Katarina Leigh Shoot Interview

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RF VIDEO is happy to release a brand new Shoot Interview with Katarina Leigh formerly known as Katie Lea (WWE) and Winter (TNA).  Katie talks about her time living in Germany as a child to growing up to love the sport of pro wrestling.  She talks about her move to England to get into the wrestling business and how she broke into the indy scene working for various independent companies like the FWA in the UK.

Katie talks about her big break and how she moved to the United States to follow her dream.  Once she got to the states she had to do a lot of adjusting in KY when she became part of the WWE developmental system OVW.  You will hear how she made the transformation and started training with many of the other soon to be top wwe women wrestlers like Beth Phoenix, Victoria, Melina and ODB.  What was it like to train in OVW, and what were her memories of some of her early matches in the company?  How did she like to work with the men in the company and did she like being paired up with Paul Burchill?

When WWE split away from the OVW, Katie was called up to TV and now it was time to sink or swim.  Katie talks about her time in the WWE as she was called to work Monday Night Raw with her than on air brother Paul Burchill.  Did she like the gimmick with Paul or did she think it was over the top?  Katie talks about her matches with Micky James, Eve, Melina and Beth Phoenix.  You will hear a ton of back stage stories from Katie on the top guys like John Cena, Randy Orton, Undertaker and of course Vince himself.

Katie talks about why her time in the WWE was so short and why she did not think she lasted in the company once Paul Burchill left.  Katie talks about why she wanted to jump over to TNA and what it was like getting a job in that company.  How did she think the TNA women were compared to the WWE rooster?  What was it like working with the Beautiful People?  What were her thoughts on Vince Russo, and how different was TNA from the WWE?

Katie talks about all of her major programs that she had in TNA and what she liked about working for that company.  We also talk about many different girls that she got the chance to work with over the independent scene.  This is a really great wrestler if your a fan of the WWE women’s division as Katie has many never told stories before that are very entertaining.

Talk about your life growing up as a kid in Germany
Were you a wrestling fan growing up
Who were some of your favorite wrestlers to watch as a kid
Was it true you were a fan of the Ultimate Warrior and you really believed in
his gimmick
How did you break into the business
Who was your trainier
Did you ever want to quit
Take us thru a typical dat of training
What was harder for you to pick up the bumps or psychology
Who was Jon Ryan
How did you get your name Nikita
What do you remember about your first match
What company was it for
How did Alex Shane help you
What are your memories of FWA
Memories of matches with  Paul Travell
Memories of working with Andy Simmons
Memories of the heel group The Family
Memories working with Darren Burridge
Memories of working with SImply Luscious
In 2005 you went to France what was that like to work in the Fighting Spirit
Federation  Queens of Chaos
Memories of working tag match against Kid Cash and Trinity
Memories of working in GSW against Nora Greenwald (molly holly)
Memories of working for Shimmer in 2006
Memories of working with Lacey
Memories of working with Daizee Haze
How did you get signed by the WWE
What was Ohio Valley like
Who did you live with down in KY
Memories of your TV debut on OVW teaming with ODB vs Beth Phoenix and Serena
What was the training schedule down in OVW
who were your trainers at the time
What other male workers were in your class with you at the time
How was your feud with Beth in 2006 in OVW did you like working with her
Memories of Kats Kradle your talk show you did in the ring
Memories of your ladder match with Beth
Memories of working with Cherry Pie
You also did some mixed matches with Duece and Domino which was Cherry and
Domino at that time
Memories of Victoria
Memories of Melina
Memories of being paired up with Paul Burchill and what was it like to be paired
with him in OVW after he gave you presents
When OVW and WWE split ways did you get called up to TV right away
Was it overwhelming
Who did you meet with in the WWE and were you promised anything
What was Vince like and were you able to talk to him or did you have to go thru
channels or was he someone you would avoid
Memories of your TV debut on Raw on Feb 11 in 2008
Did you like the incest gimmick and did you personally think it was to much
Memories of your inter gender handicapped match against SUper Crazy
How much heat did you get from anyone when you said your line about Micky James
sleeping her way to the top with John Cena
Did MIcky get upset with that line or was it pre approved since it was a semi
What was Micky like to work with
Memories of your tag matches with Beth against Melina and Micky
Memories of tag matches with Paul against Kennedy and Micky James
Mrmoeis of tag match with Paul against Kofi and Micky James
Did you like getting moved to ECW
Thoughts on Paul Heyman
Memories of working Alicia Fox on ECW debut show
Memories of working with Gabriel and Fox
What were the Bellas like behind the scenes and to work with in the ring
Thoughts on Kelly Kelly
Memories of your program with Shane Helms
Memories of putting the masks on after you lost looser leave ECW where you did
Beautiful Nightmare and The Ripper
Memories of working with Eve Torres
Did you get along with all of the Divas
Did any of them have egos
How was Maryse to work around and with
How was John Cena
Did you get to work alot with Finlay when he was your agent and what was he like
What was the Undertaker like to be around, was he the locker room leader
Who did you travel with in the WWE
Was there alot of politics in the WWE
Did you ever feel that you were not getting the push that you deserved and did
you like your spot
What lead to your release and did you see the writing on the wall when Payl was
How did you get into TNA
How different was TNA from the WWE and did you consider it a step down
Memories of your try out match with Madison Rayne
Memories of working with Agelina Love for your debut
Memories of your tag match with Angelina against Madison Rayne and Tara
What were your thought of working with Velvet Sky
Memories of working with Sarita and Rosita
Memories teaming with Angelina and Matt Morgan vs Hernandez and Rosita and
How was it working with Micky again in TNA and did she change at all
Do you think that TNA lets the girls work more than in WWE when it comes to in
the ring time
Memories of loosing your title to Velvet Sky in four way match
Memories of working with ODB in TNA
Did you like working with the guys in the ring like Eric Young
What made you leave TNA
What was your favorite moments in the company
Who did you travel with in TNA
Do you think TNA will ever grow
What was it like to go back to doing Indys
When you left WWE did you have a open door at some point to return if they
wanted you
You worked alot of girls on the Indys give me your opinions on them
Christy Hemmy
Maria Kanellis
Brooke Tessmacher
Did you ever get to work Lita besides the match where she was a ref for the
company FWE
Talk about your acting and directing for Welcome to Hell film