Michael Tarver Shoot Interview

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Every indy wrestler that steps inside the squared circle has one dream and that is to make it to the big time. One wrestler in particular by the name of Michael Tarver did exactly that. It was not a easy path to make it to his dream of being a WWE superstar and in this exclusive RF VIDEO shoot interview Michael discusses how be made his journey from small indy shows to appearing on national TV to be apart of one of the hottest angles of all time when Nexus attacked John Cena and destroyed the entire ring side area.

As the interview starts we talk to him about how he got his start in the business and you will find out if he was a long time wrestling fan growing up and how he broke into the industry. We talk about all of the indy companies that he worked with like NWA East, PWX, AIW and CAPW. For the first time ever Michael tells his side of the story on what happened in the incident involving another pro wrestler Gregory Iron. What exactly happened in the match and what was the fall out after everything went down. This gets pretty personal at this time as he goes into incredible details on every detail and his thoughts on other people that might have got involved in this.
We talk about his time in PWU in Philly and how he first got into WWE to work as an extra during the JBL/Chris Jericho segment. When he finally got excepted to be apart of the WWE he spent a lot of time in Florida working with Billy Kidman, Steve Keirn, Joey Matthews and Dusty Rhodes. He was known as one of the top guys that could cut a promo. Hear how he impressed Vince McMahon with his mic skills and how that got him to help talk to other students at the time to help them with their promos. He was in the same class with a lot of the younger talent and has stories on a lot of the guys that you see on TV today.

When he got first called up to TV to be apart of NXT we discuss the impact on how that might have changed his role in the company. We talk about his match with Daniel Bryan on NXT and for the first time ever you will hear how the formation came about and more specifically about the closed door super kfabed meeting they had before one of the biggest angles took place where they laid out John Cena to close Monday Night Raw which got tons of press. What were his thoughts on Bryan getting fired for choking out Michael Cole? Did he like Wade Barrett as the leader?

We talk all about what really happened behind the scenes with John Cena and himself and what led to the heat. You will hear his thoughts on his groin injury and if he blames John Cena. What happened once both men were behind curtains and what went down between the two.

This interview is very personal at times as we talk about some other issues that he went thru as he touched on the subject of suicide and that is all I will say as you have to watch that part to see why he almost ended his life. If you are a WWE fan you will love this interview because he talks all about the current scene and has worked with everyone in the WWE. He has stories on CM Punk, Bret Hart, John Cena, HHH, Vince Mcmahon, Sheamaus and so many more.

How did you get started in the wrestling business
Were you a fan growing up
Who did you like to watch
Who was your trainer
What was the hardest thing for you to pick up
Did you ever want to quit the business early on
What was the most important lesson you learned breaking into the business that you still go to today
What were some of the early indy shows like when you started
Who were some of the bigger name guys on the shows
Did any vets on the shows take notice to you
Memories of working for NWA East
Anyone matches stand out for PWX…Daron Smythe, Brandon X, Brass Knuckles
How did you get hooked up with Dan Severn
What was he like
Memories of working for Cleveland Ohio indy shows..
Memories of working for AIW
Memories of your match with Eddie Kingston in your strong style match
Memories of working for CAPW
Any talent stand out from CAPW
Memories of working for PWU and your match with Philly back in Oct 2007
How did you get hooked up with the WWE
Did you go to a TV taping in Rochester to be a bodyguard during a JBL-Jericho segment
What was FL like and what was the developmental system like when you entered it
Who were some of the other guys in the class with you
Who did you hang out with outside of the school
Take us thru a typical week in the school
What were some of the lessons that you learned there
Who were your trainers
Memories of Steve Keirn and what was he like as the head trainer
Memories of working with Joey Matthews and Billy Kidman at the school
What was it like working with Dusty Rhodes
Memories of standing out in promo class in front of HHH and Vince what did you do
What was it like for you to go to TV for the first time just to see how things were run
Did you get along with everyone in your class
Memories of being a bodyguard at Mania 25 for Floyd Mayweather
Memories of some of your matches in FL with TJ Wilson, Bryan Saxton, Kevin Kiley Jr
Memories of Taylor Rotunda
Memories of Bray Wyatt down in FL as Duke Rotunda
memories of working with Drew Mcintyre
Memories of working with Alex Riley in FL
How close were you with Lance Cade and were you surprised about his passing
Memories of Tyler Reks
memories of being Curt Hawkins from FCW
Memories of working with Alberto Del Rio in FL
Memories of working with Justin Gabriel
Memories of working with David Otunga
Ever meet his GF Jennifer Hudson
What was Sheamus O’Shaunessy like in FCW
Memories of Curtis Axel back in FL did you see his potential
Memories of working with Wes Briscoe
Memories of working with Skip Sheffield who is Ryback…What did you think of him outside the ring
Some people today say he is reckless do you agree
Did you like working with Heath Slater and what was he like outside the ring
Memories of working with Titus Oniel
How did you find out you were going to be apart of the first season of NXT
Did you like being partnered with Carlito
What was Carlito like outside the ring and did you guys get along
Were you ever discouraged since a lot of the focus was on guys like Otunga, Bryan and Heath Slater they seemed to ignore you and Darren Young and Ryback
Memories of working with Carlito against Christian and Heath Slater..
How scripted were the challenges
Memories of your match on NXT with Daniel Bryan
Do you respect the work ethic of Bryan and was he well liked by all the boys in the locker room
Who did you travel with in WWE
Was there anyone in the locker room that you did not get along with.
What are your thoughts on CM Punk did you get along
Some say he has a chip on his shoulder did you see that at all
Memories of the huge angle where NXT attacked Cena and Punk
How was it laid out and did you guys get told what to do or were you told to just go out there and cause hell…were there practice sessions on what to do
Is it true that Wade held the meeting with the rest of you guys and told you if it got leaked out you would be fired
Thoughts on Bryan getting fired for choking Michael Cole and do you think it was a work
How big of a push did you feel you were in for and were you surprised of the lack of push they gave you
Did you realize how big of a angle that was for the company as it got a ton of main stream press even on ESPN
Memories of the angle where you attacked Bret Hart
Memories of working John Cena in the elimination match
Memories of the Summer Slam match…
How did you sustain a groin injury do you blame John for your injuries
What is John Cena like outside of the ring some say you do not like him and if so what are your reasons
What happened with the chair
What happened back stage where he laughed after you attempted to shake his hand
Did you feel that Wade Barrett was casted to be the spokesperson for the group and were there any other jealous guys on the nexus team that Wade was getting the big push
Did you like the idea of CM Punk being paired with you guys
Did you think there was a true comparison to you guys as the new NWO
Why did the company break you guys all up and disband the team
Is it true they were going to give you a Virgil gimmick to Ted Dibase jr
After your injury you came back to TV on Raw and Smackdown and would appear during backstage segments where were they going with this
Why did you get released in 2011 in June
What is it like for the mid card guys in the WWE are they unhappy with their lacks of getting a push
What was it like for your ego to go back to the indy scene in FL
Memories of working Robbie E for FUW Throwdown 3
Any interest in going to TNA
Any good ribs
What was HHH like was he approachable
Did you have any interactions with Steph and what was she like to work with
Thoughts on Michael Hayes incident with Mark Henry
Did you get along with John Laurinaitis
How involved are you with the Ministry
Name Game
Cody Rhodes
Dolph Ziggler
Kofi Kingston
Jack Swagger
Booker T
Paul Heyman
Randy Orton
Chris Jericho
Rey Jr
Big Show