Maven Shoot Interview

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Wrestling’s first “reality star” finally sat down to be grilled in another exclusive shoot interview! In this enlightening shoot, we cover Maven’s entire history, from his days as a heavily scouted baseball player, through Tough Enough, his entire WWE run and his current career on the American indy scene.

There are several eye-opening stories throughout this shoot as Maven explains how fast naivety can be erased in a cynical and backstabbing business. For fans of Tough Enough, and remember this was back before WWE ruined the concept, we have the inside dirt on everything associated with the show. Maven talks about how he got through the casting process, the roommates he lived with (including the unforgettable “Darryl”), and the effects on his life after winning the contest.

After winning Tough Enough, Maven had a quick call up to the big leagues, but not before spending some time in WWE’s former affiliate, Heartland Wrestling Association. Maven discussed his time in HWA and his first memorable angle in WWE against Tazz. Maven worked with many of the major players, including ‘Taker, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, The Rock, Edge and Kurt Angle, and goes in depth on all of them and more! These topics, and many more, are covered in this shoot interview and you’ll be amazed at how much this young lion has to offer. Thrust into the shark tank, Maven had to learn to swim fast and tells all in this one-of-a-kind shoot DVD on what that learning curve was like!

Were you a fan growing up
Can you talk about your collegiate baseball career
Were you drafted
Any good recruiting stories
What do you think of steroids in baseball
How did you find out Tough Enough
Were you a big fan prior
Did you ever think about going for training anywhere
What was the video you sent in
What was the process of selection like
Did you bond with anyone on the cast off of the bat
What did your family think of your decision to enter the contest
How real was what aired on TV to how the experience actually was
What was the biggest misconception you had about being a wrestler
What was your fav experience during the contest
Who were you surprised was eliminated and why
Thoughts on Darryl
What was the toughest drill
How did life change for you once the show started airing and becoming popular
What was the hardest thing about success
Thoughts on Al Snow and Taz as trainers
What were the 24 hours like from the moment you won til the next day
Did you think you were going to win at the finals
How soon were you contacted by the office What were your initial impressions of HWA and Les
Was anyone harder on you down there due to how you got in
Who did you enjoy working most with down there
Did you ever feel guilty that you made it so easy compared to others
Did you ever get frustrated in HWA
You got called up pretty quick, how did that process go
Memories of your first angle with Taz
How different was Taz as in working with him at that time as compared to when he was your trainer
How were you treated by the guys and girls
What kind of ribs did you get
Who did you ride with
Did any ribs ever go over the line
Did the pressure ever get to you
What was your experience like wrestling your first big show at the Royal Rumble
Who came up with the Undertaker scenario
How was Taker with it
Can you talk about your first ring rat story
What was it like doing angles with the Rock
Did you expect your angle with Taker to go further
How different was Al as in working with him at that time as compared to when he was your trainer
When you did that angle with Taker at the hot dog stand was that ur first blade job and if so thoughts
Memories of your first Wrestlemania, 18
Thoughts on meeting Hogan for the first time
Thoughts on meeting Steve Austin the first few times you did
Were you surprised that you were pushed so high when Vince drafted you as the fictitious 10 for Smackdown
Thoughts on working with Edge and Christian
Thoughts on working Big Show
Thoughts on Kurt Angle
Thoughts on working with Hardcore Holly
Do you think hes a bully at times
How did you break your fibula
Were you surprised when Chris Nowinski came up
He comes off kind of cocky, was that just a gimmick Thoughts on your program with him
Thoughts on your first Raw match with Triple H
What was it like to work with him
Were you ever considered for Evolution
Thoughts on teaming with Shawn Michaels
Thoughts on Goldberg
Thoughts on working with Ric Flair
How supportive were the WWE when you took time off for your sick aunt
Thoughts on working with Batista
Thoughts on being paired with Nidia
Last year you did some stuff with HHH, Flair, and Batista around Survivor Series time, how come that angle was dropped
Thoughts on Randy Orton
When you worked Triple H last year on Raw was he any different towards you than your match the year before
Whos idea was it to turn you heel
Thoughts on working with Eugene
Thoughts on your series with Shelton Benjamin
Thoughts on working with Rhino
How did you wind up paired with Nova (Simon Dean)
Thoughts on him
Memories of the angle you and Nova did with Steve Austin
Thoughts on how things played out with the ECW One Night Stand angle
Was there any tension with the ECW guys
Thoughts on Eric Bischoff
Thoughts on JBL
How did you find out you were released
Were you surprised
Why do you think you were the most successful Tough Enough winner
Why dont you think Daniel Puder succeeded
What did you think of the last Tough Enough
Does Tough Enough expose the business too much
Do you have plans to go to TNA or continue on the indys
Favorite matches overall
Fav guys to work with
Least fav guys to work with
Good ribs and road stories
What do you miss most about the WWE
Does it bother you that guys least talented are retained while you were released
Were you surprised Christian left
Thoughts on Chris Benoit
What are your goals now that you arent in the WWE
Thoughts on Vince
Do you think Triple H is good or bad for business
Do you read newsletters or the Internet
Can you talk about the Surreal Life
Thoughts on Eddie Guerrero