Kevin Kelly Shoot Interview

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The DOI is proud to announce that our second shoot interview ever has been recorded. We recently sat down with former WWE agent/color commentator/jack-of-all-trades, Kevin Kelly. Kevin Kelly is a 15 year veteran of the wrestling business and spent 7 years in the WWF/E. In this shoot, Kevin talks all about the WWF/E from an office point of view. Find out who played politics against who. Find out who was sleeping with who. Find out his thoughts about the booking at the time. Find out everything you always wanted to know about the WWF. Find out about the drug abuse in the WWF and who Kevin worried about. Find out all this and so much more. This shoot explores all the inner workings of the WWF and about everyone who walked through the company’s doors at the time.
For indy wrestlers, this shoot is invaluable, as Kevin Kelly talks about what the WWE was looking for when he was there. Listen to his tips and how to make yourself stand out more. Find out what the WWE office is looking for today.

This shoot also focuses on the current state of indy wrestling. Kevin talks about all the different territories today and talks about the politics involved in indy wrestling. Find out what he thinks about numerous indy wrestlers. Find out what he thinks is hurting the business.

This shoot also talks about some of the current events in wrestling today, from the Philadelphia wars to Hardy/Edge/Lita to Hogan. We also touch on Christianity in wrestling, sleaze in wrestling and much more.

This shoot tells you everything from every aspect of the wrestling business from one of the greatest minds today. You definitely don’t want to miss out.

How you doing today?
Were you always a fan of the biz growing up?
What wrestlers did you like growing up?
Favorite angles growing up?
When did you get wise to the business and realize it was a work?
How did you get into the business?
Did you ever want to be a wrestler, or did you always want to be a backstage type of guy?
What was the indy scene like when you broke in?
How did you get into the WWF?
What was the WWF scene like at the time?
Did it hit you that you were working for the biggest wrestling company in 1996?
What were your early duties?
How did you work you way up?
What was your duties when you left the company in 2003?
Who helped you when you first got in?
Who didn’t like you?
Who did you travel with?
What was the WWF offices like at the time?
Thoughts on Bret Hart?
Was he a good champion?
Thoughts on The Kliq?
Any personal stories?
Who did you think was the best wrestler in the company in the 90s?
Who do you think was the worst?
What were some of the angles you pitched to the WWF that made the air?
What did you pitch that didn’t make the air?
What was the WWF creative process like from the day you got in from the day you left?
Thoughts on the Undertaker, his work, his character and his politics?
Thoughts on Diesel?
Do you think he was the worst drawing champ ever?
Thoughts on the influx of women in WWF in 1996, like Marlena, Sunny, Sable. Did these girls ever fight?
Did anyone ever rat out these girls?
Biggest rat in wrestling that you know?
Was Marc Mero overprotective of Sable?
Was Dustin overprotective of Marlena?
Was Candido over protective over Sunny?
Best match in your time with the company?
Thoughts about Brian Pillman/Austin Gun Angle?
Thoughts on Pillman?
Thoughts on the Iron Man Match at WM XII?
Thoughts on Shawn Michaels?
Thoughts on the rise of Stone Cold?
Thoughts about Survivor Series 96- MSG turns Sid face, turns Bret Heel against Austin?
Thoughts about HBK losing his smile?
Thoughts about Sid and his WWF title reigns?
Thoughts about Sid main eventing vs Taker at WM XIII?
Was that rushed or thrown together because of HBK ?
Thoughts about HBK and Bret’s Heat?
Who was right who was wrong?
Thoughst about the locker room at the time?
Thoughts about hte Monday Night War at the time?
Thoughts about SurvSer 97 Montreal?
Thoughts about Austin’s injury against Owen?
What was the locker room like after Bret was gone?
Thoughts on Stone Cold carrying the ball?
Thoughts on the “Mr.McMahon” characater?
Is that an extension of himself?
Thoughts on the rise of the Rock?
Thoughts on Rock’s classic promos?
Who was a beter promo guy Rock or Austin?
Thoughts about Rock calling you a hermaphrodite all the time?
Are you a hermaphrodite?
When Austin/Rock feuded over IC title, did u think they devalued the belt by throwing it in a river?
Thoughts about Rock/Austin WM XV main event?
Who you think was bigger for the biz Hogan or Austin?
Rock or Flair?
Thoughts on Droz’s injury vs D-Lo?
Thoughts on the death of Owen?
How did that affect the company?
Did you read broken harts?
DO you think Bret blames Vince for Owen?
Should’ve the show went on?
Thoughts on the emotional Raw after Owen’s Death?
Thoughts on Triple H’s rise ot the top?
How was he from the Godwin feud and Warrior squah days compared to when you left?
Thoughts on Stephanie being on TV and the whole Greater Power angle where it was Vince?
Thoughts on Steph/Test/HHH feud?
Thoughts about Test vs SHane McMahon?
Did Shane hurt the biz by having incredible matches because he only wrestled once every 4 months?
Thoughts on Shane personally?
Thoughts on commentating?
What makes a good commentator?
Thoughts on Byte This?
Thoughts on internets role in wrestling?
Thoughts on Foley?
Thoughts on HHH “retiring” Foley?
Thoughts on HHH being the first heel to keep the title going into Mania and after mania (2000?
Thoughts on rise of Kurt Angle?
Is he the fastest to get the biz?
Thoughts on the Radicalz debuting with the company?
Thoughts on Taz?
Did he get buried right away?
Could Taz ever gotten over?
Thoughts on Dudleyz in WWF?
Thoughts on HHH/Austin tandem?
Thoughts on ECW and WCW folding around the same time?
Were u shocked that WCW bombed the way it did?
Thoughts on Russo?
Thoughts on Jim Ross?
Were the WCW guys treated diff in the locker room at the time?
Thoughts on Austin vs Rock II, and Austin’s heel turn?
Thoughts on Chyna?
Did u see Surreal life?
Is she that psycho in real life?
Thoughts on Triple H being the man?
Do you think he’s a good worker or a good politician?
Do you think HHH married Steph out of love or out of politics?
Why do u think so many wrestlers bury HHH once they get fired?
Thoughts on invasion angle?
How bad did WWF fuck that shit up?
Thoughts on Austin hugging Vince?
Did it kill the Austin character?
Thoughts on Bischoff, Goldberg and the nWo joining the WWE?
Was it too late?
Thoughts on too many titles in the WWF?
Thoughts on dropping the IC, Euro and Hardcore belts?
Thoughts on RVD uniting all the belts?
Thoughts on RVD?
Did WWE kil lthe legacy of the IC belt?
Thoughts on planeride from hell?
Thoughts on Kane?
Thoughts on womens wrestling?
thoughts on Trish?
Thoughts on Katie Vick angle?
Did you like the Brand split or do you think it was a bad idea?
Thoughts on Paul heyman?
Thoughts on Heyman in OVW?
Thoughts on Jericho?
Thoughts on Jericho fighting HHH at Mania over Steph’s dog?
Thoughts on the return of HBK?
Was he changed when he was b ack?
Thoughts on Wrestlemania XIX- HHH squashing Booker T and Angle/Lesnar?
Why were you released?
What were you job duties when you left?
Thoughts on Vince?
Thoughts on wrestlers dying?
What wrestler death affects you the most?
When vince dies, will it be Shane or Steph in charge?
Who’s the better wrestling mind?
Thoughts on Prichard?
You were in charge of developmental talent. What was that like?
Worst tapes ever sent to you?
Crappiest indy workers you saw?
Best indy workers?
What guys did you push into the WWE?
What guys did you push but never got in?
Thoughts on Dreamer taking your job today?
What do you look for when scouting?
You worked for Kettner and ECWA, what was that like?
Thoughts on being the main heel manager?
Thoughts on being ECWA Champion?
Do you think that hurt ECWA?
Do you think non wrestlers being champions hurt the biz- like Russo/Arquette WCW, and McMahon in WWF?
Working with Scoot Andrews?
Thoughts on NECW and Sheldon Goldberg?
How come NECW doesn’t get press like the other indy feds today?
Thoughts on the indy scene in the past and today?
How does it differ?
Favorite indy wrestlers to watch today?
Least favorite?
What are the bad ones that you like watching?
Thoughts on MLW and Court bauer?
What do you think about Court being a WWE smackdwon writer?
Thoughts on Camrine Sabia and SSCW and working there?
Thoughts on Ricky O and JCW and working there?
Thoughts on Simon Diamond?
Is he one of the bestwrestlers to never get a WWF contract?
Thoughts on being accused a racist?
Thoughts on Slyck and April?
Thoughts on working for 3PW?
Thoughts on Meanie?
Thoughts on Rebel?
Thoughts on Mike Hawes?
Could 3PW ever be successful when u were there or was there too much politics?
Thoughts on state of indy wrestling today?
Thoughts on Goodman & UXW?
Thoughts on ticket sellers in wrestling?
Thoughts on the growth of TNA?
Growth of ROH?
Thoughts on the RF/ROH fiasco?
Thoughts on Homicide/Low Ki?
Do you think they will ever go to the WWE?
Thoughts on the ECW nostaligia in June?
Best advice for an indy wrestler looking to get signed?
Thoughts on Lesnar situation?
Thoughts on Mohummad Assan?
Thoughts on Hardy/Lita/Edge?
Thoughts on HBK/Hogan main eventing SS 2005?
Who will last longer, Cena or Batista?
Who’s better for the biz?
Best wrestler on the planet today?
What indy wrestlers belong in the WWE today?
What wrestlers flat out have no chance?
Thoughts on JAPW and the way their product influence the indies?
THoughts on hardcore wrestling and CZW?
Thoughts on WWE product today?
What would u do if you wwere booking the WWE today?
Favorite memories?
Would u ever go back to the WWE?
What WWE guys do u still talk to today?
What does Kevin Kelly still have to offer to the business?
Do u miss not being in the main stage and dealing with some of the people on the indies?
How do u want KK to be remembered by the business?
Any future endeavors coming up?
Anything you’d like to say to the fans?