Mikey Whipwreck Shoot Interview

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Mikey Whipwreck came to the RF Video offices to talk about his entire career. How did he catch a lucky break and get an unusual start in the wrestling ring? What was it like traveling and tagging with Cactus Jack? How stiff were his early matches against The Sandman and what did a group of now WWF wrestlers tell him to do about it? Mikey talks about his entire feud against Public Enemy and what is was like to receive such a major push despite being new to the business. Mikey scored a pin over Stone Cold Steve Austin and he gives all the details here. What was it like wrestling Cactus Jack in his final, historic ECW bout? Mikey was with ECW since its extreme inception and he tells all the details about how the company grew and why he left to WCW and what it was like there. Learn how the big WCW stars like Hulk Hogan, Bobby Heenan and Gene Okerland treated him and what they are really like. What is the story behind his great match against Billy Kidman and why didnt he have more WCW matches? What was his return to ECW like and how did his character develop into the insane Mikey? Learn all about what it was like to team with Tajiri and win the tag straps. Find out about the classic series against The FBI. Youll hear what Mikey thinks about the future of the business without ECW. If you want to know about ECW, WCW, its all here from the perspective of a man who has been through it all.