Matt Borne (2010) Shoot Interview

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What is it like to wrestle a match against someone you just got arrested for beating up 24 hours ago? What is it like to walk into a locker room as the son of a local wrestling legend? What is it like to be a part of the most historic event in the history of pro wrestling? The newest RF Video Shoot Interview will answer all of these questions and more as we are proud to present the Matt Borne Shoot Interview.

This is without a doubt one of the most fascinating shoot interviews we have ever produced. Matt Bourne has been there and seen it all and doesn’t mind talking about it. For every match, every road trip, every angle, and every mistake, Matt Bourne has a story and he shares them all in this intriguing Shoot Interview.

Matt talks candidly about his personal demons in pro wrestling. Matt shares stories about partying with some of the most legendary names in the business. Matt talks in depth about his relationship with Roddy Piper and the partying the two of them used to do together in their primes. On top of that, Matt has tons of stories about drugs and alcohol abuse that he shares throughout the entire interview. Matt drops names and recalls some of the wildest stories ever told in an RF Video Shoot Interview.

Family is a big part of Matt’s story. Matt talks openly about how the relationship between his sister and Buddy Rose affected his in-ring matches with Buddy. Hear all about the night Matt had to go over his sister’s house and what resulted in the trip. Matt also tells a story about a match he had scheduled with Buddy 24 hours after he was arrested for beating Buddy up. How did Buddy react? How did Don Owens react? What are Matt’s thoughts on it today? For those unaware, the feud between Matt and Buddy in Portland is still one of the most talked about angles and feuds to this day.

Matt has tons of stories about his days on the territories. Matt tells a revealing story about doing cocaine with a booker during their first meeting. You will be shocked when you hear who the booker was. Matt also gives his thoughts and memories about working for several infamous bookers including Ole Anderson, Don Owens, and Bill Watts. Who did Matt like working for and who did he not get along with? Matt comments on things said about these men from past guests in RF Video Shoot Interviews.

Matt also talks about some of his famous partners and in-ring opponents. Matt comments on rumors and statements said in past interviews about the Von Erichs and Fritz Von Erich. Matt also talks about his rocky relationship with his former partner the late Buzz Sawyer. In addition to the war stories, Matt has some tremendous road stories that will have you laughing throughout the interview. Which former partner and enforcer did Matt travel with who fell asleep at the wheel and what happened on that trip?

Matt talks in great length about both of his runs in the WWE. Matt talks about his first big run which included wrestling on the original WrestleMania. What was Vince like during that time? How did Roddy and Paul Orndorff really feel about Mr. T? What was the locker room like at this time? How big did he think it would get? What happened and why did Matt disappear so quickly after his first WrestleMania appearance?

Matt also talks about his memorable run as the original Doink the Clown. Did he like the gimmick? What did his friends think when they first heard about it? How did he own it and make it his own? Was Vince supportive of the character? Matt also talks about the locker room with stories on everyone from Bret Hart to Scott Hall. Which wrestler stooged him out to Vince McMahon and got him fired? Nobody is off limits when Matt takes this long walk back down WWE memory lane.

Whether it was wrestling in a flannel as Big Josh, trunks as ´Maniac¡ Matt Bourne, or spraying confetti in makeup as Doink the Clown, Matt has great stories about all phases of his career. Viewers will feel as if they were sitting on a bar stool next to Matt on a Saturday night listening to story after story. There is never a dull moment in this jam packed Shoot Interview. It is with great excitement that RF Video presents the all-new Matt Bourne Shoot Interview.

Can you talk about growing up in wrestling
How early were you exposed to the business
How close were you with your father growing up
How big was your father on kayfabe
Do you have any early road stories you can share
How young were you when you started going to shows
What do you remember about going into the locker room as a kid
When did you start training
Was your father helpful to you
When did you start to smarten up to the business
Is it true that you didn’t like wrestling for awhile
How did you get started
Memories of your first match
Early memories of the Portland territory
Memories of watching Lonnie Mayne
Memories of Lonnie’s ribs
You mentioned in past interviews the bad influences he had on you, can you expand on that
Did you think you would make it
Who were some of your mentors
Were promoters and guys harder or easier on you because of your father
Did you travel with your dad during your days as a worker
How important was it to have a background in amateur wrestling when you broke in
Memories of your first match against the Von Steigers
How did Don Owens treat you early on
Memories of Roddy Piper
Best advice Piper ever gave you
Memories of shoots that Don Owens brother set up
Do you think there was more pressure on you there because of your background
Thoughts on Dutch Savage
Thoughts on Adrian Adonis
Thoughts on Rip Oliver
Thoughts on and memories of Billy Jack Haynes
Memories of the Grappler
Memories of Buzz Sawyer
How did you get started in drugs
Your thoughts today on the Wellness Policy and anti-drug policy the WWE has
How did drugs change you
A lot of guys from your era talk about partying hard, would a lot of the guys from your era have a hard time conforming with a WWE drug policy if they were wrestling there today.
Memories of the Portland travel schedule
Did anyone give you any problems in the ring because of who your dad was
Memories of Curt Hennig and his ribs
Early memories of Andre the Giant
Memories of the legendary angle you did with Buddy Rose and your sister
Can you talk about the night you got arrested for fighting Buddy
How scared was Buddy of working with you
Memories of working for Peter Maivia in Hawaii
Any early memories of The Rock
Any good road stories from the territory
How did you wind up working for the Crocketts
Memories of starting for the Crocketts
Did you like the travel schedule
Who did you travel with
Memories of teaming with Buzz Sawyer
How come your push with Buzz ended
Any other good road stories with Buzz
Memories of Ric Flair from this time
Memories of Ricky Steamboat
Thoughts on Wahoo McDaniel as a booker
Why did you leave the territory
Do you think you burnt a bridge there
How different was it coming back to Portland now an established star
Memories of wrestling in Georgia Championship Wrestling
Thoughts and memories of Ole Anderson
Memories of Roddy Piper from the area
Good road stories
Do you feel like they made you some broken promises
Do you think Ole is a straight up guy
Early memories of Ted Dibiase
Memories of Magnum TA
Memories of Jake Roberts
Memories of teaming with Marty Lunde in Georgia
Memories being managed by Paul Ellering
Is it true that Arn once fell asleep driving with you and Paul
Memories of the Road Warriors
Is it true that you had something to do with their success in a weird way
Memories of Paul Orndorff
Was Buzz Sawyer hard to get along with
Is it true that guys didn?t like working with you and Buzz
Why did you quit Georgia
Favorite time or era of your career
How did you wind up going back to Charlotte
Early memories of teaming with Arn Anderson
Do you think you guys would have had a big push there
Why did things end so quick for you there
Early memories of the Mid South territory
Early memories of Bill Watts
Was he hard on you
Was he a bully
Who did you travel with
Memories of traveling in Mid South
Good road stories
Memories of Junkyard Dog
What happened the night you took the Stagger Lee mask off of him
Memories of being a part of Ted Dibiase?s Rat Pack
Memories of matches with Junkyard Dog
Memories of the fans or riots in Mid South, most guys say they were nuts
Is it true that you and Bill had a falling out
Memories of the Freebirds and any ribs
Memories of when the Von Erichs would come in
How did you get into the WWF in 85
What was it like to wrestle on the first WrestleMania
Memories of the match
Memories of Hulk Hogan at the time
You were close with Roddy, how mad was he about having to wrestle Mr. T
Did Paul and Roddy have any intentions on shooting on T
Memories of Vince McMahon
How stressed was Vince
How big was it to step right into the WWF at the time when they were that popular
Did you think that the WWF would blow up the way it did
Could you see the writing on the wall when it came to the territories disappearing
Memories of road trips in the WWF
Memories of Bobby Heenan
Memories of the Iron Sheik
Thoughts on him today
Favorite guys to travel with
Thoughts on George Scott booking at the time
Memories of your first tour of Japan
Any memories of the road schedule
Memories of Antonio Inoki
How were the Japanese guys to work with
Did WWF set this up
Memories of Andre in Japan
Memories of Bruiser Brody
Memories of touring Egypt
Memories of working in Texas
Early memories of the Von Erichs
How bad were their drug issues
Do you remember any specific issues in or outside of the ring
Memories of Abdullah the Butcher
Memories of Fritz
Memories of Gary Hart
Do you think Fritz was in denial about his boys
Favorite matches at the time
Memories of the Dingo Warrior
Jim Hellwig once said you were one of the biggest assholes he ever met, your thoughts
Thoughts on the death of Bruiser Brody
Memories of Chris Adams and thoughts on how things turned out
Memories of being managed by Percy Pringle
Memories of matches with Al Perez
Why do you think he never went further
Was it hard to live on the territories at this time with the way the payscale had changed
Did you ever think to yourself that you needed to find another business
Memories of doing shots in Tennessee
How did things change when Jarrett bought the territory
Memories of Gary Hart’s Texas territory
Memories of Dustin Rhodes
Why do you think it didn’t work
Memories of Ken Shamrock on the indys
Memories of the Shamrock-Nastys incident
How did you wind up in WCW
Memories working for Dusty Rhodes
Who’s idea was Big Josh
Did you like it
Was it restrictive to go from wrestling for years to portraying someone that didn’t know how to wrestle
Was it a bit easier at times
Memories of Sting
Memories of Lex Luger
Memories of Ric Flair
How different was Arn Anderson
Memories of Tommy Rich
Memories of Sid Vicious
Memories of Brian Pillman
Memories of the Steiners
You dated Johnny Weaver’s daughter, Penny Banner had some bad things to say about him over the years. Your thoughts on Johnny
What happened the night of your major car accident
How did the relationship with Bill pickup when he came into WCW
Do you think he had it out for you
When did you see the writing on the wall
How did you wind up getting back into the WWE
What did you think when you heard about the Doink gimmick
Did you like it
Did you see potential
Impressions of Vince McMahon around this time
Were you hesitant on the gimmick
How different was it to go from being a known wrestler to now working under a disguise
Memories of WrestleMania 9
Memories of Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart at the time
Memories of doing the angle with Steve Keirn
Memories of Vince at this time with his legal issues
How did your friends react when you first told them about the gimmick
Memories of matches with Bret Hart
What happened when you had a dirty drug test
How approachable was Vince during this time
How did things wind up coming to an end for you in the WWE
How did Vince react to everything
Were you surprised you got fired
How did you handle it
When did you realize you needed serious help with your demons
Did it bother you when the Doink character became somewhat of a revolving door
How do you think you compare to those guys
Legally, can you use the gimmick
Did you try and get back into the WWE
Memories of spending time in jail
Memories of working in ECW
Thoughts on Paul Heyman
Thoughts on the gimmick change to Bourne Again
Why did you wind up leaving
How did you get into stunt work in Hollywood
Any good onset stories
Thoughts on the business today and the changes
Why do you think so many second generation guys have a hard time where others like yourself do well
Do you have any plans on writing a book
Thoughts on the lack of kayfabe today
Fav finishes you were involved in
What do you do today