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RF VIDEO sat down with a man that has over 40 years of experience and has been in the wrestling business since the 70’s and has been responsible for training some of wrestling’s biggest stars like Raven, Bam Bam Bigelow, Big Show, Tatanka, Tony Atlas, Chris Candido and more.

Pretty Boy Larry Sharp sat down with RF VIDEO for his first ever shoot interview and it was a great story on his journey from having a great amateur background to how he got into the sport of pro wrestling thru being a fan and getting hooked up with Gorilla Monsoon and Mr Fuji. Larry was around the WWWF and WWF locker room in the late 70’s and early 80’s and worked around with all the big men in the business like Andre the Giant, Bruno Sammartino, Bob Backlund, Rick Martel, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Wahoo McDanaiel and the list goes on and on.

Larry talks about his training with Mr Fuji on the road and the hilarious ribs that he was part of because of Mr Fuji. Larry takes us thru all the territories that he worked and gives amazing traveling stories for being down in FL for Eddie Graham when Harley Race was the booker. He worked for Stu Hart in Canada and has some very funny stories on Stu that is a must hear. Larry also worked for George Scott and was running mates with Ric Flair and all the NWA Crockett guys. There are plenty of NWA stories on this DVD as well. Who can forget about his time in TX, Memphis, Japan and so many of the other hot spots during the 70’s and 80’s when the business was booming.

Thru his early WWF connections Larry worked for all the territories like Hawaii with Don Muraco, Puerto Rico for Carlos Colon and he talks about the death of Bruiser Brody and his thoughts on it and talks about why he quit the company a week before Brody was murdered.

Some of the best stories that Larry shares with us come from being on the road with the WWF in the late 70’s and early 80’s. What happened when Frankie Williams the ultimate job guy tried to pull over Larry and Hulk Hogan while they were smoking some fun stuff, the infamous road trip to work Antonio Inoki at the Shea stadium show and what happened once he arrived at the venue with Vince Jr…his heat with Ivan Putski and what happened when they worked each other in the ring…

There are tons of great locker room stories from the WWF during the 80’s as we ask him about all the top names in the business from that era and Larry has great stories on all of them.

Once Larry retired from being a active wrestler he started the Monster Factory with Nature Boy Buddy Rogers and we talk all about the school and the students that came out of it.
Larry also talks about training some of the top guys in the business and has no problem talking about his relationship and falling out with Bam Bam Bigelow in full detail. What went wrong between the two in a Japanese airport and how did the split and land in court fighting 5 years later. He pulls no punches when talking about King Kong Bundy, D Lo Brown, The Big Show and a lot of other top guys that came thru his doors.

If you are a fan of the WWWF or WWF from the 70’s and 80’s you will love this interview. Plus we talk about the NJ/Philly scene wars in the late 80’s and so much more…Larry has a wealth of knowledge and shares it with us during this interview. If you want to have a lot of laughs and relive the business thru the eyes of a true journeyman and one of the NE’s premiere trainers this interview is a must!!!

Memories of your childhood where were you raised
How did you get started in the business
Were you a fan growing up
Talk about your amateur career as Paulsboro, NJ has a stellar history with amateur wrestling. Can you explain how important it is to Paulsboro.Your record was really good I think you had a 13-1 and you were ranked #4 in the NCAA
How did you meet Gorilla Monsoon and Red Berry
What was your training like early on
Did were you a multi sport athlete or were you strictly wrestling?
How did you make the transition from amateur wrestling to pro wrestling.
Was there backlash from your peers in amateur wrestling for turning to pro wrestling?
Who were some the people who trained you?
What was your training schedule like?
Memories Mr Fuji in your year breaking in? (this will be a good one) Did you ever want to quit
What was the hardest thing to pick up for yourself was it taking bumps or learning ring psychology
Were there anyone you traveled with regularly?
Where did you spend most of you early career?
Was there anyone you enjoyed working?
Was there anyone you dreaded working?
Talk about the territories that you worked for as an active wrestler early on in your career
You worked for TX, Fl, Puerto Rico and Mid Atlantic lets talk about them in depth.
How did you wind up working for Stu Hart in Stampede
Memories of that territory and what was the travel like there
Memories of working with Ed and Jerry Morrow
Memories of teaming with Dynamite Jack Evans as the Hollywood Blonds
What was it like going to Puerto Rico on behalf of Monsoon
Memories of working with Carlos Colon and Victor Jovica
Memories of working in Hawaii
Memories of working with Don Muraco in Hawaii
Memories of working with Mando Guerrero
Talk about working for the WWF in the late 70s
Memories of working Shea Stadium with Antonio Inoki. (there’s a great story of him traveling to Shea that day. Great story of the ref refusing to count Inoki’s finisher)
Did working Inoki help you get your foot in Japan?
How was your experience working Japan.
Memories of Bruno Sammartino
Memories of Pedro Morales
Memories of Superstar Billy Graham
Memories of Mil Mascares working him in your MSG debut
Memories of a young Curt Henning in 81
Memories of working MSG
Memories of Killer Kahn
Memories of Rene Goulet
Memories of the Ultimate job guy Franki Williams
Memories of Larry Zybsyko working 2 out of 3 falls matches with him and Tony Garea with your partner Jack Evans
Memories of a young Steve Keirn
Memories of Tony Garea
Memories of Bob Backland as you worked him in 77 at MSG
Memories of working with Johnny Rodz against Martel and Garea was Rodz a stiff worker
Memories of working with Tony Rocco vs Riki Choshu and Fujinami
What was Vince Sr like as a promoter
Early memories of a young Vince Jr
Backstage memories of Jimmy Snuka
Memories of the Wild Samoans
Memories of Andre the Giant
Talk about Mr Fuji and some of his ribs as I heard you have great Mr Fuji stories
Can you talk about your run in the 70s with Jim Crockett promotions
How did you you go to the Carolina’s and what was your experience working the Carolina’s?
Were you in the Carolina’s around the time of the infamous plane crash?
How was the schedule of working the Carolinas compare to working New York.
Who was there at the time
Since you & Flair ran together, were you ever mistaken for him? Benefits? Detramit? (Great story)You were a referee for an Andy Kaufman inter-gender match. How did that come about and how was Andy to work with?
You were friends with “Nature Boy” Buddy Rogers. How as he as a friend and what was the best piece advice he ever gave you?
What made you leave the business and open up the Monster Factory
Was it true that Tony Atlas was your first student
How did training King Kong Bundy come about?
With wrestling being so secretive was there a feeling out process to see who you could trust to let in.
Was there anyone you started to bring into the business but realized you shouldn’t have.
With Kevin Von Erich coming from a great wrestling family, how did you come to train him?
What were some of the first things you would teach your students that you learned from Gorilla
How did you meet Nature Boy Buddy Roberts and tell us about your relationship with him
Memories of a young Bam Bam Bigelow
Did you see the it factor in him right away
Memories of going to New Japan with Bam Bam
Memories of going with Bam Bam to Memphis
Memories of his run with Jerry Lawler
What was Jerry Jarrett like to work with as a promoter
How much media press did you and Bam Bam get together locally
Memories of going to TX with Bam Bam
What were the Von Erichs like outside of the ring
Memories of Fritz Von Erich
How much in real life did you manage him outside the ring
How did he get into the WWE and how much of a role did you have for him getting there
When did your big blow up happen was it in Japan
WHy did you guys have a fall out Bam Bam was very outspoken about you taking 10% of his payoffs
DId you guys have to go to court over this
Any good stories surrounding any of Bam Bam Bigelow’s tattoo’s?
Didn’t he reach out to you before he passed
What sparked the idea of starting the Monster Factory?
How were you able to get Monster Factory the press coverage that it had in the 1980’s?
Was there any backlash from other wrestlers for opening a school to train people.
Any memories of training famed Guardian Angel Lisa Sliwa and how did that come about?
Is there anyone you’ve turned down to train that you wish you had wished you did?
When did Raven come to the Monster Factory and what were your first impression.
When did Did the Pitbulls first come to you to train? How were they starting out?
Take us thru what you train at the Monster Factory
How important is it for guys to learn how to cut promos
Talk about proper Ring Etiquette
How different has the business changed from your days in it
Do you have a relationship with Vince Jr today or HHH
Talk about your recent battle with cancer and how you beat it
What went through your mind when you were given 30 days to live after being diagnosed with cancer?
How many times have you thought about just walking away from wrestling all together? What changed your mind or brought you back?
You do birthday parties at the Monster Factory. How did you come up with this unique concept (great Ray Odyssey story that involves an Alf costume)
Thoughts on Ivan Putski (HEAT)
At one point you had the Headbangers, DLo Brown, Balls Mahoney all as students at the same time. Also had 911, Johnny Hot Body & Pitbulls at same time. Of all the group of students that came through. Which would you say was your most impressive group.
How does your current crop stack up?
We hear conflicting stories about Big Show training st the Monster Factory. Whats the real story?
You were in a Phil Collins music video with Gilbert Gotfried, Venessa Williams & the Ultimate Warrior. How was that and wasn’t that filmed right here in Paulsboro?
You and Abdullah the Butcher were very close? Have you stayed I touch? (HEAT)
Was it true that the Pitbulls were supposed to win the WWF tag team titles? What went wrong?
Do you ever feel slighted that you have trained so many past and present wwe stars and have never been contacted to do some on camera or behind the scenes ? Why do you think that is?
Gerald Brisco was recently in scouting talent at the Monster Factory. How was that? Howd it come about and did any talent catch his eye?
Do you see the new WWE Performance center as competition?
What should qualify someone to be a trainer?
Do you think pro wrestling should be unionized?
Memories of doing the Morton Downey Jr show thunderbolt patterson, captain lou, dr d david scultz, and jim wilson who is backballed from wrestling
Sharpe yells reserve racism because Tony Atlas was being pushed cause he was black and he didn’t because he was white.Thoughts on Tough Enough and do you think it exposes the business
Talk about your business relationship with Dennis Coralluzzo
Thoughts on Joel Goodhart and the Philly indy war in the 80’s
memories of running WWA and using guys like Sabu, Chris Benoit, Terry Funk, Stan Hansen and Bob Backland.
What is your opinion on wrestling being unregulated?
The Monster Factory seems to be rejuvinated over the last year and a half? What is this attributed to?
I’ve also noticed that Wild Bill Wiles & Blue Meanie come by every week to train the kids with you and Danny Cage. How has that worked out?

Superstars he’s trained:
• Balls Mahoney
• Bam Bam Bigelow
• Barry Hardy
• Paul “Big Show” Wight
• Chris Candido
• Chris Harris
• Domino
• D’Lo Brown
• Giant Silva
• Gillberg
• The Godfather
• The Headbangers
• Kevin Von Erich
• King Kong Bundy
• The Pitbulls
• Raven
• Rocco Rock
• Ray Odyssey
• Sheamus
• Sonjay Dutt
• Tank Toland
• Tatanka
• Tony Atlas
• Tony Stetson
• JT Southern
• Dirty Dennis Allen
• “Virgil” Mike Jones