Johnny Kashmere Shoot Interview

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Johnny Kashmere, one half of the tag-team The Backseat Boyz, sits down with RF Video (2015) to talk about what has happened in his life and career since the last interview with The Backseat Boyz. Topics include: ROH, CZW, NWA NJ, Big Japan Pro Wrestling, touring foreign countries, PWU, his own sexuality, the death of his best friend Trent Acid and more. This new no holds barred shoot interview runs 3 1/2 hours and Johnny answers all questions candidly and honestly.

Losing virginity in the czw ring
Trinidad night club, Jerry Lawler’s warning, pot from bartender
UnF’nBelievable match with Justice Pain vs Kassai and Mondo
Cage of Death 2 in dark, walking out with Blade, heat with Zandig
Cage of Death 3 double stack DVD bump with Dewey scared
Sick Bumps: DVD off concession stand Taz asked me about; Assault driver off soda machine from Mondo; double table swanton from Blade; Valentine splash in Delaware; marbles; potatoes; legos; action figures
Necro shower, Shannon Lavay rumour
Dover Downs parking lot fucking rats
Donnie B’s notorious bump at Reading Phillies stadium
Hired by ecw then they closed, crows nest with Heyman etc
The sleepover at Jason Knights in Connecticut
Manhattan with Missy and Tammy; House’s limo at Deed’s show
No-showing PCW; Nova left SAT in Chicago; Harley Lewis spits; paranoia
Passing out in Amsterdam hotel while pissing
Gabe calling me about giving him credit for our Sunday Night Heat appearance
Missing ROH match to bartend, calling Gabe a mark and quitting ROH
Gabe not allowing Larry Dallas to cohost a podcast with me
Asking Gabe “What happened” after he was fired from Dragon Gate
Sunday BBQ’s at Berwyn Tavern that led to me getting a money investor for pwu
Wabi Sabi saki leading to me shooting on hotline, leading to wifebeater beating me up at my house
Signing lease on Animal House with Jack Evans, Trent and Fleish, having panic attack from five sugar free red bulls
Monkey Boy showing up at Grand Opening of Animal House with bat and dogs; punching him while valeting at Mels and again at trents funeral
Rebel ousted from animal house, Reil lays out meanie with one punch
Animal House being robbed
Living with Tod Gordon for a few months
Booking Caged to the end in CZW
Steve DeAngelis checked by customs in airport
Hanging at Gary Capettas house
Ketner’s shit rags at gas station
Fat Guy Falling; Logan and Montoya’s reactions
Pat Tanaka road trip, seminar, Atlantic City, him trying to get pizza on credit
“Hack You’re UP”
Sandman phone call
Big Joe calling Bill Beherens and threatening to show up on his doorstep in Georgia
Sonjay Dutt asking $225 for an appearance while injured at PWU’s first event
Giving the dream sequence to the Young Bucks to use; Shelley already using it in japan
Shelly and Jacobs afraid to work on the fly
MDogg 20 and Josh Prohibition spoof with Zandig in CZW when they jumped to XPW to do a backseat boy gimmick
JCW event with “I See Pee”
Blowjob after match at JCW in lockerroom
Me and trent fighting over simply luscious
England when no ring showed up so we did 45 mins of improve with jake Roberts to enterain the crowd, trent pantsed by ian
Jake vs sandman, Jake shows the lockerroom his “snake pit”, bottle of rumpleminz and 8ball prematch
Me and trent tag with Justin credible in czw, coke before match
Detroit with Logan, KFC bulletproof glass with Zach Gowan, Dan Aykroyd nose guy
Mean Street Posse match in Connecticut, Headbangers criticism; Felipe abused by Dudleys; Ketner gives me great advice
Calling IWA promoter Terry “Hairpiece” in Reading, PA
The Kashmere Manifesto starting PWU; “As the Mic Burns”
The Shield season one and two inspiring pwu’s early days
Frank Goodman’s advice saving my company
Pancoast and Burns looking down on the boys
Arena boss Roger and me getting high in his office; double dipping on ring storage fee; ex con
Claudio rolls eyes at me at arena
Punk snubs entire czw locker room
Raven and Trents heat, I stood up for Trent to Raven at Arena
Me and Hacksaw’s heat; him asking me to go on the road with him
Brett and Foley at WrestleReunion story; Brett asking Trent in Italy to train Dallas
Porn star three way in LA
Norwegians on world tour in LA; $1 Margaritas at bar in hotel
Corino tells me and trent to burn the building in Pottstown. Me vs Trent with Donnie as ref
Jody Fleisch at Nifty Fifties
MCW Xmas Party on molly
Kapow show in Philly on Special K
The “Double Black Lesbian Wedding”
Nose broke with Hamrick; Hot Comedy; West Virginia mark-out 6man tag
Hanging on “The corner” with Berk and Trent while tripping; laser Halloween at Franklin Institute planetarium
Trying to drive to Pittsburgh in blizzard
Again coming home from Donnie’s Xmas party at Rivolis restaurant
Dropping out of college for Japan tours; winning BJW jr heavy title; being sold out by Justice Pain
My Halloween party; extacy, beer pong, underage hookup
Tropicana with Sandman and Teddy Hart on mushrooms, escalator story
Teddy Hart and Jack Evans destroying my apartment
New Years Eve party at my apartment, Wifebeater still there on Jan 3 rd
Living with Zbarr
Gangrel stuck with me and Zbarr for a week at Halloween
Burt Ward “dark knighting” me a batman; heat with investors
Red Carpet and Crazy Tailgate; batman and robin on roof
Dennis C’s funeral, giving Ketner death looks
Kehner and Trent’s lockeroom fight after PWU event
Zbarr recreates Snukas splash on Albano in PWU battle royal
Gary Wolf’s reaction to my coming out of the closet
Smoking pre match in Detroit with Corp and Tony
Gino Moore and Mack Smack pastry story
Bic Camera song at Japanese press conference
Blow Job from Citomi in Japan
Berk’s fights vs Buff Smooth Daddy, Billy Reil; celebrity boxing on oxygen in lockerroom after his match
TNA ppv match, smoking in back of building with flying elvises afterwards
Never once sent anything to wwe
Psychic relaying Trent’s message to me after his death

AJ Styles asks “Are you high” at NWA Wildside in Georgia
Trent getting heat with Anthony pitbul for letting his dogs hump
Bad Crew’s xmas party with stripper, finger up ass
Zandig at Trent’s funeral
My time stripping in the same troupe as Channing Tatum
Car breaks down on I95 coming back from Jersey All Pro in Bayonne with Derrik Dominoe
Woody’s at age 22
Malaga CZW show with Dennis Coraluzzo
Seeing Harley Lewis on the street in South Philly
Kicking Garguillo off commentary in czw during Trent vs Jimmy Rave; him getting zandig
Garguillo excluded from Tavern and parties for being a rat
Nova’s advice about how to improve our matches; his crossroads advice
Me and Trent fist fight in arena parking lot
My downstairs neighbors in Berwyn smoking coke
Trent drinks Berks dip spit by accident in the car
PWU afterparties at Mel’s
My security bond for no showing events
Show in Wilkes Barre run by strip club dj with shower dances
DJ’ing at strip clubs with zbarr and Kwame
New Jack calling me
Scared to tell Donnie we are both potheads
Landell and Rubenstein in Tropicana
Rubenstein calling my match for me on the steel pier in AC
Losing my college due to the weedwhacker
Sending trent and devon to mexico for triplemania
Hiring garguillo and house for czw commentary; garguillos excessive “gay” comments
Bagwell passed out in lockeroom in Trinidad; lawler shakes his head
Bad Crew saying “Sorry bro didn’t mean to look at your cizzock”
Me vs trent for yakuza private event in japan
Managing trent for pitbulls event in hammonton