Mae Young & Moolah Shoot Interview

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RF Video conducted one of the most fun and entertaining shoot interviews you will ever see with two pure legends of pro wrestling in Johnnie Mae Young and Hall of Famer, Fabulous Moolah. The two worked as a well oiled tag team with Moolah starting many stories and Johnnie Mae finishing her outrageous and outspoken comments. For anyone that has seen the documentary Lipstick and Dynamite, this shoot interview picks up where the documentary leaves off and expands on many of the stories briefly touched on in the movie. Some of the names may only be familiar to historians but the stories are entertaining to everyone.

Topics included:
How Moolah came to control the women’s professional wrestling scene
Thoughts (several) on Lou Thesz and his disdain for women’s wrestling
Johnnie Mae talks about Ed Strangler Lewis and tells a rare story of the two
Both talk about breaking into the business (Johnnie Mae’s story in specific is a great one)
Both discuss former champion, Mildred Burke
Moolah finally fires back and talks extensively about the heat between her and Penny Banner
Johnnie Mae talks about riding with a very young rookie, Bruno Sammartino
Johnnie Mae talks about teaming with Terry Funk in one of his very first matches
Both talk about the McMahon family and each of their relationships with the family over the years
Find out which were both of their favorite and least favorite (Moolah’s answer is surprising) countries outside of the U.S. to wrestle in
Both give their thoughts on the evolution of women’s wrestling in Japan
Moolah tells a funny story about this past year’s Hall of Fame and both comment particular on Bret Hart
Both talk about why they decided to be so involved with Lipstick and Dynamite and what they thought of the finished product
Mae tells a story about going to court over beating up a man
Mae also tells a great story about playing poker with Jack Pffer
Both talk about a never before told story about what finally made them split with Billy Wolfe
Both talk about the politics of women’s wrestling involving Billy Wolfe
Mae talks about the match that killed Janet Wolfe
Mae talks about her wars with Gladys Gillem and some interesting post match activities
Moolah talks about a very wild and crazy car ride with the Iron Sheik, Wendy Richter, and Greg Valentine
Moolah expands more than ever before on camera about what happened the night she donned the Spider Lady outfit and double crossed Wendy Richter for the title
Moolah talks about how she found out Vince Jr. was taking over for Senior
Moolah gives the backstory to her feud with Wendy and the involvement of Cyndi Lauper and Lelani Kai in Wrestlemania 1
Mae tells a great story about bronco busting Eric Bischoff and a rib played on him and a surprise as to who put her up to it
Moolah talks about her relationship with Buddy Rogers and why it didn’t start off so good
Moolah talks about her past trainees
Both comment on current Divas like Trish Stratus, Victoria, Torrie Wilson, and who their current favorite are
Both honestly talk about the change in women’s wrestling in the WWE
Both talk about sexism in women’s wrestling
Both talk about the current state overall of women’s wrestling
Moolah talks about getting the ban lifted on women’s wrestling in New York
Mae talks about knocking out another male wrestler in the locker room
Both talk about past legends like Joyce and Judy Grable
Mae talks about the infamous “hand birth” and a prop that was never used
Both talk about being 3D’d by the Dudleys
Both talk about the training of girls in Japan and their candid thoughts on it
And much more.