Keiji Muto & Kaz Hayashi Shoot Interview

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This is one of the most unique Shoot Interviews you’ll ever see as Keiji Mutoh and Kaz Hayashi sat down with RF Video to discuss their entire careers. Both men discussed a number of topics on this 70 minute tape. If you ever wanted to know anything about the Japanese wrestling scene this Shoot Interview is for you. Not only that, but both Mutoh and Hayashi discuss their careers in the United States.

Mutoh starts out by going over his early days in New Japan and in the United States. He talks about breaking into the business with Masa Chono and Shiro Koshinaka and winning the tag titles in 1994. From there Mutoh takes through his travels to the various territories including Puerto Rico, Florida, World Class and finally his breakthrough years in NWA. Find out all about his NWA stay from the Sting feud to why he left so abruptly.

Next Mutoh discusses his return to Japan in the early nineties as a superstar including his famous matches against the likes of Hase, Sasaki, Choshu and Hashimoto. Mutoh takes you all the way up to the start of the NWO in Japan including discussing his trips back to WCW including his thoughts on people like Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff and all the top WCW names.

Mutoh closes by talking about his jump to All Japan. Mutoh gives the behind the scenes info on running the company and explains his Wrestle-1 concept. From Zero-One to Mrs. Baba to Kawada, Mutoh covers all the most famous names and happenings of the last few years. This Shoot Interview gives you information you won’t find anywhere else!!! This is a rare interview with one of the sport’s greatest legends.

Kaz Hayashi covers it all from his start in Michinoku Pro to his career in WCW to his time in WWE developmental territory. Hayashi covers his early days including his career in Michinoku Pro as Shinryu. Hayashi takes you to Mexico before talking about his time in WCW as a member of the Jung Dragons. Hayashi talks about the big names and backstage politics before discussing his time in WWE’s developmental territory.

Hayashi then talks about leaving WWE for All Japan. He talks about all his big matches and All Japan’s product. This is a chance to hear news and views that new other Shoot Interview can cover!!!.