Konnan Pt. 2 Shoot Interview

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It was 10 years ago that RF Video sat down with Konnan in his mansion in California and now once again in Los Angeles, Konnan takes the hot seat to follow up with RF Video this time talking about his entire tenure in TNA and what it is like to return to AAA in Mexico.  Don’t worry we cover the entire current scene of pro wrestling like WWE, TNA, ROH and so many other companies as well.Konnan has went through a lot in recent years, besides his raw deal in TNA which we talk about in great detail, he talks about his battle with drug problems and how his health problems affected him over the last few years.  What really happened in the locker room with Juventud Guerrera and Jack Evans and how did Konnan react to what Juvi said about him in recent interviews?  You will hear all about what it was like to work in Mexico when he came back as the head writer and all of the talent that gave him problems.  Want to hear about why Teddy Hart left Mexico well this interview spills all the dirt.Konnan talks in great detail about his entire TNA run and what it was like to work there with the people in charge.  He gives his thoughts and opinions on Dixie Carter, Jim Cornette, Vince Russo and all the other major power players that are calling the shots up there till this day.  We talk about all of the problems he had in TNA and nothing gets left out.  What really happened in ROH with him when I booked him back in the day for my company?  What does he think of Jeremy Borash?  Did he get along with Raven? Who did he try to get TNA to hire to be apart of LAX and why it never happened.


Konnan is very close with so many of the WWE talents and he gives us behind the scene details on what they thought about the Eddy Guerrero passing and the Chris Benoit tragedy.  What happened when Konnan tried to get a job in the WWE and who snubbed him?

Konnan is another one of those guys who is super smart in our business and is way ahead of his time.  His outlooks on the business during this interview are right on the money.  If your a fan of wrestling and want to hear so many amazing backstage stories without any sugar coating, I would highly recommend this shoot interview!

How did you wind up in TNA
Initial thoughts on the company
Initial impressions of Jeff Jarrett as a booker
Thoughts on Vince Russo
Thoughts on Jerry Jarrett
How did things change when Jerry sold
Do you think Dixie Carter knows what she is doing
What happened during your first ROH appearance
Why do you think you were booed so heavy
Do you regret taking the booking
What were some of the craziest offers you received when WCW went down from new promoters that didn’t work out
Thoughts on working with the Maximos in TNA
Did you like the role of mentor
Memories of getting Juvi into the group
Did Juvi get you any heat
Did you see anyone on the indys back then that you recommended to TNA
Thoughts on Super Crazy
Thoughts on their later Mexicool gimmick
Do you think there is a lot of racism in wrestling
Vince Russo once said Americans don’t want to see lucha wrestling. Your thoughts?
Is it hard to get a push being Mexican from a head writer that s ays that
How responsible was Russo for the downfall of WCW
Do you think he is overrated or underrated as a writer/booker
Thoughts on the TNA writing team
Thoughts on Dusty’s run as a booker
Why do you think TNA hasn’t gotten more traction over the last couple of years.
Memories of your TNA run against Jerry Lynn
Memories of your run against Disco
Memories of tagging with BG James
Do you think talent in TNA are more interested in a quick payday than making the company succeed
Thoughts on Hulk Hogan, his reality show, and how it turned out
Thoughts on Ron Killings
Thoughts on Monty Brown
Who came up with 3-Live Crew
Memories of matches with Shane Douglas
What do you think of all of the ECW revivals over the last few years
Are you surprised Paul Heyman has stayed out of wrestling
Could he be a successful booker in TNA
What continues to keep lucha so successful in Mexico
You have had an off and on again relationship with Vampiro. How are you guys today.
Thoughts on your matches with him
Do you think Jeff Jarrett pushed himself too hard early on
Thoughts on Scott D’Amore as a booker
Do you think he overpushed his own crew of guys
Thoughts on Raven
Thoughts on Nash in TNA
Do you think he was a good or bad thing for the X Division
Thoughts on Samoa Joe
How did the deal come about to send TNA guys to Mexico
During your run here, when did you feel your body starting to break=2 0down
You have been outspoken and honest about your early drug use. Did you use drugs during this time.
Did you need painkillers during this time
Memories of matches against Team Canada
Memories of wrestling on the Best Damn Sports Show
Were the hosts wrestling fans
Thoughts on Jeremy Borash. Is he a stooge or do you like him
How cliquish was the TNA locker room
Did you ever have any talks about going to WWE
You visited a few times, were you looking for work
How different do you think your career would have turned out if Max Moon was successful
You said when you left TNA it was due to a combination of lies, can you break them all down
Does the talent in TNA make enough money
You mentioned in an interview racial tension in TNA and disrespect, can you name some examples
Was it frustrating to be a TNA original, unable to get more money and watch guys like Christian and Kurt Angle come in for huge contracts
Do you think there is too much of an obsession with ex-WWE stars by management
Do you think Dixie and Jeff get along
How can so many things be so obvious to even fans and yet Dixie be so oblivious
Do you think guys are frustrated working there
If a third option was available, how many guys would leave
Could they go head to head on Monday nights
How did you get involved in the media frenzy following the Benoit tragedies
Thoughts on the Benoit tragedy
Thoughts on Kennedy’s comments during this time
Did you get any heat from the boys for saying the things you did
How much pain were you in towards the end of your TNA run
Why did you want to put Homicide and Hernandez together with yourself
Thoughts on Low Ki
Where were you when you heard about Eddie
Thoughts on Vickie and her role in the WWE
What happened when you told TNA about your surgery
What was the situation with the money
Were you broke at the time
When we last spoke with you, you were living in a big mansion. What happened
Can wrestlers make it without pain killers or steroids
Did you like doing the commentary
Were you given full freedom during commentary
Thoughts on Jim Cornette
Do you think he is a bit of hypocrite working there with Vince Russo< /div>
How dangerous were your surgeries
What exactly did you need down
Would you have died without the surgery
You solicited fan donations at the time. Some would say that after making millions of dollars that it was a little odd to be soliciting from wrestling fans. How do you answer that?
Why the idea to sue TNA
How did the boys react to that
What did they do for Scott Steiner and not for you
Thoughts on Scott
Did the angle where Randy Orton spit on Eddie’s low rider bother you
Did you ever talk to Rey about it
What do you think in the difference in wrestling fans during this era. The era of the Internet and the smart marks
Do you think Congress will ever step in and regulate wrestling
What did you say to Congress
You once said you prostituted yourself for a low price to TNA, can you expand on that
Are you surprised that TNA hasnt pushed LAX to the main events since you left
Were you surprised when Chavo was suspended for breaching the WWE Wellness Policy after what happened to his uncle
What is wrong with TNA, how would you change it
Will AAA fully promote in the U.S.
Are you surprised TNA didn’t do more with the X Division
Thoughts on Mick Foley in TNA
Thoughts on the current UFC scene
Were you surprised to see Mayweather get involved at WrestleMania
Thoughts on Brock and Lashley in MMA
Thoughts on the business in 2009
Thoughts on WWE coming into Mexico the last few years
It has been rumored that they want to go into Mexico full time with a brand, thoughts
Can you wrestle today
Thoughts on Triple A today
What happened recently with the Juventud incident
Juvi says you ignored him, true
Juvi says he helped you get back into Mexico, is that true
Did you crap in Juvi’s bag
He called you a cowards, how do you respond
Why do you think someone as talented as Juvi isn’t wrestling for a big company
Who is the next big star in AAA
How bad did the swine flu impact business
Thoughts on Antonio Pena’s death
Juvi said you lied about trying to get him bac k into TNA
He also said you use guys from Mexico to get ahead, how do you respond
At your age and after so many years in the business, do you feel this is all a little childish
You said you were going to release a book, any progress on that
Do you think fans will ever see you back in the states for a big company
Thoughts on UFC and comparisons to pro wrestling
Can TNA compete with the WWE
What makes someone a good worker
In your career who did you find was overrated and underrated
Favorite matches overall
Fav guys to work with
Least fav guys to work with
Who do you enjoy watching
Good ribs and road stories
Thoughts on Ric Flair and his desire to wrestle again
Career goals for the next year and five years
Good road stories
Fav and least favorite guys to work with
Is there anyone you wished to work with that you havent
What do you think is lacking in the business today