Madusa Shoot Interview

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When you think of women’s wrestling there are only a few ladies that come to mind who always treated the business with respect and very often surpassed many of the top men in the business. Madusa in my opinion is at the top of her class as being one of the best in ring performers of all time. When Madusa was working she never did anything half way, she gave it her all and it showed, making her one of the all time great female performers in our industry. Now for the first time ever we get to hear her story on breaking into pro wrestling and climbing to the top of the ladder. This is her interview as she holds nothing back and we cover her start in the business until today.

Madusa talks about breaking into the business and how she broke into the AWA. Want to hear about her first encounters with Sherri Martel behind the scenes and in the ring? Madusa covers her early programs working with the top women in the industry in the early 80’s. We got so many stories on Curt Hennig, Verne Gagne, The Rockers and so many other top stars from the AWA era.

Madusa not only conquered the American scene, she quickly rose to fame in the land of the rising sun. Madusa talks about her training in the All Japan Women dojo and where she actually lived for her first year in Japan. She worked with all the top stars of the promotion and has stories on all of them. You will hear why she left Japan and came back to the states before signing with WCW for her first run. What was Rick Rude like outside the ring? Want to hear stories on her relationship with Paul Heyman, Missy Hyatt, Sting, Ricky Steamboat well we cover it all.

Remember the angle that ECW shot where she was coming into work a program with Sherri Martel, well we find out why it never went down. The highlight of the interview of course was her WWF run and how she became Alundra Blayze.

What promises were given to her if any by Vince McMahon and we talk about so many stories on what went on behind the scenes during her time with the company. We cover all of her top matches with some of the greats like Luna, Bull Nakano, Leilani Kai, Heidi Lee Morgan, Aja Kong and everyone else during that time frame. Madusa was around some of the biggest stars of all time and she shares stories on all of them. Why did she leave the WWF and how did she wind up back in WCW? We talk about the entire angle where she made her WCW return and threw the trash can in the belt. Who knew about it, and who came up with that idea. How was it all planned out, well you will find out during this amazing shoot. What was the reaction that she got from the WWE office after it went down?

Madusa talks all about her run in WCW and being paired with Randy Savage. What was it like working with him and Elizabeth. Was there every a shoot incident with Sherri Martel in the ring? We talk all about all of her top matches with Bull Nakano, Akira Hokuto, Luna, Jeff Jarrett, Meng and so many others. We left no stone unturned when it came to WCW and backstage stories, politics, what the top talent was like behind the scenes and what it was like competing against the WWF during the Monday Night Wars.

This is a interview for any true fan of Madusa. We covered her entire career in the ring and of course out of the ring after she left the business and got into monster trucks. The interview has something for everyone and you do not want to miss it.