Justin Credible 2014 Shoot Interview

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Those people who have followed the wrestling business closely in the last 20 years know that PJ Polaco aka JUSTIN CREDIBLE has not just been a star for nearly every major promotion over that time, but was and is also close friends with some of the most influential people in the industry as well. Justin began his career in the infamous Hart dungeon in Calgary, quickly moved to the WWF as ‘Aldo Montoya’ and went on to become the ECW World Heavyweight Champion at a time when the company was revolutionizing the sport as we know it. People that know Justin Credible also know that had he not succumbed to the disease of addiction at the height of his career, he may have gone on to become one of the biggest stars in the history of the business. For the first time ever, Justin Credible sat down with the RF Video cameras and went into great detail in describing how his troubles with drugs and alcohol not only derailed his career, but nearly ended his life.

Less than two years into his career, Justin Credible was making regular appearances on Monday Night Raw, putting over some of the biggest names in the business like Lex Luger, Yokozuna and Ted Dibiase. During that time, Credible was a quick learner, and not only sharpened his skills but also became close friends and travel partners with the infamous group of global Superstars known as ‘The Kliq’. It was during a house show loop with the WWF in 1994 when Justin, then known as the ‘Portugese Man-O-War’ Aldo Montoya took a handful of pills given to him by Scott Hall and began to develop the addiction that he would struggle with for more than a decade. Polaco didn’t become immediately dependent on chemical substances at the time however, and by learning from the best workers in the business, he was able to learn the ropes and carve out what became a very notable career on his own which culminated in the late 90’s where he defeated Tommy Dreamer to become the ECW World Heavyweight Champion.

In this tell-all interview with RF Video, Justin Credible took us back in time to the WWF and ECW locker rooms in the mid to late 90’s when he was at his best, and also interacting with and sharing narcotics with some of the biggest and most popular names in the business. Justin didn’t set out to name names in this interview and doesn’t blame anyone for the problems he would eventually develop, but he will tell you what he saw, who was doing what, and the consequences of which these mega-stars suffered from as a result of their own personal demons that they encountered on the road during the biggest boom period in the history of the wrestling business.

Following the demise of ECW, which Credible experienced first hand and detailed for the RF Video cameras, PJ was one of the few Superstars from outside the company that were allowed to resume their careers with the new undisputed kings of the industry at the WWE. He was part of the controversial ‘Invasion’ storyline and worked closely with Stephanie and Shane McMahon, Paul Heyman, Steve Austin, Triple H and many more of the biggest stars in the business at the time, and he will tell you all about his experiences with each of these names. Justin will tell you all about his relationship with the Kliq, from Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Sean Waltman and everyone else the Kliq encountered, he will tell you what it’s like to ride from town to town with the Kliq and even tell you about his time on the WWF’s private jet, as he was one of the few members of the roster who was allowed onboard. He also went on several trips overseas with the WWE, and he will tell you about one infamous flight to the Phillipines in which he took acid with the Underaker!

But the most significant and important part of this interview is Justin’s tale from the depths of drug abuse and the inspirational recovery that he lives every day in his battle to stay sober, and alive. His life of drugs started recreationally like they all do with a few drinks here and a couple of joints there. However, the post-show fun at the local bar developed into a full blown addiction that culminated in handfulls of painkillers and intravenous heroin use on a daily basis. Polaco held nothing back and his story is heartbreaking as his family and career had to suffer along with him every step of the way. The story however has thus far avoided the tragic ending that so many of PJ’s peers have suffered, and his courage to make a phone call to the WWE headquarters and get himself into rehab has given him a 2nd chance at a happy ending, a rebirth in the wrestling ring, and the ability to be the father, husband and family man that he has desperately wanted to become. By the time you finish viewing this interview, you won’t be able to do anything but root for Justin Credible, and we here at RF Video want you to witness it for yourself, and join us in supporting him in his incredible comeback.