Little Guido James Maritato Shoot Interview

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One of the most exciting wrestlers of the last decade has been James Maritato. Chances are whether you are a fan of mma, shoot-style, strong-style, aerial, hardcore, or sports entertainment that you have seen Maritato in action. RF Video is honored to sit down with one of most versatile wrestlers of the decade, “Little Guido” James Maritato.

Just as he does every time he steps through the ropes, Maritato delivered when he sat down for the shoot interview. Maritato’s diverse career gave us a rare trip around the world with the “Full Blooded Italian.” Maritato is more than just a gimmick and you are bound to respect the talents and achievements of this great wrestler after you hear his story.

Maritato’s career started long before he was seen brawling with the Gangstas, shooting with Taz, or flying with Sabu in ECW. Maritato has one of the most interesting stories ever told to RF Video in regards to his start in the business. Maritato had the honor of training with some of wrestling’s biggest legends and he hasgreat stories about some of wrestling’s most mythical figures.

How does someone who was told all of his life he was too small go from Japan to WrestleMania? Maritato tells his story about what it was like to wrestle in one of the biggest shoot promotions in Japan. Maritato also talks in great detail about his lengthy run in ECW. Maritato recounts all of the classic matches and moments throughout his time in ECW.

ECW fans will particularly love the behind the scenes look into ECW that Maritato offers. Maritato talks candidly about his time working in the ECW front office. What was it like dealing with Paul Heyman, Taz, and Tommy Dreamer outside of the ring? What was it like to be on the road with two of the craziest wrestlers in the business in Tommy Rich and Tracy Smothers? Did Maritato ever have to use his shooting background?

Maritato also talks about the lows of being unemployed without notice to getting the job of a lifetime with the WWE. Maritato’s road to the WWE wasn’t easy. Maritato talks openly about one of his first tryouts and how it was received by management. What did Maritato learn from that time to the moment he shined to the front office? How hard was it to adjust to a new style after so many years in ECW?

Maritato takes us into the ring and behind the WWE curtain. What did it take to be accepted into the locker room? What was it like working with some of wrestling’s biggest stars? What does Maritato consider to be his biggest achievement? What is the road life like of a WWE superstar in this generation? Was he conflicted when One Night Stand was announced? What would a shoot interview be without some great WWE road stories and ribs?

From the Tokyo Dome to WrestleMania, Maritato’s journey is both interesting and inspiring. If you have seen Maritato wrestle once, you will love this shoot. Maritato is just as entertaining in front of the camera as he was in the ring. It is with great pleasure that RF Video presents a one of a kind shoot interview with one of the most successful wrestlers of this generation, “Little Guido” James Maritato.