Kurt Angle Shoot Interview

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Your Olympic Hero Kurt Angle has stepped off the gold medal platform and into the RF VIDEO hot seat in a brand new exclusive shoot that will have all of fandom talking! One of wrestling’s fastest rising stars, Kurt Angle discusses his entire wrestling career; from his Olympic background all the way to his controversial leaving of WWE and current TNA stardom. You’ll get firsthand accounts of his insane training schedule to prepare himself for the Atlanta Olympiad along with the gripping tales of his battle for the gold despite an injury that would put a normal man into a hospital bed. You don’t have to be an avid fan of amateur wrestling to get into the stories Angle tells about his training under David Schultz, or be chilled to the bone after hearing tales of Schultz’s murderer, John du Pont, the financial backer of Schultz’s Olympic team.


Courted by the pro-wrestling world, Kurt describes why he initially avoided the industry and for the first time anywhere gives a detailed account of the infamous night in October, 2006 at the ECW Arena. We’ve all heard the stories of Angle witnessing the controversial crucifixion of Sandman at the hands of Raven, but now we’ll get Kurt’s first hand accounts of the events of that night. You’ll hear exactly what Kurt said to Paul Heyman that very night. Later, Angle would find himself taking part of the legendary WWE Funkin’ Dojo camp, run by Dory Funk Jr. In an all star class that included Edge, Christian and the Hardy Brothers, Angle gives story after story about being trained in developmental. What was it like to train with Teddy Hart? Which superstar tried to take advantage of Kurt in his debut match?

Kurt walked us through his meeting with Vince McMahon and what directed WWE wanted the “Kurt Angle” character to go. WWE fans are going to love how Angle talked about his exciting first year in wrestling and working with the stars we all know and love. Tazz breaking his winning streak, working the famous three-way angle with Stephanie and Triple H, all the details of his jaw dropping match against Shane McMahon… it’s all covered! You name the star, and we got Kurt to talk about them. HBK, Hulk Hogan, Brock Lesnar, Team Lesnar, Steve Austin, the Rock, Undertaker, Ric Flair, John Cena, Chris Benoit, Randy Orton, RVD and more are covered. Anyone and everyone, and we mean everyone as we even asked about Sean Stasiak! No rock was going to be unturned in this once in a lifetime interview!

Drugs. No interview with Kurt Angle could be conducted without asking Kurt point blank about drug use and the professional wrestling industry. Let?s just say each person watching this shoot will be shocked out how candid Angle is on this scandalous subject. Did you know about the locker room fist fight between Kurt and Eddy Guerrero? Angle describes his final meeting with Vince McMahon and responds to Heyman’s comments of Kurt “crying for help.” No viewer will be able to tear themselves away from the screen during this emotional, gripping segment. Kurt even talked about his recent DUI arrest and gives his side of the events that transpired that day.

You think that’s all? Hardly, we still have Kurt’s momentous decision to join TNA along with a ton of fantastic TNA stories. Exclusive backstage stories from Orlando and Kurt’s opinion of all the top guys including Samoa Joe. This is one DVD that will have each and every wrestling fan entertained from star to finish. It’s true, it’s damn true.



Is it true that you started wrestling at 6 years old

What was it about wrestling that you liked

At what point did you realize that you were good

How much of it was natural talent and how much work

Can you talk about how tough it is to train or practice at a collegiate level

You also played football, why didn’t you go in that direction

Do you have any crazy recruiting stories

How did you get into the Olympics? What is the process?

Can you talk about training for the Olympics

What is life like in the Olympic village

How did you find out about Dave Schultz and his murder

How did that change your career

How did you injure yourself in the Olympic trials

Were you told not to wrestle

What drove you to keep wrestling

You have said that after this injury you became addicted to pain killers. Was this your first time taking anything this strong

Memories of your gold medal winning match

How did life change for you after the Olympics

Is it true you tried out for the Steelers

UFC was in its infancy, did you consider going into MMA at this time

Is it true that you turned down a deal with the WWF around this time

Were you a wrestling fan

As someone that grew up in Pittsburgh, what did Bruno Sammartino mean to you

How were you contacted about ECW

What were your intentions when you went to the show

Did you plan on wrestling for them

Was there an angle laid out for you

Initial impressions of ECW and Paul Heyman

What were you thinking when you saw the crucifixion

How quick did you leave?

Did anyone try and stop you

Is it true that you threatened to sue Paul if he showed the angle on television

Were you contacted by anyone in ECW after that incident

Dave’s brother Mark was involved in a famous double cross in Japan, did he warn you about pro wrestling at all

What brought you back to talks with the WWF

Were you ever approached by WCW

Did you receive any flack from the amateur wrestling community for signing with the WWF

Memories of the Funkin Dojo

What do you remember about Teddy Hart from the dojo

You wound up working in Memphis for awhile, did you like it or did you ever think to yourself, “What am I doing here?”

Who was your biggest mentor or influence down there

Who helped you develop your promos

Was it hard on your family to be away

Memories of your first official match in the WWF against Brian Christopher

How were you accepted b y the locker room

Memories of your first WWF house show tour

What were your initial impressions of Vince McMahon

Did anyone like Vince or Jim Ross spend more time with you helping you develop than others

Who gave you your gimmick when you came up with the three “I”s

Did you like working as a heel

Memories of your first big match, which was against Shawn Stasiak at Survivor Series

Were you worried when the crowd chanted boring that the office would hold it against you

Memories of your series with Steve Blackman

How hard w as it to learn how to work without hurting someone since you were used to wrestling in a shoot since you were 6

Did anyone take you under their wing or mentor you

How approachable was Steve Austin

Were you angry that Taz broke your streak on his first night in

Memories of your skits with Bob Backlund

Were you apprehensive early on of all of the comedy in your promos and skits

How did the whole love triangle angle with Steph and Triple H come about

Memories of your matches with Triple H

Your brother did an angle early on with you and Undertaker. Why didn’t he ever appear again on WWE TV

Memories of working with Steph in the angles and behind the scenes

When you went into the angle, were you given an idea of how it would play out

Was Vince more involved in that angle than others

Was this your first taste of politics in the WWE

How much of being successful in the WWE is knowing how to play the political game

Why did the angle never finish with you guys

Did this leave tension between you and Triple H that still exists

Does he force a glass ceiling because of his relationship with the owner and his wife

Memories of your street fight with Shane McMahon

Was there resentment from some of the veterans when you got pushed on top initially

How hard was it to hide your addictions during this time period

Memories of your series with Steve Austin

Why do you think you two were so successful

Memories of working with Vince in angles

Memories of your series with Edge

Who’s idea was it t o shave your head

You wrestled Hulk Hogan, memories of working with Hulk

Was he hard to work with

Who’s idea was Team Angle

Thoughts on Shelton and Charlie

Memories of your match at WrestleMania against Brock Lesnar

How much pain were you in

In hindsight, do you think Vince should not have let you wrestle

What were the risks

How much pain medication did you need to wrestle that match

You underwent a new kind of neck surgery.

Did the WWE pressure you to go the route of Austin and others

Do you think in retrospect that surgery was a good idea

What=2 0drives you to get back in the ring so quick

Memories of your submissions Match with Benoit

What happened between you and Eddie Guerrero

Did you and Brock ever try and take each other down for fun

Why do you think Brock lost his first MMA match

Do you think your babyface run in the WWE ended too soon

Memories of your cage match with Benoit

Do you regret any of the high risks you took in matches

Memories wrestling Ric Flair for the first time

Was there ever any payoff angle prepared for the Hometown Heroes segment

What happened at SmackDown between you and Daniel Puder

Do you think WWE was wrong to put you into that situation

What would have happened if you caught you and broke your arm

Was there ever any talk of making this into an angle

Puder claims he has wanted to fight you in an MMA match and you are ducking him. Is that true?

Memories of your series with Shawn Michaels

Memories of your series with John Cena

Were you surprised or shocked when Eddie passed away

How surprised were you when you were dr afted to ECW

Were you upset at the move

Did you feel lied to

Thoughts on how Vince and Paul handled the situation

Did you see it as a demotion

Thoughts on working the smaller ECW house show circuit

Is it true you have wanted to do a buddy film with Big Show

Is it true that you tried to hide an injury that you suffered against RVD

The Pro Wrestling Torch reported that many wrestlers were concerned for you and called it a death watch. Was your problem with pain killers that severe

Why were you suspended for 30 days from the WWE

Paul Heyman said in the Calgary Sun “”I think Kurt has been crying out for help for a while now and, finally, I think people heard it.”

What led to your leaving the WWE

Is it true that you wanted time off that Vince refused to give you to rehab your injuries

SI printed your name in a steroid scandal story, have you used steroids or hgh

Originally you put out a statement saying complimentary things about the WWE and then you went negative. What changed?

Is it true that Vince wanted you to retire or semi retire

Do you think Vince wanted you to go

Do you think Vince is cold

What was said during that meeting that would surprise the fans

What were your immediate plans

Did you plan on continuing to wrestle

You had talked at the time about going into MMA, did you talk to UFC

How soon did you and TNA talk

Was TNA concerned about your health

How well did you get along with Dixie

Did you have any apprehensions about TNA

Did you se e TNA as a step backwards

What were your initial thoughts on TNA

Do you think you should have put Samoa Joe over in your first match

Memories on your series with Joe

You said you wanted to go to TNA to help elevate the younger talent, who do you think you have elevated since you went there

Do you think Kevin Nash is good or bad for TNA

Was there any tension between you and Jeff Jarrett when you first came in

How involved are you with helping the younger guys and/or booking

You have said you thought TNA ratings would over take the WWE, do you really believe that

Do you really believe that TNA can compete with the WWE

Why do you think that TNA can’t chop into WWE’s audience on pay per views

You have said you think you can take Chuck Liddell in an MMA match, do you still think that

Are you aware that he laughed at you when he heard that on a radio show

Do you still have plans to spar with Randy Couture

Can you understand why some people groan at this point whenever they hear you talk about MMA

Who’s idea was it to get Karen involved with TNA

Did you have any reservations about it after seeing what the business has done to some people

Thoughts about the Chris Benoit tragedy

You worked with him a lot, what did you think of him personally and professiona lly

Do you think the government will get involved at some point with wrestling

Would you recommend pro wrestling to your son when he gets older

What happened with your dui incident

Are you disappointed Big Show or Brock never came to TNA

Do you think Hogan would come to TNA

If you could take one guy to put in TNA to make a big impact, who would it be

What happened in Korea a few weeks ago

How severe was the injury

What was different this time that y ou didn’t wrestle with the injury

Thoughts on your last match with Samoa Joe in the cage

Do you think that style could work today

Why do you think so many wrestlers from past generations love you

You once blamed the WWE workload for almost ruining your marriage, do you still feel that way

You recently said that TNA has more talented wrestlers than the WWE. Do you really believe that?

Do you need to play politics in TNA

You have said that WWE only has a slight ratings lead on TNA, how can you say that when WWE generally gets over a 3 on Monday nights?

Do you think you would ev er go back to the WWE

Ho w committed are you to TNA

You said you were held back in the WWE. Can you expand on that?

Do you want to stay involved with wrestling after your career ends

What is the biggest misconception about Kurt Angle

How healthy are you today

Who were your favorite and least favorite guys to work with

Is there anyone you wished to work with that you havent

What do you think is lacking on the indys today

Do you ever want to write another book