Joey Ryan Shoot Interview

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When you talk about west coast independent wrestling, one name always comes up among the icons of the last decade. That name is Joey Ryan, and it’s for good reason as the king of sleaze has seen and done it all. The legend of Joey Ryan began years before, but he may be best known as one of the founders of Pro Wrestling Guerilla – aka the hottest independent wrestling company in the world. His work in PWG put him on the map and he soon made an impact in almost every major promotion in the United States. Ryan’s character and in-ring ability has also taken him to the biggest stage in the game, with over a dozen matches on WWE TV, countless tryouts and of course a near 2-year run with TNA Wrestling. Joey Ryan has been everywhere, and he’s worked with almost every big name in the business under the age of 40. For the first time ever, RF Video sits down with Joey Ryan for an exclusive 4 hour shoot interview that will take you behind the scenes for a career that has spanned more than a decade at the top of the game.

In our sit-down, Joey will take you behind the curtain of the west coast indy wrestling scene. He will tell you what led he and his friends to create the most revolutionary independent wrestling company since ECW and what if any challenges the founders of PWG encountered along the way. Who’s idea was it? Who was responsible for what? Who booked this guy? Who booked that guy? What was the discussion in the PWG offices when TNA decided to pull talent from all future PWG shows? What current WWE Star did Low Ki refuse to put over in the midst of his PWG run? How did things change in PWG as the company grew from an idea, into the biggest thing on the indy map? Joey Ryan will tell you about all the players, all the big events, all the drama, all the highs and all the lows and give you the key to the unprecented wave of success that PWG enjoys today as the undisputed king of the indies.

And as we mentioned prior, Joey has also had numerous WWE tryouts and over a dozen matches on WWE TV over the last 8 years. Why hasn’t Joey been offered a contract? Who has he dealt with behind the scenes at WWE and what feedback did the give him? What happened when a WWE Diva put him in the hotseat with Johnny Ace at a TV taping and how did he react? What happened at his most recent WWE tryout camp in Summer of 2013 at the Performance Center in Orlando and which controversial WWE trainer does Joey think is in way over his head? This is one part of the interview you will not want to miss.

Joey Ryan’s biggest platform however came during his controversial run with TNA. He made an ‘Impact’ right from the start during his shocking appearance on TNA Gutcheck. What happened behind the scenes both before and after his shocking appearance that set the wrestling world on fire? What was real? What was scripted if anything? And what did Eric Bischoff say to Joey when he got back through the curtain after the ‘shoot’ heard round the world? Which member of the gut check panel didn’t think Joey’s shoot was ‘funny’? And what was Hulk Hogan’s reaction and what kind of relationship did Joey Ryan have with the Hulkster at a time when Hulk had been brought in to steer TNA in the right direction? What was it like being around Ric Flair? What was it like working for Dixie Carter? Where did it all go wrong and what is Joey’s feeling now as he looks back on his run in TNA?

This shoot interview covers it all and Joey Ryan is one man who is not afraid to say what’s on his mind. He is very opinionated and he’s not afraid to hurt anyone’s feelings. Ryan is the definition of a ‘veteran’ of the business and he’s been around and in the ring with some of the best in the business. He has a refreshing view of the business and is truly one of the good guys. This is one interview you will not want to miss as Joey tells all to the RF Video cameras in his first major shoot itnerview!