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Known throughout the world as “The Narcissist”, “The Man Made In The USA”, “The Total Package”, the one and only Lex Luger sits down with RF Video for the first time ever to finally break his silence! Never before has RF Video had a chance to sit down with one man who was surrounded by so much controvery in the past year.

This is the very first shoot interview Lex Luger has ever done and finally had the chance to get his side to everything off his chest. He sat down with RF Video for 3 hours to discuss his entire wrestling career, and also what really happened on that tragic night in May of 2003 with Elizabeth. This is one shoot you cant miss and is now available on both VHS and DVD to order.

Luger takes us down memory lane from his start in Florida Championship Wrestling to his arrival in NWA/WCW. Becoming a Horseman and all his great angles and famous matches he had there. Lex talks about his great rivals and his relationship with Sting plus everything from leaving WCW and how he wound up in the WWF. He talks about everyone he worked with in the WWF and uncovers all the stories about himself in the WWF locker room. There is not one stone left unturned when it comes to the WWF and his relationship with Vince. He talks about everything that he had done in the WWE and why he left to make a triumphant return to WCW Nitro.

When we get to WCW Lex talks about his feelings on Eric Bischoff. He then talks politics and everyone he has feuded with in WCW. He covers classic stories about backstage fights, problems outside the ring including thoughts on Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. What Goldberg was like and his views on Vince Russo. Plus many other WCW stories that you won’t want to miss hearing.

The interview take a turn when the topic of Elizabeth gets brought up. We took a long time to look back on the tragic night and for the first time you will hear from Lex Lugers mouth what really happened that night.

This is one shoot interview that will keep you glued to your TV set and is now available on VHS or DVD. Here are all of the questions that we asked him so you can see what we covered. Don’t miss your chance to get one of best shoot interviews that RF Video has conducted. RF Video has proved once again with this latest release why we are the true kings of the shoot interviews.

Here is the list of questions we asked Lex in this interview.

When did you get into weightlifting?
What was life like as a college football star?
Were you involved in a lot of fights in college?
Talk about your pro football career and some of the guys you played with?
How did you wind up getting involved with wrestling
Were you a fan beforehand?
What was the training like under Hiro Matsuda
Thoughts on Eddie Graham at that time
Do you think you were groomed from the start to carry the mantle in the NWA
What happened the night of your famous cage match with Bruiser Brody
Memories of working with Wahoo McDaniel
Memories of working with and teaming with Barry Windham back than
What do you remember most about your first few matches with Ric Flair
Did anyone specifically take you under their wing
What were the circumstance
What was Bob Roop like? He has the rep for being a shooter/tough guy.
Memories of Keiji Muto from that time period
What lead to you going up to Crockett?
Initial impressions of Dusty?
Initial impressions of Jim Crockett Jr
Did any of the vets resent your quick push as a younger guy
Were there cliques back then?
Thoughts about Arn and Tully?
Memories of your series with Nikita Koloff
Do you think Dusty put himself with you at Starrcade to help him get himself over at your expense?
When was the first time you were told that you were next in line for the NWA World Title
Did titles even matter to you or was it purely business
You have a rep for being a very smart businessman, even back at that time. Was there tension between you and management due to that?
Was Flair a mentor at that time or do you think he was inescure about your quick push.
What do you remember about when Crockett bought UWF? Was there tension or cliques between the two companies
How did your friendship with Sting develop
Whos idea was it to turn you babyface against the Horsemen
How did your matches with Barry Windham here differ from your series in Fla or did it?
At what point in your career did you start calling a lot of your own matches and did vets resent that?
What were your thoughts when Arn and Tully left?
Did Vince ever make any overtures to you during the late 80s?
Memories of the first War Games matches?
What do you remember about TUrners purchase of WCW?
What do you remember about Jim Herd
Herd is known for his goofy angles and gimmicks. Do you remember any proposed to you that you turned down or just thought was ridiculous?
Memories of your matches with Ricky Steamboat
Memories of your series with Brian Pillman?
Did you feel that the company had turned the corner in 1989 with the hot storylines and matches?
When Sting got hurt and you turned face, were you for the idea, against, or didnt care?
Memories of working with Terry Funk (not sure if they did, but since they were there at the same time I think they probably have)
What was the story with Ric Flair refusing to drop the title to you?
What do you remember about the political struggle between Flair and Dusty?
Some wrestlers to this day are bitter towards Ric Flair for leaving WCW and taking the belt on Vince’s tv with intentions of crippling the company? What were your thoughts on it? Was there a divide in the locker room between the Flair allies and enemies?
Flair in his book is hard on Bret Hart for what happened at SUrvivor Series and the possibilities of coming to WCW with Vinces belt. Do you think he is a hypocrite?
Memories of working with Stan Hansen, were there ever any problems between you two since he was a close friend of Brodys?
What do you remember about Paul Heyman from this time?
Memories of your series with Michael hayes
Do you think the way you won the WCW Title for the first time hurt your career, since it seemed the build up for your win was quite a few years? (Flair leaving and wrestling Barry with no build up)
How did you wind up with Harley Race?
Is it true that Harley was fired and you quit in protest unless they hired him back?
Around 1991-92 when Flair left you were one of the seniors in the company. Did you try and take a leadership role or did you not care?
Memories of your match with Sting against the Steiners? It was rare at the time for a face vs face match.
How did you get along with Bill Watts?
Did you enjoy working in WCW at the time or did you always just view it as a job?
How did things play out with you going to the WWF?
Initial impressions of Vince?
Were you welcomed over there or was it very political against ex WCW guys?
Were you told at any point that there would be an inevitable program with you and Hogan?
Were you told upon your signing you would get the WWF Title at some point?
What happened with your motorcycle accident and is it true you have a plate in your arm?
You went down and did a few shots while in the WWF for Memphis, did you feel like you were regressing going back to a territory, thoughts on Brian Christopher who was real hot at the time down there?
How did you get along with Bobby Heenan?
Who were your favorite traveling partners back then?
When Vince was indicted by the feds what were your thoughts and the thoughts of the locker room?
Memories of your series with Bret Hart?
It has been said that the Lex Express was such a disappointment that Vince changed his mind last minute at putting the belt on you. Is it true? If so, why do you think it didnt work? Did it cause tension between you and Vince?
Is it true that Shawn Michaels once said something cocky about your punches and you had an altercation with him?
Do you know anything about the Bruise Brothers roughing him up?
Memories of teaming with Davey Boy Smith?
How different were things for you professionally and personally into your WWF career as compared to your WCW career?
Did you ever make any attempts to recruit Sting to the WWF?
How did things change with the slow rise to power of the clique?
Were you there when the Clique called a strike and had Vince come to the house shows?
Thoughts on Sunny?
How crazy was life on the road during this time?
What were the circumstances surrounding your return to WCW and the surprise appearance on Nitro one day after you worked a house show for the WWF?
Initial thoughts on Eric Bischoff?
Were you much happier to be back in WCW or again was it just business?
How did you get along initially with Hogan and Savage?
Thoughts on finally working with Hogan?
Did it bother you that you had to put him back over for the title a week later?
Thoughts/memories on your series with Marc Mero
Did it bother you when you realized that the locker room was being worked with the Brian Pillman-Kevin Sullivan feud?
What was it like at the time that the boys started to realize that Benoit had stolen the bookers wife?
How did Eric Bischoff change with success?
What were your thoughts on the public Bischoff and Flair feud? Do you think that Flair should have just accepted his role and stepped aside?
Thoughts on the differences in WCW from the time you left to when you returned?
Was it a hard adjustment to not be the top babyface with Hogan and Savage on top at first?
How well did you get along with Hall and Nash?
Talk about the politics in WCW?
What do you think it was that destroyed WCW from the number 1 company to going out of business?
Most in WCW then say that they never knew who was quite in charge. Is that fair?
Did you ever refuse to do a job or do anything specifically during this time?
Thoughts on the rise of Goldberg?
Thoughts on Konnan?
Did you see the potential in Benoit and Guerrero?
Do you think that Bret Hart didnt fit in in WCW?
Why do you think the Hummer angle was abruptly dropped?
What did you think when Scott Steiner walked out and cut the shoot promo on WCW on Nitro?
Initial impressions and thoughts on Vince Russo?
Do you think he was in way over his head?
How did the relationship between you and Elizabeth develop?
Was it tense between you and Randy?
Thoughts on your short team as Team Package with DDP and Flair?
What are your thoughts on working with Shane Douglas after he made remarks about you at times in ECW and in interviews?
What happened when you and Elizabeth left WCW in 2000 right before your matches with Chuck Palumbo were scheduled? What was it she refused to do (If he doesnt mention it)
Some people say that you and Buff kinda mocked the company losing so easily and so fast at Greed to Palumbo and O Haire. Comments?
When were you told that WCW was sold to Vince?
What do you remember about the last Nitro before, during, and after?
What did you think when you heard Vince make that deragatory remark about you on tv?
Did you make any attempt to bury the heat with Vince?
What did you expect after the sale?
Were you ever called about coming in?
Where do you think Vince went wrong with his booking of the WCW guys after the sale?
Did you turn down a lot of indy promoters and if so why?
What is your favorite memory of Elizabeth?
What do you remember about her last day and what happened?
Do you think Vince crossed the line with the portrayl of your role in her death on Confidential?
Were you contacted by the WWE to comment?
How low were personally during this period?
What lead to you coming into NWATNA?
There is a rumor that you pretty much laughed at the look and talents of most of the guys you werent familiar with? Is that true and what did you think of your experiences there?
Were you skeptical of putting over AJ Styles?
Were you supposed to tag with Abyss against Styles and Hulk Hogan?
Will you be doing any more work for NWATNA?
Any good rib stories?
Good road stories?
Favorite opponents, least favorite opponents?
Critics really don’t give you much credit as a worker, how do you respond to those people that say Lex Luger is a horrible worker?
Any regrets?
What is your favorite memory in the business?
How do you think your life would have changed if the USFL was successful?
Do you still watch or keep up with the business?
What is in your future?
Were you surprised that the NWO was a failure when Vince brought it back?
Are you surprised that Flair is still pushed hard in 2004?
What is the biggest misconception about Lex Luger?
Who in your opinion are some of the most underrated and overrated workers you have either worked with or watched?
Thoughts on newsletter writers and the Internet?
Any good fitness tips?
Is there anyone you ever worked with you wished you had?
How do you think the business has changed over the last 15 years and is it good or bad?
Do you think there comes a point where someone who has made such a good living off of the business should give back by either putting younger guys over or teaching?
How do you think the legacy of Lex Luger will be remembered?
What are the biggest differences betwen Larry Pfohl and Lex Luger?