Marc Mero Shoot Interview

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Watching the Monday Night Wars was one of the most exciting times for any pro wrestling fan. Could you imagine what it would be like to be a part of it? RF Video had an opportunity to sit down with a man that was right smack in the middle of it. It is with great excitement that RF Video presents the Shoot Interview with Marc Mero.

Marc is one of the most candid guests we have ever interviewed. Marc is also brutally honest and reflects back throughout the interview at his own mistakes and bad choices. Marc is full of life and full of energy during the entire interview. Marc starts off with some great stories about breaking into the business. Marc recounts getting his first WCW deal and going from making $17,000 a year to $75,000 and how it impacted him. Marc is also brutally honest about his inexperience during the first three years of his WCW tenure.

Marc also talks in great detail about his famous character, Johnny B. Badd. Who came up with the character? What kind of spin did Marc put on it? Marc tells a very funny story about his father’s reaction to the character. Did he ever meet Little Richard? Marc also talks about coming up with his promos and who gave him ideas. Marc also talks about Dusty Rhodes’ influence early on with the character.

Marc has some great ring stories from his time in WCW. Marc talks about wrestling and traveling with Sting. Marc also talks about his series of matches with Brian Pillman. Marc shares a very funny story about something Arn Anderson said to him before a match. Marc talks about his series of boxing matches with Scott Levy. Marc also talks recounts his early days working out the Power Plant and who helped him out.

Marc talks about all of the booking and management turmoil in WCW. Marc talks about working for Dusty, Bill Watts, Kip Frey, and Eric Bischoff. What did Marc think of Bill Watts at that time? What were Marc’s initial impressions of Eric? How hard or easy was Eric to negotiate with? Who were his favorite and least favorite bookers? How did the political climate change when Hulk Hogan came over?

Marc also has first hand experience with several of wrestling’s biggest stories in and out of the ring. Marc remembers the night of the Sid Vicious-Arn Anderson fight and where he was. Marc remembers the night Mick Foley’s ear fell off in Germany. Marc talks about being at Survivor Series 97 and the aftermath. Marc talks about the incident with Brian Pillman and Kevin Sullivan and what his thoughts were. Marc talks about being in the ring with The Rock at his debut in the Survivor Series. If he was there, Marc talked about it here in the interview.

Marc is also very open about the road life of his days as a pro wrestler. Marc is very forthcoming about his issues with drugs and partying during his days in WCW. Why was it different for him in the WWE? How bad was the partying in WCW? What booker threatened to fire Marc after Marc missed a house show? It is a rare opportunity to hear anyone talk about their troubled past such as Marc does in this interview.

Marc talks in detail about his jump to the WWE. What was he promised and why didn’t it happen? Why did so many of the boys resent him? Marc also gives his thoughts on Triple H’s latest verbal attacks on him, as well as past attacks from Mick Foley and Steve Austin. Why didn’t Marc ever feel comfortable with the “Wildman” persona? How well did he get along with Vince McMahon? What WWE star ribbed him and locked him in a room as his music was playing? Marc is very candid in opening up about the highs, and the lows his WWE career.

Marc also talks extensively about his ex-wife “Sable” Rena Mero. How did they meet? Who was with Marc when he met her? What was Marc’s situation? How quick did they marry? How exactly and why did Rena get involved with the WWE? Marc also answers all of the rumors about his ex-wife. Was she hard to work with? What did Rena think of all the public bashing by Tammy Sytch? Why did everyone not like the Meros? What kind of pressure did Rena’s heat put on him? What exactly was the reason they left? Did he know she was coming back? Were there plans for the two of them to go to WCW? Marc also answers the rumor about Rena having an affair with a very powerful WWE executive and then being stolen by Brock Lesnar. Is it true and yes, we do name names.

Marc also talks about his crusade against drugs. How long has he been involved? How did the media find him during the Benoit tragedy? How does he answer his critics who say he was just jumping on the bandwagon? Does he think there is still a problem in wrestling with drugs? What surprised him the most about doing all of the media during the Benoit tragedy fallout? What will it take in his opinion for the government to get involved?

This Shoot Interview is full of high energy from start to finish. Marc is very passionate about his life, his career, and the wrestling business. Marc does not shy away from any question and answers all of the tough questions and rumors about him and his ex-wife. Marc reveals plenty for the very first time on video in this exclusive interview. It is with great excitement and pleasure that RF Video brings to you the brand-new Marc Mero Shoot Interview.

Being a fan growing up.
What attracted you to wrestling
How did you break in
What was the training like
What was the biggest misconception you had about training
How come you never went into pro boxing
If you were coming up now, would you have gone towards MMA
How did you meet the Malenkos
How bad did they stretch you
Did they teach you how to shoot
Memories of your first match
What were the indys like then
Were you confident that you would get a WWE or WCW deal
How did you get into WCW
Initial impressions of WCW
Memories of your first match there against Doom
How long did it take you to integrate into the locker room
How soon did you get a full time deal
Who mentored you early on
Memories of Ole Anderson as a booker
Memories of your matches with Brian Pillman
Who came up with the Johnny B. Badd gimmick
Did you like it
How did your family react
Did any of the vets test you early on
Which vets did you learn from in or out of the ring
Memories working with Sting
Memories of Lex Luger
Memories of Bill Watts as a booker
How hard was it for you to adjust to Bill’s new rules
Did any of the guys rebel
Memories of Kip Frey
Do you remember the guys being hard on DDP early on when he started working
Memories of your boxing matches with Raven
Thoughts on Raven
Memories of the infamous Arn Anderson/Sid Vicious incident
Memories of the night Catcus lost his ear
Memories of Ric Flair around this time
Do you think Vader was a bully
What was the drug and party scene like
Memories winning the WCW TV title
Memories of matches with Mick Foley
Memories of your matches with Maxx Payne
Memories of your matches with Jimmy Garvin
Is it true that Honkytonk Man didn’t want to put you over
Initial impressions of Eric Bischoff when he came on board
Memories of working with Eric
Some guys have said that Eric let guys determine their own financial worth, true?
Memories of your series with DDP and Kimberly
Memories of having Kim as your valet
How did you meet Rena
Was it a whirlwind romance
Was she a wrestling fan
Memories of matches with Steve Austin in WCW
Memories of matches with Steve Regal
How did things change when Hulk Hogan came in
Any memories of the Vader-Orndorff fight
What were your initial thoughts when WCW announced Nitro
Memories of your matches with Luger
Memories of matches with Paul Orndorff
How soon before your contract ran out did you start negotiating
Did you think you’d wind up leaving
Is it true that Eric wanted to fight you when you told him you signed with the WWE
How did the WWE negotiations come about
Initial impressions of Vince
How did Rena get involved
Were you for or against her being a part of the business
It is said that the WWE had huge plans for you when you signed, is it true, what were they, and why do you think it never happened
How different was the WWE locker room as opposed to WCW
Who came up with the Wildman character
Did you like it
Did Vince have any problem with you doing a shooting star
How did you learn the move
How soon did it take you to integrate into the locker room
Memories of the Shawn/Bret dynamic
Memories of your feud with Triple H
Triple H said on his DVD that wrestling you made him a better worker because you were so bad that he had to overcompensate. Your thoughts?
Are you surprised at how powerful he has become
A lot of guys like Hunter, Mick, and Austin have taken shots at you over the years. Why do you think that is and how much have they hurt you?
Memories of the Clique and how did it change when they left
Do you think some guys resented you for getting the IC title
Memories of the Monday Night Wars
Thoughts on when the fake Razor and Diesel came aboard
When did Rena start training
Did you find that she picked it up quick
When she started getting more over than you, how much of a strain did that put on your marriage
A lot of guys have said that success went to her head, do you agree
Some guys have called you overly protective and paranoid of her back in your days there, your thoughts
There are reports of several ribs the guys played on your wife, how tough was that on you
Did you ever confront anyone over it
How did Rena’s feud with Tammy Sytch start
Did you and Chris have issues over it
Did you and Tammy ever have words
Are you surprised that Tammy still badmouths her
Do you think anything with Rena ever went too far
Who’s idea was it to change to the Marvelous gimmick
Memories of working WrestleMania
Memories of the Brawl for All
Were you surprised when Bart knocked out Doc
Were you for or against Rena posing for Playboy
When is the first time you noticed if ever, anything going to her head
Memories of working with Vince Russo
Memories of the Undertaker
Memories of matches here with Austin
Memories of the Rock’s debut
Were you surprised at how far he made it
There are reports that Shawn and Hunter gave him a real hard time early on, do you remember this
Memories of Survivor Series 97 and the aftermath
Memories of working with Jacqueline
What was the party lifestyle like in the WWE
Did you feel pressured here to use steroids
Memories of working mixed tag matches against your wife
What led to you leaving the WWE
Your ex wife sued the WWE, do you think that it was a fair lawsuit
Were you shocked to see her go back
There are rumors that Vince and her had an affair and Brock stole her from Vince, have you heard this
Thoughts on Brock Lesnar
How well do you two get along
You have become outspoken on steroids, Brock is a naturally big guy that some suspect used steroids, how comfortable were you with him being around your children
What led to you and Rena’s divorce
Do you regret walking out with her
Did you and wife ever plan to go to WCW after you guys left the WWE
How did you wind up in TNA
Did you like it
Thoughts on Jeff Jarrett
How come you don’t do any indys
What led to your retirement
What inspired you to start speaking out against drugs in wrestling
How bad is the problem
What were your thoughts on Steve Blackman defending the business against you on television
What surprised you most about doing all of those shows
Thoughts on Bruno Sammartino and Billy Graham
Thoughts on the fallout of Kennedy’s comments
How do you answers skeptics that say you were just looking for publicity during the Benoit fallout
How come you never spoke out about this issue earlier
What do you do today about it
When Finlay said you had nothing to do with the business, what were you thinking
Can a wrestler make it in the WWE without steroids
Can you talk about the HGH problem
Is TNA a safe haven for talent that fail the WWE’s Wellness Policy
How ironclad is the wellness policy
Are you surprised at how many of your peers have turned on you since you started speaking out
Would you ever want to make one more run somewhere
Advice for young guys and girls getting into the business