Jules Strongbow Shoot Interview

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Get ready old school wrestling fans from the late 70’s and early 80’s because RF VIDEO conducted a new shoot interview with former WWF tag team champion Jules Strongbow for his first ever shoot!!

Jules Strongbow worked his way to the top of the card in the AWA before later going over to work for Vince Sr in the WWF.  Jules talked about how he made it to the top and eventually talks about how he got his spot as Jay Strongbows younger brother in the WWF as the Strongbow brothers.

You will hear a ton of locker room stories from the WWF during the 80’s and also what it was like to work with the biggest names in the WWF.  Once again Jules has worked with almost every major name in the WWF during the 80’s and has many stories that we have never heard until now.

What was it like to work with Mr Fuji and Mr Saito?  Did he really get along with Jay Strongbow outside the ring?  What was Andre like to be around?  How were the Samoans in the ring to work with?  Jules talks about the wrestling life style outside the ring and being on the road right as the WWF was about to take off.  His WWF stories from the 80’s make this shoot worth it just for them.

We go down a list of every major name who he shared the locker room with in the 80’s from Muraco, Backland, Valentine, Patera, Mulligan, Bruno, Hogan, Big John Studd, Jesse Ventua, Koloff, Albano and the list goes on and on!!!  Want to hear all about your favorite stars from this era, Jules talks about everyone!!!

After the WWF Jules went to work for Fritz Von Erich as he shares many locker room stories from that territory as well.  Want to know more Von Eric Stories?  Of course we talk about drugs in the locker room from the 80’s time period…and so much more.

If your a old school wrestling fan like myself, the Jules Strongbow shoot will take you back to your childhood memories of what it was like when wrestling was WRESTLING!!!!!!

How did you get started in the business
Were you a wrestling fan growing up
What was the training like
What was the hardest thing to learn the bumping or psychology
Did you ever want to quit
Who was your mentor
Did any of the veterans ever try to stretch you
Memories of your first indy show
What was like wrestling scene like out in Ca when you started
Talk about the different territories that you started to work for when your broke in
What promoters did you work for
Did you work for Georgia Championship Wrestling
Memories of working for Leroy McGuuirk
What was the Tulsa territory like
Memories of working for the AWA in 1976
Memories of Nick Bockwinkel
Memories of working the Crusher
Memories of working Red Bastien
Memories of working Ken Patera
Memories of Working Superstar Billy Graham
Memories of working Ivan Putski
Memories of working Larry Henning
Memories of Iron SHeik
Memories of working with Greg Gagne and Jim Brunzell when you teamed with Larry Henning
Memories of working with Baron Von Raschke
Memories of Joe Leduc
Memories of Bob Orton
Memories of Bobby Heenan
Memories of Peter Mavia
Memories of Ray Stevens
Memories of Verne Gagne
Memories of being put in with Wahoo McDaniels as your mentor
What was your first Japan tour like
How different was the style in Japan from the United States
Talk about working in KS
Talk about working with Bob Sweetan
Memories of Working for Central States
Memories of working Rufus Jones
Memories of working Terry Orndorff in 1981
Memories of working with David and Joel Deaton when you teamed up with Eric Embry
How did you get into the WWE
What was the tag team scene like
How did you wind up with Jay Strongbow
Memories of working Mr Fuji and Mr Saito
June 28, 1982, Strongbows defeated the team of Mr. Fuji and Mr. Saito for their first WWF Tag Team Championship
July 13 edition of Championship Wrestling, Strongbows lost the belts back to Fuji and Saito.
October 26 edition of Championship Wrestling, Strongbows defeated Fuji and Saito for their second tag title reign.
on March 8, 1983 edition of Championship Wrestling by The Wild Samoans (Afa and Sika). Shortly after losing the titles, Jules left the WWF.
Memories of matches with Samoans
Memories of Tony Garia
Memories of Ivan Putski
Memories of Rick Martel
Memories of Valiants
Memories of Tony Atlas and Rocky Johnson
Memories of Moondogs
Memories of Bob Backland you actually worked  him also in AWA in 1977
Memories of Sgt Slaughter
Memories on George Steele
memories on Jesse Ventura
Memories of Bruno Sammartino
Memories on BlackJack Mulligan and memories of doing six men with Andre against Mulligan and Samoans
Memories of Angelo Mosca
Memories on Hulk Hogan
Memories on Andre the Giant
Memories on Pedro Morales
Memories of Iron Mike Sharp
Memories of Johnny Rodz
Memories of Big John Studd
Memories of Salavtorre Bellomo
Memories of Ivan Koloff
Memories of Fred Blassie
Memories on Don Muraco
Memories on Vince Sr and what was he like to work for
Memories of Vince Jr when he was doing ringside interviews
Memories of Loou Albano
Memories of Pat Patterson
Memories of Billy Graham
Memories of Greg Valentine
What was the WWF road schedule like
Was Mr Fuji a big ribber
What was the travel schedule like back then
Were you in the company when the Jimmy Snuka incident happened in 1983
what did you think of when Vince Jr took over and brought in Hulk Hogan did you know it was going to change
After the WWF where did you go
Memories of doing indy shows with DC Drake and Bruiser Brody for NWF you worked with Brody as your tag partner in a cage against Damien Kane and DC Drake
What was Brody like
Did you like working down in TX for Fritz Von Erich around 1984
What were the Von Erichs like
Did you see them out of control and did you know about the infamous drug use
Any good road stories
Memories of working with Missing Link in TX
Memories of working with the Irwins in TX
Memories of working with John Tatum in TX
Memories of working with Gino Hernandez and did you see him out of control
Thoughts on working Terry Gordy
Working Buddy Jack ROberts
Memories of working for the IWA