Lacey Von Erich Shoot Interview

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One of the most celebrated families in pro wrestling is the Von Erich family. Through numerous documentaries and home videos, the fascination with the Von Erichs continues to grow. RF Video will bring you a side of this family that you have never seen. RF Video is proud to present the newest RF Video Shoot Interview featuring the daughter of Kerry Von Erich, Lacey Von Erich.

We have heard all of the controversies surrounding this Hall of Fame family for decades. RF Video opens up a side of this family that you haven’t seen. Lacey shows you a heartwarming side to this family that you have yet to hear. Those quick to judge owe it to the Von Erich family to watch this video before coming to conclusions about the stories and rumors you have heard about.

The beautiful Lacey tells us some incredibly touching stories between her and her father Kerry. What was Kerry like away from the ring? What was Kerry like as a father? How much did Kerry live his gimmick? What was it like having a father who was a heartthrob? One of the most revealing stories is told by Lacey as she talks about rubbing her father’s foot with medications after his tragic accident. Lacey talks candidly about how her father’s suicide impacted her and her entire family.

It isn’t all roses, as Lacey is brutally honest about her family’s history. Lacey tells the shocking truth behind the accident that changed her father’s life forever. How did Lacey deal with her father’s problems? Lacey tells a crazy story about the night her mother and Kevin’s wife followed their husbands to a groupie’s home. What did they say and what was the fallout??

In addition to the torrid family history, Lacey also talks about her own short career in the business. Is it an asset or a detriment being a Von Erich? Why wasn’t Lacey allowed to be mentioned in Kevin’s Hall of Fame speech? The person who made the decision will shock you. Lacey also talks about her brief stint under a WWE deal. Additionally, Lacey talks all about getting into Playboy and what it was like meeting Hugh Heffner.

Lacey was gorgeous, charming, and incredibly insightful in speaking about her family and her own life. Lacey and other wrestling children have a special kinship. Lacey talks all about her closest friends and how their lives were impacted by their father’s career, including Brooke Hogan. This is a shoot interview that will shock and surprise you on a lot of levels. You have heard the story of World Class Championship Wrestling. Now learn the story of the family behind it. RF Video is proud to bring you one of wrestling’s true princesses, Lacey Von Erich.

How close to you with your dad when growing up
How close were you with your grandfather
How about your uncle
How old were you when you realized what the Von Erichs were all about as far as pro wrestling
What were your initial thoughts on pro wrestling
How old were you when someone first came up to you and recognized you as a Von Erich
How close were your parents growing up
Do you remember tension between the two
How old were you when started watching your father’s matches
What were your initial thoughts
Favorite matches of your father
Favorite matches of your uncles
How did you find out about your father’s passing
How did the family change after that
Did the family get closer or drift further apart
Did your uncle step in at all as a father figure
From what you have learned about your family, what do you think is most misunderstood about them
Have you ever had a time where you wished you weren’t a Von Erich and didn’t have to always answer questions about it
How soon did you realize you wanted to be a wrestler
How did you go about training
Did anyone in your family or close family friends try and talk you out of it
Speaking of which, did any of Kerry or the family friends in the business stay in touch with you over the years
How hard was the training
Did you consult your uncle at all about it
Are you ever inspired for success to maybe give the Von Erich legend a new spin and a new chapter
Memories of the Dallas Sportatorium
Have you met or become fri endly with any other Wrestling children
Thoughts on them
Is there a bond of sorts between all of you
Second generation wrestlers from the previous era talk about being challenged to fights in school when they grew up. Ever happen to you?
Did you ever think about wrestling under a different name and kayfabing the Von Erich name
Memories of your first match
What do you think your father would have thought
Your dad and uncles had a crazy female following in their heyday. Have you had any weird experiences with any of those fans.
How do you think life would be different for you as a wrestler if you came along 20 years earlier
How did you wind up signing a WWE developmental deal
Initial thoughts on John Laurenitus
Were you hesitant due to your lack of experience
How did your life change when that happened
Where was your life heading career-wise if you didn’t get into wrestling
What did you think of the two World Class documentaries
Did anything surprise you
Thoughts when you watch back video of=2 0the Freebirds-Von Erichs feud
Have you ever talked to Michael Hayes about it
Is it hard to be taken seriously as a wrestler when some may just think of you as a model or t & a?
What were some learning experiences you had while under a WWE developmental deal
Some of the younger wrestlers make mistakes. Did you make any
Did you ever have interaction with Vince
Memories of meeting Missy Hyatt at an independent event
What are some of the craziest stories you have heard from your family’s peers at events, etc
Does the reputation your family had about drug abuse bother you or is that something you learn from
Memories of working with Natalie Neidhart
Thoughts on the trainers in the Florida territory
Thoughts on managing Billy Kidman
Why do you think you were released
How did it all go down
Are you close with Ross
Do you think he will get into the business
Is it hard to date and be a professional wrestler
Can you talk about some of your acting credits
Do you think you could have the same kind of impact in the business that your family had
Thoughts on the WWE Hall of Fame induction
Thoughts on the Wrestlelicious project
The buzz about it thus far isn’t that great. Some people think of it as kind of corny. How do you respond?
Thoughts on working with Jimmy Hart
What other female wrestlers do you enjoy watching in the business
Do you think the company can give one of the big two competition?
Have you thought about going to Japan to wrestle
What has been the biggest lesson you have learned in your short time in the business
Are you or have you posed for Playboy
How has that changed your life
What do you think of all of the second generation wrestlers in the WWE
Can a true women’s pro wrestling product be successful in today’s climate
What is the worst injury you suffered thus far wrestling
If you could say something about your family that hasn’t been said or you think needs to be said, what would20it be
Do you enjoy conventions and meeting the fans
When you watch your father back and see his charisma, what do you think
Do you feel you have that same charisma
Did you ever see your father cut or blade himself when you were younger
Memories meeting Ric Flair
What did you initially think of what he had said about your father
Can you talk about your advertising and marketing company
Is it hard to be an entrepreneur and a pro wrestler
Do you think youll be back in the WWE
Does it bother you when you see someone put a new video or interview out saying negative things about your family
Where do you think we’ll see Lacey Von Erich in five years