Missy Hyatt & Tammy Sytch Shoot Interview

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This one has to be seen to be believed. RF Video traveled to Missy Hyatts New York apartment for the raunchiest shoot interview in RF Video history. Your jaw will drop as Missy and Tammy tell all. You are actually getting three shoot interviews in one on this tape. First, Missy talks and holds nothing back especially when it comes to her sexual experiences. Then, Tammy Sytch does her first ever shoot and honestly answers the questions you always wanted to ask her. Finally, Missy and Tammy sit together on a sofa and shoot. You wont believe the things these two vixxxens have to say!!! Here is what Missy talked about:

-The wrestlingvixxxens.com website where she and Tammy pose nude.
-Missy reveals all the details on her relationships with various wrestlers.
-Who is good in bed? Who is not? Missy isnt afraid to tell.
-Who was the first person she was with in the business?
-Hear her honest words about Eric Bischoff. You wont believe this!!!
-Talks about all her exs like John Tatum, Eddie Gilbert and Jason Hervey.
-What are her thoughts on Jim Ross? -The details of her 2001 ECW PPV appearance.
-Too much controversial sex talk to type here!!!

Here is what Tammy Sytch talked about:

-She starts talking about being Chris Candidos girlfriend when he got his start in the business.
-Hear about how she spent her college fund to support Chris while he was in Memphis.
-How did Eddie Gilbert help her in Memphis?
-Her start as a one time only appearance in ECW before she went to SMW.
-All the details of Smoky Mountain Wrestling.
-How did she handle college when in SMW?
-Learn how Jim Cornette helped her.
-Hear about how other girls were jealous of her in SMW.
-Youll get the scoop on when she went to WWF with Candido.
-Her start in WWF as Tamara Murphy.
-Next is the Bodydonna gimmick as she became Sunny.
-How did her marriage with Candido get affected when she became a bigger star than Chris?
-You will get the inside scoop on her rivalry with Sable.
-Why did she hate Sable after their first meeting?
-What was her relationship with The Clique of HHH, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and X-Pac?
-How did she become The Clique Chick and how did this affect things with Candido.
-Stories about The Clique.
-Tammy opens up about her prescription drug use.
-Get the scoop on her career in ECW and her behind the scenes responsibilities.
-ECWs downfall.
-Did her prescription drug use get worse?
-You have to hear the stories on practical jokes to believe them.
-Tammy discusses her future and health.

Here is what Missy and Tammy talked about together:

-Why was Missy first jealous of Tammy?
-How they met and became friends.
-Their opinions on other women in the business.
-Lots of girl talk.
-Hey, they are hugging each other on the sofa, what more do you want?