Kimberly Page Shoot Interview

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RF VIDEO sat down with the lovely and talented Kimberly Page to conduct her very first shoot interview! Kim talked openly about meeting DDP at his club in Florida after she got out of college and frankly described in great detail what their relationship was like outside of the ring and how tough it was to maintain it. Kimberly gave us the scoop on her rapid rise in the business, starting from just going to shows with DDP, to becoming a part time Diamond Doll, to more full time role once things picked up for DDP. Kimberly described what it was like to train with Medusa in WCW’s Power Plant and what the other female veterans, such as Sherri Martel, taught her about the business. It’s not often to get a women’s perspective on such a male dominated sport as wrestling, but Kimberly Page comes through in spades in this highly entertaining shoot!

Kimberly went into great detail on all her early programs with DDP and told us what it was like to work with wrestlers such as Brutus Beefcake, Marc Mero, Kevin Sullivan, and of course Randy Savage. We all know Kim and DDP lived a few doors down from Eric Bischoff, but only in this exclusive shoot will you discover their relationship outside the ring with Eric and how it affected the business in WCW that they all conducted together. How did the Nitro Girls come about and were there any problems with the girls? Kimberly fills us in on a bunch of Nitro Girl stories you never heard before including exactly who she had to fire and why.

Kimberly talked about her infamous run in with Scott Steiner which led to the DDP and Steiner backstage brawl. This is one exclusive shoot you will definitely want to get your hands on! We also talked to Kimberly about the death of Miss Elizabeth and her thoughts on Lex Luger at the time. Did Kim like wrestling David Flair? We get that answer along with getting Kim to talk openly – for the very first time – about Tammy Sytch’s claim that Kim got Tammy fired for Nubain in the locker room. How did Sable treat Kim backstage and what was it like to work with Stacy Keibler? We get all the answers! Kimberly talked about how it was different it was to work for Vince Russo when he came into WCW and why she never went into the WWE. Kim explained why she left wrestling and she is doing in Hollywood (including the scene stealing role in 40 Year Old Virgin). We get the skinny on the politics of WCW and what it was like working with her husband throughout all of the backstage power struggles within WCW. This is another amazing shoot interview like only RF VIDEO can deliver!