Leilani Kai Shoot Interview

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Are you a old school wrestling fan from the 80’s and 90’s?  Well we have the shoot interview of a life time for you!!!  Leilani Kai sat down for her first wrestling interview ever with RF VIDEO and she held nothing back.  Before there were WWE Divas and  TNA Knockouts and even before there was a WWE there was the WWF, and in the 80’s they would show case women’s wrestling as a special attraction on their house shows all over the country.   Leilani was a headliner on many of those shows.

Leilani Kai was lucky enough to be broken into the business in the early 70’s by legendary female wrestler The Fabulous Moolah.  Well Lelani was not that lucky because to say she disliked Moolah a little bit would be a MAJOR understatement.  Leilani for the first time talks about the terrors and treatment that she went thru by having Moolah as her mentor.  You will hear all about how Moolah would treat the young girls and how she would steal their pay days by keeping them in the dark to what their pay offs would be.  You will hear about the living conditions for the girls in the 80’s and what she had to pay to live at their american dojo which was really on the property of Moolah.  How did Moolah cost her a major pay day when Moolah told her that the office wanted her to drop the belts over seas and it was not the case.  What did Leilani do when she dropped the title and the WWF office found out.  The Moolah stories thru out the DVD are amazing as they have never been told before.  What really went down with Moolah and Wendi Richter/Spider Woman during War to Settle it all time period?  I just want to strongly point out that the Moolah stories are worth the entire DVD alone!!!!  At times she breaks down talking about the horrible things that Moolah did to her thru out her career.  What was it like to be in the ring with Moolah and how did Moolah hold her back?

Leilani worked all over the country for every famous promoter during the territorial days.  She talks about working for Roy Shires, Eddie Graham, Vince Sr, Sam Muchnick and Bill Watts.  She talks about how Bill Watts bailed her out of jail after being arrested with a gun at a air port and what happened after he bailed her out of jail.

She has incredible stories on drinking and hanging with Andre the Giant.  You want amazing locker room stories from the 80’s on these legend….Don Muraco, Sgt Slaughter, Tito Santana, Jimmy Snuka, Greg Valentine, Tony Garea, Lou Albano, Ray Stevens, Saomoans, Mr Fuji and so many others that she shared the locker room with.

What was it like to be apart of the WWF during the wrestling boom in the 80’s?  Her stories on Roddy Piper, Hulk Hogan, Paul Orndorff are very interesting.  What about drugs during the 80’s and what was it like for her to work in Japan?  Lelani Kai was also there when Vince was gobbling up all the talent from the territories so she also saw all the talent come in like Ricky Steamboat, JYD,  John Studd, Bundy, Iron Sheik and so many others. She has stories on everyone!!!!

She talks about working with Sherri Martel and her infamous tag team matches as a Galmour girl with Jimmy Hart as their manager working against the Jumping Bomb Angels.  She talks about working in the ring with Velvet Mcintyre, Rocking Robin, Misty Blue, Heidi Lee Morgan and countless other women.

What led her to leaving the WWF and how did she wind up in WCW working with Madusa?  What happened at Wrestlemania 10 with HBK in the locker room before her match and what did he ask her to do in the ring before her match with Alaundra Blayze AKA  Madusa?

If your name is Vince Russo you might want to avoid this interview.  I think we touched a funny bone when we mentioned his name because Leilani Kai has some very very strong words for Vince Russo and what went down at a TV taping in WCW when she was brought in.

Leilani also has trained many of the top indy girls out there today and has worked  for TNA and countless other companies in the United States over the years.  She also has thoughts on the current Divas like Trish Stratus, Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix just to name a few.

We talk about who’s death hit her the hardest and what she thinks about Mae Young still being on WWE TV.  If you are a fan of women’s wrestling you are not going to want to miss this interview with one of pro wrestlings true female pioneers.  This interview was a total shoot shot from the heart as you will see at times how emotional it got especially when we talked about Moolah.  This is a must have for any old school WWF fan as well because she has tons of never told before stories about all the legends from that era!!!

Were you a wrestling fan growing up
What promotions did you go to as a fan
When did you decide you wanted to break into the business
How did you first meet Moohlah
What was training like
You started training in 1975 right
Did you ever want to quit
What was harder for you to learn the psychology or taking bumps
Memories of your first match in Alaska vs Shelia Shepard
What did Moohlah tell you to do in the match
How long before Moohlah smartened you up to the business
How did you get the Hawaiian gimmick
Memories of a young Judy Martin
What are some of your early memories of doing the territories
Memories of the first time you went to Japan
What happened in Japan when you got drunk for the very first time
Memories of your match with Vicki Williams in Japan
Memories of working for Bill Watts
When you worked for Watts what happened when you were picking up the Freebirds with a gun at the airport
How did you get out of jail after you were arrested and is it true that Watts had to come himself and bail you out
Was he nice to you because he has a rep of being a bully
What were some of the other talent there at the time
Memories of working for Roy Shires and how was he as a promoter
Did you like working for Eddie Graham
Do you consider him the best finish man in the business
Everyone says that Sam Muchnick was a great promoter did you feel that way when you were in the St Louis territory
Memories of your time in New Zealand for Steve Rickard
Memories of the Party that Andre the Giant thru for you when you turned 21 in Tampa and what happened with Andy Gibb
How often did you go to Japan
What was your deal with Moolah as her taking half your pay offs. Did you think that was fair at this point of time when you look back at it?
How did you get into the WWF and did you get to meet Vince Sr
What were your memories of the WWF in the early 80’s right before it became the major force in the business as Hogan just took off in 1984
Memories of the circuit doing the house shows for the WWF in the early 80’s
What were the boys like at that time
How crazy was the drug scene
Who did you travel with
How was Hulk Hogan and did you consider him one of the boys
Memories of Paul Orndorff
Memories of Roddy Piper
Memories of the entire War to Settle the Score in 1985 and did you realize at the time leading into the first wrestle mania how big the company was going to become
Memories of the first time you met Cyndi Lauper and was she really marky when it came to the buzz
Memories of working with Wendy Richter
Was Wendy Richter easy to do business with during this time period
What are your thoughts on the Spider Lady double cross with Wendi Richter and what was the scene like backstage after the match as this was one of the first original WWE screw jobs
Did you ever think there could be a shoot incident between Moohlah and Wendi backstage
Memories of the very first Wrestlemania and did you know how important it was for the company
Memories of JYD
Memories of Ricky Steamboat
How crazy was the travel back then
Memories of Bruno
Memories of Valentine
Memories Don Muraco
Thoughts on Sgt Slaughter, Tito Santana, Bulldogs, Snuka, Valentine, Albano, Ray Stevens, Fuji, Samoans
Memories of the Iron Sheik
Memories of John Studd
Memories of Tito Santana
Memories of King Kong Bundy
How big was women’s wrestling in the early 80s in the WWF
Did you like forming the tag team the Glamour Girls with Judy Martin
What was it like to work with Jimmy Hart and was he really your manager outside the ring when it came to making you cut your weight
Memories winning the tag titles in Egypt in 85
Why did Moolah sabotage your career and what happened when she told you yo switch the belts without the office approval…Is it true it cost you a mania payday
Do you have a lot of heat with her over how she worked with you behind the scenes
Please talk about
Memories of the Crush Girls era
Did you like working with Japan stiff style
What were the ratings like for Japan TV as it was huge over there
– in 1986, one of her proudest moments in life she defeated legendary Japenese women’s star, Chigusa Nagayo for The All Japan Pacific Ladies Title. Leilani was sent to a island to train for 5 weeks for this match. She lost 20 pounds. It was what she consider’s the best match of her life. They wanted to promote Japenese women coming to the states, doing switch outs. Nagayo was my fav. opponet, she worked so hard. We really please the company with this match.
Who are some of the other names that you worked with
Tell us something about Moohlah that we never knew before
Did she ever hit on you because of her sexuality
Memories of working with Sherri Martel at Survivor Series
Do you have any early memories of Sherri Martel
Memories of Rockin Robin
Memories of Velvet Mcintyre
Memories of the Jumping Bomb Angels at the Rumble in the 2 out of 3 falls match
Did you like working with them
Why do you think the WWF lost interest in the women’s division in the late 80’s
Did any of the boys ever hit on you
What was the craziest thing a fan ever did to you outside of the ring
Any male stalkers
How did you end up working for LPWA
Memories of Misty Blue
Memories of Heidi Lee Morgan
What was it like working with Madusa and what was she like outside of the ring
How did you get into WCW
What were the politics like in WCW
When WWE first wanted you to come back to do Mania 10 is it true you told them to get Debbie Combs until the office pleaded with you to come back
Memories of going back to the WWF in 1994 at Mania to work with Madusa (Alundra Blayze)
Is it true that at At WrestleMania 10, Shawn Michaels came to Leilani and asked her to shave a few minutes off of her match with Alaundra Blayze. She agreed, her and shawn had a great relationship always.How different was the company in the 90’s from the 80’s
Why did the women’s division in WCW never take off
Memories of working with NWA Mid Atlantic on the tours against Strawberry, Brandi Wine, Brandi Alexander. We performed at Military base’s.
Memories of getting the call to go back to WCW doing the Biker gimmick
What idea did they present to you at the time
Is it true they wanted you to wrestle in the Mud and that Vince Russo came up to you to change the storyline for you to now do a mud pit match with Lex Luger and Elizabeth
What are your feeling on Vince Russo
Memories working for PGWA and Lexie Fyfe
Memories working for NWA and TNA
What was it like working for Jerry Jarrett
Any good TNA stories
Who were some of the talent in TNA that you got to interact with
DId you like being inducted into the NWA Hall of Fame in 2006
Why did it take you so long to enter the convention scene
How different is the business today with the lack of Kfabe
How did you get into training students
Memories of working with Sara Del Rey
Who are some of the girls today on the indy scene that stick out
Thoughts on Amber Oneal
what is wrong with todays wrestling and women’s wrestling in general
what do you think of the girls today who come from Diva searches and who have not paid their dues
Thoughts on Lita
Thoughts on Trish Stratus
Thoughts on Kelly Kelly
Thoughts on Beth Phoenix
What female talent do you enjoy watching the most
Favorite match of your career
Do you have any regrets
Who’s Death hit you the hardest
Best Piece of Advice to give to a girl
Are you surprised Mae Young still does TV