Matt Riddle Shoot Interview

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Matt Riddle is one of the most laid back guys that I have ever sat down with for a shoot interview. We talked about his up bringing in PA and how he got into amateur wrestling during high school. You will hear how he stumbled upon pro wrestling as a kid. Matt will tell you all about his college wrestling career and why it came to a sudden halt. It was about this time that he got involved in Ju Jitsu and took over the competition with ease. You will hear how he was almost down and out on his luck and how the world of MMA changed everything for him, opening the doors to the UFC and so much more.

Want to hear how he got picked to be on the UFC fighter show? You will hear what really goes on in the house that he lived in during his time there. You will hear about how he trained for his top fights as we go thru each opponent that he faced during his UFC tenure. He has stories on all of his major fights in the UFC for you!! Want great stories on behind the scenes of the UFC, you got it!! What was going thru his mind when he destroyed Dan Simmler? What were his early thoughts on Dana White and Rampage Jackson? We talk about his infamous past in the UFC that led to his release. What are his current thoughts on UFC and Dana White? We talk all about his drug failures and how it effected him. Does he have any regrets looking back at himself for what he did or said after he was let go? This is a great portion of the interview, so if you love the UFC our interview is just what you crave. There are tons of amazing UFC stories to entertain you.

Why did he have a fall out with Bellator and never fight there? What led him to go and become a pro wrestler and why did he choose the Monster Factory over ROH, WXW or other local wrestling schools. Matt talks about learning the business and picking it up with ease. We talk about all of his early matches in his career and what a career it has been in just 24 months. Matt has already worked for PWG, Evolve, Progress, Beyond, CZW and is blowing up right now in 2017. He has been in the ring with who’s who of the indy scene working with some of the best talent around right now. Just look at our set of questions below as we talk about everyone right now on the indy scene that he has worked with in great detail.

What was it like for Matt to meet HHH for his first and only meeting to date. This is a hilarious story that you have to hear. What are his thoughts on going to the WWE and why did they turn him down for now. Why did he go to Evolve and how involved was the WWE for his decisions making. He talks about working with Gabe behind the scenes and his thoughts on him as a booker. What is his dream match if he comes to the WWE and who would he love to face in a Wrestlemania main event?

Matt gives his honest and humble opinion if he thinks CM Punk should fight again in the UFC and what are his thoughts of Punk being able to just enter the UFC with no MMA background. Does he think the fighters respect Punk and what will happen if he returns to the octagon in the future. Does Matt think he will ever go back to the UFC in the future, you might be shocked to hear what he has to say.

Right now Matt Riddle is just coming up on the indy scene and has so much buzz, but I predict that he will only get bigger and bigger from here. The hype is real behind this superstar and during this shoot interview you will hear how he intends to become a legend in the pro wrestling business. This is one of those interviews that you will love because Matt’s enthuciasm shines thru out his interview. It’s with great pleasure that we were able to sit down with him during his break out year and we can’t wait to sit down with him down the line as he rises to fame!!! This is one interview you’re not going to want to tap out to!!