Koko B. Ware Shoot Interview

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RF VIDEO was lucky enough to sit down with one of the very first high flyers to ever start in the WWF back in the 80’s. He was up there with the likes of Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant and all of the other top babyfaces at this time. I am talking about none other than Koko B Ware!! This shoot will be on DVD and VHS and you can order it now in the new release section today.
We talk about his early start in the business and how he got involved. We talked about how he broke into the Mid South region and what he thought about Bill Watts. You will hear a ton of stories on the Mid South era of pro wrestling. Koko then takes us back down memory lane when he talks about getting started in Memphis. There are a ton of stories on this territory. You will hear all about what it was like to work with Lawler, Dundee, Jerry Jarrett, Eddie Gilbert, Tommy Rich, Rick Rude and all of the other top stars from the early 80’s. He talks about becoming the PYT’s.

You will hear first hand why Koko B Ware and Steve Kiern got into a fist fight at the Mid South coliseum. This is a great story and Koko talks about the entire incident. He talks about what happened when he went down to work for the Von Erichs in Texas. There are a ton of crazy stories from this era. Why did Fritz fear Koko working with his sons? You will find out in this interview. What made Koko go back to Mid South and work for the UWF. You will hear how the company went national and what changes were going on in UWF. There are a ton of stories on all the top wrestlers from the UWF from JYD, Dibase, Freebirds, Dr Death and everyone else from that era.

We then get to the infamous phone call from the WWF. Koko talks about how he met Vince McMahon for the first time. The best part about this story is who else was on the same plane to meet with the WWF. He talks about how he got started in the WWF. How did the bird gimmick come about. He talks about all his great WWF feuds and what it was like working wrestlemania 3. He talks about his tag team with Owen Hart and so much more.

You will hear why Koko was fired from the WWF after he had a incident over seas as he was protecting Shawn Michaels. He talks in length about going back to Memphis and what he is doing these days. This shoot is a must for any fan of the old WWF days as its loaded with great stories. The last few minutes of the interview become very emotional as Koko was very touched by this interview and he breaks down. Here is a list of everything that we talked about with Koko B Ware:

How did you get started
What were you doing before you got in the business
Were you a fan
What was the hardest part of training
What was Memphis like for you as a rookie
Who took you under their wing
Who did you learn the most from
Memories and thoughts on nick gulas
Who came up with the name Sweet Brown Sugar
Did any of the vets try and mess with you
Anyone rib you, and what happened
Who did you room and travel with
Early thoughts on Lawler and Jarrett
Memories on your matches with Jimmy Valiant
Did you think some of what they did was racist
Early memories of Bobby eaton
Did you know back then he had “it”
Memories/thoughts on Steve Keirn
Memories/thoughts on Robert Gibson
Why did you wind up wearing a mask early on
Who came up with the PYT gimmick
Memories/thoughts on Norvell Austin
Memories/thoughts on Rick Rude from this time
Memories/thoughts on your series with Gilbert and Rich
Is it true your mask accidently came off in a match against them and what was the reaction by the bookers after the match
Memories/thoughts on Jimmy Hart
What lead to you leaving for Georgia
Memories/thoughts on Ole Anderson
Memories/thoughts on teaming with JYD in Georgia
Memories/thoughts on working with the Road Warriors for the first time
How did you wind up in World Class
Who made the decisions as a team, you or norvell
Thoughts on Fritz
Do you think his sons were out of control
Any weird stories or memories that stick out wrestling them
Were you ever worried wrestling the Von Erichs
Memories/thoughts on matches with the Fantastics
How did you wind up back in Memphis
Memories of working Lawler and Bockwinkel
Memories/thoughts on matches with Dundee
Who came up with the idea to change your name and why
Did you enjoy breaking out as a singles wrestler at this time or did you like teaming better
How did you wind up working for Bill Watts
Thoughts on Bill
Did you think he was racist
Did you have the impression Bill was planning on taking UWF national
You had the rep as a highflyer in your prime, thoughts on how high flying wrestling has evolved today
Did it bother you jobbing to Terry Gordy in the first round of the UWF title tournament
Memories teaming with Chavo Guerrero
How quick into your tenture were you contacted by Vince Initial impressions of Vince
What kind of ideas or promises did Vince make you
Who came up with the Birdman gimmick and what did you think of it
What was the drug scene like in the WWF
Were you well received or were any vets jealous they would lose their spot to a young high flyer
Initial impressions of Hulk hogan
Memories on your matches with Greg valentine
Memories on your matches with Honkytonk man
Memories of Randy Savage
Stories about him liocking Elizabeth in a closet
Take us through your head wrestling at Wrestlemania 3 in what some today argue was the biggest show of all time
How hard was it to deal with the success of being a WWF superstar and the match with Butch
Did you ever crack under the pressure
Memories on your matches with Jake Roberts
Is he has much a genius in psychology as people say
Thougthts on Dynamite Kid? Did you see his ribbing? did you think he went to far
Thoughts on the fight with him and Jacques Rougeau
What do you remember about the ring boy scandal
Where does your main event slot at Survivor Series 88 rank in your career to you as your favorite moments
Memories on your matches with Butch Reed
Was it hard to put a match together with all of those egos
How much input did Hogan allow everyone else to have
Memories on your matches with Curt Hennig
Were you shocked when you heard about his death memories of your series with rick martel
Thoughts on the Ultimate Warrior, did you think he was bizarre
Memories on your matches with Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels
Memories of wrestling Undertaker in his debut match
Were you disappointed or frustrated you never got the IC title or tag titles at this time
Were you disappointed you were not on the main WM 7 show and had a dark match with Brooklyn Brawler
Were you surprised when Lawler started working for Vince
How did the idea for High Energy come about
Memories of Owen Hart
Memories of matches with the Head Shrinkers
Any good OWen rib stories
Memories of your series with Doink
What lead to you finally leaving
How did you wind up doing the Black Blue Blazer gimmick
Did you think it would turn into something long term
Did you ever have a problem with drugs during this time
Do you have any regrets during this time period
Is there anything that frustrated you in particular or was it a good time
Was it hard to adjust to go back to working in Memphis after you had this great run for Vince
How hard was it financially to manage
Did you ever have talks with WCW
Memories of early matches with Brian Christopher
Memories of matches with Scotty Flamingo
Memories of your series with Reggie B Fine
What do you think about the recent resurrgence in Memphis wrestling
Thoughts on your current gimmick with the Stun Gun
Do you think Memphis will always be around as a territory
Are you shocked Bill Dundee is still wrestling
Thoughts on recent series with Christopher
Thoughts on Kid Kash
Did you ever have any talks with ECW when they were around
What do you think about the current state of the business
Thoughts on the indys
Do you still watch the current WWE shows
Anyone in particular you like
Favorite matches and opponents
Least fav opponents
Early on did you encounter any racism from your peers
Who do you think had the best shot of making it who didnt
Would you like to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame
Can you still be a draw
Due to your relationship with the Jarretts are you surprised you havent been contacted about NWA TNA
Thoughts on Beyond the Mat and how you were portrayed
What did you think of Jakes segments
Do you think you could have another successful run with the WWE
Do you do anything else for work besides wrestle