he first came in
Most will see you had the talent and the look yet you were never pushed to that next level. Why do you think that was?
You once told a story about watching 123 Kid’s push and getting angry, can you talk about that
Were you ever told to expect a push or were you told it was never going to come
Do you ever think back at something you may have did to bury yourself
What was the partying lifestyle like back then
Did you ever try and develop your promo skills early on
Memories of Andre the Giant
Why do you think you and Paul Roma wasn’t pushed hard
Did you pay drastically increase with the push
You once said you and Roma had personality conflicts, can you expand
Did you expect a big push after going over the Hart Foundation
Were the Hart Foundation okay with putting you guys over
Was it frustrating when he had a run as Power and Glory and you never got another chance
Are you surprised Roma became a Horseman
How did you wind up leaving the WWE
If you didn’t get into WCW, did you have a backup plan
Did you ever tour Japan
How did you get into WCW
Did you expect to finally get that big push
Initial impressions of Bischoff
Were you treated differently there
Initial impressions of the locker room
Favorite traveling partners
Memories being paired with Teddy Long
Were you surprised it ended so quick
Did you ever feel pressure to use steroids throughout your career
Did you enjoy WCW more than the WWE
What happened to the Young Lions stable
What are your memories about the angle with Nick20Patrick
Was it going to go anywhere
Who’s idea was it to pair you with Bobby Walker
What are your thoughts on his lawsuit
Do you think you would have been more successful if the team never came about
Can you talk about the injury you suffered against Wrath
Did you feel pressure to work hurt
How did WCW and management change since you arrived
What was the difference in a Monday Nitro production as opposed to RAW
If there was anything you could have done differently in either place what would it have been
Did yo u ever attempt to go back to the WWE
Is it true that you were going to help train guys at one point for the WWE
Do you think they were just messing with you
Memories of acting in The Wrestler
Memories of Mickey Rourke
Thoughts on the movie
Do you still wrestle today
Do you think you could fit into the WWE or TNA today
Thoughts on all of the wrestler deaths
Why do you think Vince hasn’t brought back Randy Savage
What is missing in today’s wrestling
Can you still make a living in wrestling
Memories of the AWF
Did you think they had a shot
Memories of the Iron Sheik roast and the Scott Hall incident
Have you talked to TNA
Favorite road stories
Do you prefer working with vets or younger guys on indy shows
What makes someone a good worker
In your career who did you find was overrated and underrated
Favorite matches overall
Good ribs and road stories
Fav and least favorite guys to work with
Do you see yourself with another WWE run?
Is there anyone you wished to work with that you havent
Do you ever want to write a book