Mad Dog Vachon Shoot Interview

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It is a rare opportunity to sit down with a true Hall of Fame pro wrestler. RF Video had that honor and recently and are proud to share it with you. It is with great honor that RF Video brings to you our newest Shoot Interview with Maurice “Mad Dog” Vachon.

The Mad Dog is truly a character in his own right. This was a rare opportunity to talk to one of the all-time greats. Mad Dog talks about life 70 years ago and watching pro wrestling as a kid. Mad Dog also has a great story about he broke into pro wrestling. Mad Dog also goes in depth about competing in the Olympics and how that changed his life.

Mad Dog talks about his long road to the top. Mad Dog talks about his early territorial work in Texas and Portland. Mad Dog talks about Don Owen and how Owen impacted his career. Mad Dog also talks about changing his gimmick and why he did it. Mad Dog also talks about promoting and becoming a successful promoter with his family.

One of Mad Dog’s greatest rivals was Verne Gagne. Mad Dog talks about meeting Verne and his initial reaction to meeting him. Mad Dog also talks about the many ring wars with Verne. What was it like to be AWA world champion? Did Verne ever try and shoot on him? Mad Dog also breaks down all of his famous AWA opponents.

Mad Dog has some great stories about all eras of his career. Mad Dog talks about breaking Andre the Giant into the business. Mad Dog talks about flying him to Canada and where things went from there. Mad Dog also talks about his infamous angle with Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash in the WWE. Why was Mad Dog’s WWE career cut short in the 80s?

Mad Dog also talks about his tragic accident. What happened to his leg? What kind of a toll did it take on him? Did anyone pay legally for this? How does he feel today about being in a wheel chair? Mad Dog opens up in a way that you have never seen him before on camera.

This was truly an honor and a pleasure for RF Video and we are proud to bring it to you. Sit back and enjoy a conversation with one of pro wrestling’s all-time great characters. It is with great excitement that RF Video presents to you a one of a kind Shoot Interview with the former AWA world champion, Mad Dog Vachon.

Can you talk about your early life
Were you a wrestling fan growing up
Memories of wrestling back then
What did you like about Yvon Robert
Memories training under Jim Crowley
How did you get into the Olympics
What was the village like
Was there a lot of partying
How did the Olympics change your life
What were your plans after the Olympics
How did you meet Verne Gagne
Initial impressions of Verne
What changed your mind to go pro
Was the training more difficult than you thought
What was the kayfabe like for a young guy back then
Memories of Larry Kasaboski
Memories of your first match
What are some of the things you remember you did to pay your dues
Who mentored you early on
What were some of the early territories you worked
Did you like it
What was the travel schedule like
Were you tested by any veterans as a rookie
Is it true that Eddie Quinn wouldn’t use you because you were too good of a shooter
How important was shooting back then
Did anyone test you
Memories of the Texas territory
Who were the bookers
Memories of teaming with Pierre LaSalle
Was it hard early on to make yourself stand out
How did you change your look to make yourself stand out
Is it true that you bought your own commercial time and if so why
Did you like the gimmick change
How did you get the name Mad Dog
Memories of Don Owen
Did his brother ever try and set up any shoots with you and the guys
How instrumental were you in getting your brother in the business
Did you like teaming with him
Memories of matches against Chico Garcia & Chet Wallick
Is it true that you met your wife after spitting a shoe string at her< /SPAN>
Were you banned in the United States during this time
Did you fear that you would have a hard time making a living without U.S. bookings
Memories of Japan
How did you wind up in the AWA
Initial memories of Verne Gagne
What was the Minnesota territory like travel wise
Memories of Crusher
Memories of Bruiser
Who did you like to travel with throughout your career
Memories of Red Bastien
Memories of Baron Von Rachke
There is a story that has often been told about you opening a plane door. What is the story?
Memories of Nick Bockwinkel
Memories of Ray Stevens
Memories of Billy Robinson
Memories of Harley Race
Memories of Larry Hennig
How stunned were the fans when you beat Verne for the title
Did you like wrestling Verne
Why did you leave
Memories working for Jacques Rougeau and Hans Schmidt
Did you like working in Canada
Why did you try and obtain a promoting license
How much opposition did you receive
Memories of matches with your brother against Bruiser and Crusher
Memories of the Original Sheik
Memories teaming with Bob Orton
Memories of teaming with Baron Von Rachke in Central States
Memories of Abdullah the Butcher
Memories of Stan Hansen
Memories of Bruiser Brody
Were you for or against Vivian and Luna getting involved
How tough was it then for women to make it in wrestling
Memories of Lou Thesz
Did you like turning babyface in the AWA
Memories teaming with Verne against Stevens and Bockwinkel
Memories of Bobby Heenan
As you got older in the AWA did you find any of the younger guys not wanting to sell for you
Memories of Hulk Hogan from the AWA
Memories of the Iron Sheik
Memories of the IWA and teaming with Ivan Koloff
Ivan said he was blackballed for working there. Did you have problems
Memories of matches against Jesse Ventura and Adrian Adonis
Did you have a good time when Jesse was running for Governor
How did you wind up working for Vince in the early 80s
How come you left so soon
Did you like it there
What happened in 1987 with the car accident
How did you get into doing beer commercials
How did you get into being a restaurant critic
Were you recognized often
Who’s idea was it to use your leg in the Shawn Michaels – Diesel match.
Are you surprised people sti ll talk about it
What makes someone a good heel in your opinion
Is there anyone that made it that surprised you and made it and is there anyone who didn’t make it who you thought would
Do you still watch wrestling
Thoughts on UFC and comparisons to pro wrestling
Do you want to write a book
Is it hard to adjust to life after pro wrestling
What do you do today
Fav and least fav guys to work with
Fav ribs and road stories
Favorite ribs
Thoughts on the lack of kayfabe today
Do you still have a passion for the business
What do you miss most and least about being a full time wrestler