Jimmy Rave Shoot Interview

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Jimmy Rave is one of those guys who had a very rough childhood. He could have taken the winding road to the left and wound up with nothing but he choose to stay to the right and he took those horrible experiences as a young adult and turned them into life lessons and used them to strive to get to the top and achieve his goals. There is not going to be another emotional interview like this in 2018 as Jimmy Rave opened up about his early life and the struggles he faced. He was a run away living on the streets who had gone thru a lot of drama with his family, including abuse but he didn’t allow that to break him. He took it all in and only used it to make him stronger and fight the fight to become a star in the wrestling business. Once Jimmy found the world of professional wrestling it gave him goals and he strived to be the best in our business.

Jimmy was very open and honest about his early life before pro wrestling. I never knew his story and it was very touching and traumatic as I want you to hear it from his mouth because it’s very moving on how to take a bad situation and turn it into something that can help you thrive to achieve. When we got to talk wrestling, he held nothing back. He has been in this business for nearly 20 years and has worked with the biggest names that are on National TV like AJ Styles, Bryan Danielson, CM Punk, Samoa Joe and everyone in between. He paid his dues and worked all of the towns that literally paved the way to the ROH doorsteps. You will hear all about his early days in GA working for the indys and NWA Wildside. We talk about all of his early matches in ROH and how he tried to change his style to get noticed. What wrestlers gave him advice that helped him? What was his real life relationship with AJ Styles like and was there every any tension between the two outside of the ring? Want to know what CM Punk did for him behind the scenes? Why there was tension between himself and Trent Acid that followed thru CZW to ROH. What was his feelings of working CZW and his thoughts on the product and booking while he was there. You will hear a horror story on his trip to Italy with CZW and how Sabu saved the day. Want to know how he became apart of the Embacy? Why was he in and out of ROH and what led to one of his major departures from the company. We talk about Gabe, Cary and the entire ROH infrastructure from top to bottom including the regime change from Gabe to Adam Pearce. Why was Jimmy angry with the company and what led to his departure and returns? Working ROH opened alot of doors for his acceptance into Dragon Gate and New Japan. We travel to the land of the Rising Sun to hear countless in ring and locker room stories on all your top favorites from Cima, Nakamura, Dragon Kid and Pac. Jimmy held nothing back when it came to his life outside of the ring and how it effected his push in a few companies because of his personal demons with drugs. He talks openly about his drug use and what led to it. You will hear how he had his ups and downs and how it might have followed him to a few companies. We talk about his runs in TNA and India with Ring Ka King. Was he really supposed to be apart of the stable with New Age Outlaws? We talk about the entire landscape from IWA Mid South, CZW, GCW and who right now has his eye. If you are a upcoming wrestler that last 20 minutes of the interview is very instructional and he gives alot of helpful advice to anyone breaking into our sport. I loved this interview from start to finish and I know you will all RAVE about it once you watch it as well. It has so many cool stories from his time with the WWE behind the scenes working dark matches for the company and so much more.