Magnum TA Shoot Interview

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One of the most popular wrestlers of the 1980s had his career cut short in one night. A tragic car accident ended the wrestling career of Magnum T.A., but not before he made his mark in wrestling. A man who has been out of the wrestling spotlight for well over a decade finally sits down to discuss his career. This shoot was not done by RF Video. Here are some of the topics discussed:

-Magnum speaks publically for the first time about his career ending car accident and what really happened that night.
-Talks about working for Bill Watts in Mid-South and Jim Crockett in the NWA
-Memories of working in both promotion as well
-Talks about working with Mr. Wrestling II in Mid-South
-Memories of his fueds with Tully Blanchard including the I Quit Match from Starrcade
-Memories of his feud with Nikita Koloff including the best of seven series
-Talks about his matches against Ric Flair and why he never won the NWA World Title
-Magnum also relates how he got into wrestling, what it cost him and his family, and who was responsible. A very shocking story!
-Who gave him the name “Magnum”
-Talks about his roles as booker and announcer for WCW
-What he’s been doing since he left wrestling
-Discusses drugs and alcohol in wrestling.
-All this and much more!