Justin Credible Shoot Interview

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Incredible stories are told including all the behind the scenes controversy with the clique in the WWF. Justin Credible was and still is great friends with Scott Hall and Shawn Michaels. He was there first hand for all of the cliques’ actions, including the night at MSG when all the members hit the ring, the problems between the clique and Shane Douglas, and what power the clique had not only in the WWF but the entire wrestling industry. Justin also talks about his training in Calgary by Lance Storm, his role in the WWF as Aldo Montoya, and his role in ECW. He talks about his future in ECW with Lance Storm, his greatest matches and matches that he would like to have in the future. Plenty of behind the scenes stories especially in the WWF are told as well. This shoot interview is not just the coolest, it’s not just the best, it’s Justin Credible!