Joanie Laurer Shoot Interview

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The 9th Wonder of the World, Chyna, gave RF VIDEO an exclusive shoot interview that will be the talk of the wrestling world for years. Often the center of controversy, Chyna finally sets the record straight on all the hot topics. We grilled Joanie on her entire career that included: being trained by Killer Kowalski,her ultra popular WWE run, Playboy photo shoot, the tumultuous relationship with Sean Waltman, VH1’s Surreal Life, , and much, much more! This is one interview that will tear at your heart strings as Joanie emotionally describes for us in great detail about what it is like being one of the most recognizable women in wrestling history.

What makes this shoot stand out is the incredible amount of detail Chyna went into concerning her relationship with Triple H. If you thought that Matt Hardy put all the cards on the table in his great shoot with us, then you won’t believe how much information Joanie gives. Telling never-before-heard-stories, Chyna talked about how she found out HHH was cheating on her and the immediate confrontation with Vince McMahon himself.

But that’s not all! Chyna gives all the juicy details on the subjects wrestling fans want to know. Which WWE main event star refused to sell for her? Why was The Kat really fired? Does she regret anything in her book? What went wrong in her match with Chono in Japan? What is the real story between Joanie and TNA? These and many more questions are answered in one of the most emotional shoots RF VIDEO has had the privilege to be a part of.

Were you a fan growing up
When did you get into fitness and bodybuilding
How did you hook up with Killer Kowalski
Was wrestling harder to pick up than you thought
Is it true you dated Perry Saturn during this time and if so, thoughts, memories on Perry
Did you know HHH in training
You attended an ECW house show, were there ever any plans for you to start working there
Memories of your time on the indys and matches
How did you get into the WWE
Killer Kowalski has been outspoken at being disappointed you did not credit him in your book, what was his part in getting you into the WWE
Initial thoughts on Vince
Who’s idea was it to pair you and HHH
Initial thoughts on HHH
How were you received by the locker room
Initial thoughts on Shawn
What was the Bret-Shawn dynamic like
How was your push affected by what happened at the Farewell to the Clique in MSG
How in control of the locker room were Shawn and Hunter
Is it true that Steve Austin did not want to sell for you, and thoughts if so
Did anyone else refuse to sell for you
Thoughts on Steve Austin
Thoughts on the rise of the Rock
How did Austin and Rock change with success
Thoughts on your program with Dustin and Marlena
How did you change your body to go from body builder to more fit
Memories of Survivor Series 97
Do you think that Bret was treated fairly
How did the locker room change towards Shawn and Hunter right after
At what point did your relationship with Hunter get romantic
How open were you 2 about it with the boys
Did you enjoy traveling with Hunter
How hard was it to stay in shape and be on the road
Who’s idea was it to make your character more dynamic with speaking, personality, etc
Is it true that Hunter was against bringing Billy and Brian into DX
How did you get along with the Outlaws
How did you get along at that time with Sean Waltman
Thoughts on Sable
Were you surprised she came back
Who’s idea was it to do that deal with you and Mark Henry and thoughts on the angle
Who’s idea was it for you guys to turn on DX
Were you two for it
Who’s idea was it for you to start wrestling
Thoughts on your angle with Jeff Jarrett
What happened the night Jeff refused to drop the IC belt to you because of his contract status
How did the boys react to you becoming IC champ
Did you prefer making your own identity or being a part of DX
Memories of working with Chris Jericho
Memories of your angles and working with Eddie Guerrero
Was Eddie very careful because of his family as to how it would be perceived
How did you wind up in Playboy
Did you broker your own deal
How did that change life for you
Was it hard to deal with success when WWE and pro wrestling boomed in 99
Did Austin and HHH have political issues
In your time with Hunter do you recall him using his political influence to try and hold anyone back
Was Hunter jealous of Rock’s success
Who’s idea was it to put Miss Kitty with you
She was fired around this time and Lawler said he never understood why. Why do you think she was fired?
How involved were you with writing your book?
Do you regret anything said in the book
Why did you take time off from the worked neck injury
Memories of your program with Ivory
Did you prefer working the guys or the girls
Was HHH angry you said he liked anal on the Howard Stern show
Did it bother you when they made fun of you on the show
How did you find out about HHH and Stephanie
Did Stephanie change towards you in the weeks prior
Were you worried when the two started an angle together
Did you confront the two of them
Did you go to Vince about it
Emotionally, how crushed were you
How did the locker room change towards you after it was out in the open
Did they ever flagrantly throw it in your face
Did they ever consider putting you with Test and doing a program with the 2 of them
What happened in one of your final matches with Lita? You seemed to make a mockery of the whole thing with a lot of comedy in the match.
How did you feel about the new direction going towards Lita and Trish?
What lead to you leaving the WWE
Could you have stayed
Do you regret leaving
How bitter were the WWE after you left towards you
Have you talked to Vince or JR after you left
Do you think you would have wound up in WCW if they stuck around
How did you wind up with New Japan
Thoughts on Antonio Inoki
Did he try and get you to shoot fight
What went wrong with your match with Chono
Did the NJPW guys have more of a hard time selling for you than WWE guys
Why did your relationship with Inoki end
What happened with NWATNA? They say you no showed but you have said that they expected you to wrestle when you wouldnt.
Is it true you were upset because you didn’t want to put Trinity over
Thoughts overall on TNA
Have you talked with them over the years about trying to work together
Thoughts on your boxing match with Joey Buttafuco
You appeared on the Howard Stern show impaired, how far gone were you at that time
How did you wind up romantically involved with Sean
How serious were you two.
Both of you claim to stalk each other, where do you think the truth lies
Was your relationship with him dysfunctional
How much more did you abuse drugs with Sean than before
What were your drugs of choice
Who’s idea was it to make the pornography
Do you regret it
Do you think that closed the door on you ever returning to the WWE
Have you had any talks ever to come back even if for one night
How hard was it to get into acting after wrestling
Is it hard to get people to take you seriously
Is it true you were supposed to be the female Terminator in T3
Do you regret your time on the Surreal Life
Recently you were on Larry King talking about Anna Nicole Smith and you were accused of being a stalker. How do you respond to that?
Thoughts on how the trial turned out
How are things between you and Sean today
How long have you been clean
What are your future plans
Do you miss wrestling
What is the biggest misconception of you today
Thoughts on newsletters and the internet
What do you miss most and least about being a full time wrestler
What are your current goals
Any good rib or road stories
Favorite people to work with and why
Least favorite and why
Would you like to write another book at some point
Advice for young girls wanting to get into the business