Masada Shoot Interview

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For the first time ever, RF Video sat down with one of the most feared, respected, and outspoken Independent Wrestlers in the world for a 5-hour shoot interview that will leave many both shocked and amazed at what he has to say, and who he has to say it about…

That man is the International Deathmatch Legend, MASADA! He’s worked for every major promoter and company in the world, including the WWE, TNA, Ring of Honor, Dragon Gate/Evolve, and held the CZW World Heavyweight Championship for a year. He also spent more than 5 years living in Japan while dominating the Deathmatch scene for Big Japan. He’s also afraid of nobody, and isn’t afraid to say what’s on his mind, no matter what the consequences may be. He tells it like it is, as he sees it, and he’s not worried about anyone confronting him, because nobody has the balls to say a word to his face.

In the ring, he’s made his name as a Deathmatch warrior as the only man to win Tournament of Death two years in a row, but he also takes pride in the fact that he can ‘wrestle’ as well. Aside from the admiration of every Deathmatch wrestler in the game, he’s also earned the respect of the industry’s top grapplers, proving he can go hold for hold both on the mat, and psychologically as one of the most well-rounded performers in the sport. The fact that he is both feared and respected allows him to speak his mind on all of wrestlings top names, including those he currently works for…

MASADA has become very frustrated with the current state of the Independent wrestling scene, and in this interview, he will tell you why. You will be shocked when you hear his thoughts and memories from his time in Ring of Honor, and what he thinks about Dragon Gate USA and Evolve. He will tell you what he likes, and what he doesnt like about working for one of the most respected minds in the business.

Masada also tells us what life is like in Japan, and all the politics that encircle wrestling in the Rising Sun. He will tell you what it was like entering Big Japan as an outsider, and becoming an unlikely fan favorite who changed the game for American’s traveling to BJW. He will also tell you what he thinks about Jun Kasai, and every other major company in Japan, of whom is he is very opinionated.

He’s also had tryouts for Vince McMahon and the WWE, as well as TNA, and he has quite a bit to say about those environments as well. Here his memories and interactions with the businesses top names, and if he thinks he would fit in with today’s television world of “Sports Entertainment”. Again, he is afraid of nobody, and isn’t afraid to speak his mind on the top names in the business….

He also shares his thoughts on CZW and Owner DJ Hyde, former owner John Zandig, and virtually every other member of the locker room. You’ll hear what frustrates him about the much maligned Combat Zone boss, and what he would change if he was in charge. He will tell you what he thinks about Chikara and their leader Mike Quackenbush. He will tell you what he thinks about controversial IWA-MS owner Ian Rotten, and his unexpected take on $5 Wrestling. You will also hear his very interesting take on one of indy wrestling’s biggest “scandals” ever, an opinion and take that will make you think twice about what you’ve only heard and read about.

There is something for everyone in this interview, and we are proud to be able to provide MASADA with the platform to say everything he needed to say. RF Video left this interview feeling the same way many of his opponents feel when they leave the ring, and thats with an overwhelming sense of respect and admiration for a man who puts his heart into everything he does, including this shoot interview. He’s one of the most passionate performers in the business, he’s been everywhere and interacted with everyone… and this is your chance to hear it straight from his mouth in the most comprehensive and telling interview he has ever done!