Luke Gallows Shoot Interview

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Luke Gallows AKA as Festus or the imposter Kane sat down with RF VIDEO for his first ever shoot interview and it was a blast. RF VIDEO always hits home runs wether it be a 20 year veteran or a young and upcoming superstar because we know what questions to ask. Luke was just released from the WWE a few months ago and he has a lot to say about his time in the company and especially his run with CM Punk and the straight edge society.

You will hear exclusive stories about his start in the business down in VA, MD and PA working small indy shows before he got his first big break. He talks a lot about his time in Deep South and what it was like to work with Bill Demott. We tackle the obvious questions about Bills techniques and if they were really out of line. What about his time working as the Freaking Deacon, don’t worry we talk about that too.

How did Luke like to be called up to the big time to work his first program with Kane and why did it end so quickly. Was he shocked he had to go back down to the developmental territories after his brief stint. You will hear all the behind the scene stories on what it was like teaming up with Terry Gordys son Ray and how he liked working as a tag team wrestler. There are a ton of stories on some of the teams they worked with and some major backstage stories as well from around this time in the WWE.

One of his most memorable gimmicks was Festus. Did he like playing the that role and you will hear how Vince approached him for the gimmick in a hilarious story that has to be seen. Lukes big break was when he was paired with CM Punk and he was apart of the straight edge society. You will hear all the behind the scenes stories on CM Punk and what he was like to work with in the WWE. How much heat did he have and was it justified. How hard was it to live the gimmick and how much heat did they have towards Serena when she got released and the stable broke up.

Why did the police talk to him after the Benoit murder? What was Randy Orton like outside the ring? Is HHH easy to get along with? Is John Cena nice outside the ring to the younger guys? How does he feel about Johnny Ace?

We of course talk about all of his major matches in the WWE and you will hear tons of WWE backstage stories from the Undertaker, MVP, Matt Hardy, Miz, Morrison and so many other of the top WWE superstars. If you like locker room stories this will be one of those shoots you will clearly enjoy!!

How did you get started in the business
Were you a fan growing up
What was training like
Who was your biggest influence
Did you ever want to quit during your training
What are your memories down in West Virginia with Mason Dixon Wrestling
Memories of World Star Wrestling Federation
Memories of Summit Wrestling Association of PA
Memories working as Dorian Deville down in MD
Who was running Deep South when you got your WWE contract and how did you find out you got signed.
What was it like for you to get signed
Were you given any promises at all
Take us thru a typical day of training in Deep South
Memories of teaming up with Palmer Cannon
Did you like the Freaking Deacon name
Memories attacking kane as the IMposter Kane
Memories of the angles leading up to Vengeance PPV where you worked Kane
How was Kane to work with
After the blow off match you got your mask removed and the storyline ended and you went back to deep south why was that..Did the office feel the gimmick was not over?
You started to work Smackdown House shows was the Freaking Deacon and teamed with G Rilla
In May 200 teamed with Ray Gordy as part as A Southern Gimmick as the Dalton Boys
What was Ray Gordy like outside the ring
DO you feel he had pressure to be like his father
Who called the matches you or Ray and who was your agent
Who are some of the teams you guys got to work with
You were then sent back to OVW who was in charge at the time
Thoughts on Danny Davis
After that you guys debut at Smackdown and you were doing the Festus character
Did you like the gimmick
Was there ever a planned explaination for the Festus bell ringing gimmick?
How did you get your shoulder injury and did you feel pressured to return
What was it like working with Miz and Morrison
What was the undertaker like out of the ring
Memories of your smackdown match with Taker you had in APril 2008
Is taker a locker room leader
Did you like going to Raw from Smackdown in 2009
Did you like being paired with CM Punk
Punk has a reputation for having a big ego or being a know it all did you sense that
Memories of working with Matt Hardy and R Truth
Memories of working with Hart Dynasty and Cryme , Matt Hardy and KhaliTime in the fatal four way
Memories of working Big Show and Miz and DX for the Unified titles
Memories of working Mania in the battle royal
Did you like being paired with Serena
Who else would have fit that gimmick with the str8 edge society
How real was the gimmick out of the ring
When Serena got released how much heat was on her
Did Joey Mercury fit right into the gimmick
Memories of working with MVP
Memories of your face turn and working CM Punk
How close were you with Freddy Prince Jr
Why did you get released and how did you find out
Thought on going to TNA
Thoughts on the direction of the business these days
How would you have liked to book yourself

What was Johnny Ace like to work with
Thoughts on Nexus Angle
How was John Cena outside of the ring
Thoughts on Ric Flair
Thoughts on Triple H
Thoughts on Batista
Thoughts on HBK
What is Randy Orton like outside of the ring
Who did you travel with
Any good road stories
Any good ribs
Any interaction with Vince and what were your initial impressions
Was nice Approachable for you
Whats the most important lesson you have learned so far about being in the business
Is there anyone in OVW that you thought should have made it but didnt
Thoughts on the Chris Benoit tragedy
Thoughts on the WWE Wellness policy
Is there anyone you wanted to work with that you never got to
s it hard to go from being on world wide television every week to practical obscurity
Thoughts on drugs in wrestling
Would you ever like to open a school or become a trainer somewhere
Biggest piece of advice you can give for success in the business
What is your favorite moment in your career
What is the biggest misconception about wrestling in the WWE
Favorite opponents, least favorite opponents?
Any regrets?
Thoughts on newsletters and the internet
What do you do now with your free time
What kind of restrictions are on you from a copyright standpoint to work elsewhere
What do you miss most and least about being a full time wrestler