Lisa Marie Varon Shoot Interview

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Tommy Dreamer is back hosting a brand new shoot interview with one of pro wrestling’s most respected women wrestlers of all time Lisa Marie Varon, fka Victoria. Tommy Dreamer is the perfect host because he was around the entire time Victoria was in the WWE and helped her a lot during the way of her career.  He adds to the interview by telling you so many candid personal stories and trust me nothing gets held back.  The chemistry was awesome for this interview because the two are best friends.  We had many guest even stop by during the filming of this interview like Melina, Brook Adams, Christian and Sal Cal Val.  You will learn how Victoria broke into the business after meeting Chyna and what her training was like in CA thru the UPW school.  Victoria talks about her times in all of the different territories that she came up in before making it to the main roster.  She spent time in Memphis, HWA and OVW and has trained with the biggest names in the business like John Cena, Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, Batista and many more.

When did she learn she was being called up from TV?  Who really took her under their wings once she got into the WWE Universe?  Tommy and Victoria share so many personal funny memories thru out this interview.  We cover her entire WWE run which featured matches with all of the top women of the company like Jackie Moore, Trish Stratus, Lita, Nidia, Marlina and countless others.  Learn how she took to the business by hanging around some of the top names in the locker room including the Undertakers wife.   The stories keep on coming as Tommy and Victoria try to make each other laugh so much by telling some stuff that has never been revealed before.  This was Victoria’s only interview ever, and she was having a blast talking about life on the road, the ribs and her time in the biggest wrestling company, the WWE.

Why did she leave the WWE?  What was her relationship with HHH and Steph?  You will hear all about her time in TNA and how she compared it to WWE.  Why did she retire and come back into the business.  Will she ever go back to the WWE full time?  Get ready for a interview that really has no script as Tommy Dreamer pretty much knew what strings to pull the entire time.  I had so much fun just sitting back and watching the interview as a fan, and I know you will enjoy it as much as I did.  So get ready for a rollercoaster ride like no other as Tommy Dreamer and Victoria put a headlock on you, as you won’t be able to escape from it because you will be glued to your screen!!

How she discovered wrestling thru Tori wilson
Meeting Scott Hall at WCW
How she met Chyna at Crunch Fitness
Contacting the UPW school in CA
They discuss their real friends in the business
Dreamers Top 5 Crazy people in the business
Becoming a GodFather Ho
Her time in Memphis
Memphis School closing down
Being trained By Smothers, Regal and Bobby Eaton
How she got a pay increase when she was in Memphis
How amazing Tracey Smothers is as a trainer
Giving Tracey Smothers a concussion
Guys getting Cut in Memphis and how they all came back and became stars
Meeting John Cena in Louisville
Brock, Randy Orton, Batista, Eugene, Rob Conway
Training in OVW
Training with Nova
Getting Stiffed in the Ring
How the ECW guys were great to work with in HWA school
Being paranoid about getting fired in WWE
How she got the call up from Developmental to the main roster
Working with Jackie Moore for the first time on the main roster
How Jim Ross was the best guy in talent relations and why he was

Sal Cal Val, Melina and Brooke Adams Crash the shoot interview

Dave Lagana and Fit Finley helping out the girls
How she had to Kayfabe the HHH/ Steph relationship
Why the Word Mark is bad for the business
How she was crazy watching matches on the monitor and popping for highspots
Working with Trish Stratus
Winning the title in MSG
Carrying your belts thru airports
Her relationship with Stevie Richards
Dave Finley kicking out Limp Biscuit from the ring
Biggest Ribber in the Women’s Locker room
Tommy talks about the ribs that Victoria did in the locker room
Memories of working Lita in the cage and why there was no color
Sunday Night Heat and how Dreamer, Victoria and Stevie took over the show and booked it
Shaving Molly Holly at Mania 20
Her Thoughts on Diva girls
Her issue with Christy Hemme pay and why it got her mad and what she told Vince
Vince Devil angle
Relationship with Undertaker and his wife Michael Mccool
Working with Moolah when she was 80 years old
How Moolah was a stiff worker
Memories of Nidia
Memories of Jacklyn
Memories of Marlina
Memories of Candice Michelle
Memories of Ashley Massaro
Julian Hall
WWE Hall of Fame
Going to TNA and working with all of the girls in that company like Gail Kim
Getting her contact from Terry Taylor
Difference between the WWE and TNA locker rooms
Her motorcycle gimmick in TNA
Talks about her outside business ventures
Thoughts on Total Divas and Divas Revolution
Thoughts on Charlotte
Her Favorite Matches
Her Regrets
Would she go back to the WWE
Both acknowledge that Christian is watching the interview as its being filmed with tons of funny comments added by Tommy Dreamer throughout the interview