Juventud Guerrera Shoot Interview

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This interview was conducted in Puerto Rico with one of the most outstanding wrestlers in the world. Juvi has accomplished international status thoughout the world with incredible matches in Mexico, Japan and the United States. This high-flying Luchador talks about his upbringing in Mexico, and his introduction in the wrestling business by his famous and also talented wrestling Rudos father Fuerza Guerrera. The Juice also talks about his tenure in AAA Mexico and his unbelievable and revolutionary matches with his counterparts, Rey Misterio Jr. & Psicosis. Relive Juvi’s memories of first traveling to the United States, and thoughts of his famous ECW Arena match with Rey Jr. Find out how Konnan helped Juvi, and how Konnan started the Lucha Libre inception in WCW. Find out all of the problems of being a cruiserweight and a young foreigner, in a company ruled by gigantic veteran wrestlers. Was Juvi ok with losing his mask to Chris Jericho, or was he insulted or scared to be the first Luchador to unmask for a major United States promotion? Get the scoops about all of the the WCW talent from Konnan, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Eric Bischoff, Vince Russo and more. Tons of other topics are discussed including when he met the Rock in the airport after Juvi used his catch phrases, and the current state of WCW with all of their internal termoil. And in closing, Juvi Juice tells his side of the story about his termination from WCW and what really happened in Austraila. This is a dynamic and honest shoot about one of the most talked about wrestlers this year.