Monstrous BC Shoot Interview

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There are just some people on the streets that when you see them you say to yourself, that guy must be a pro wrestler, he is freaking huge. Well G-Rilla, and formerly known as Brodus Clay is one of those guys and in fact he was discovered by Tommy Dreamer during a bar fight where Brodus was the bouncer and threw the guy out of the club like a football!!! Brodus was offered to come to a WWE tryout where he passed with flying colors and was quickly signed to be apart of the WWE but first he had to quit his job!! What job was that….he was Snoop Dog’s personal body guard and you will hear all about that job during his first ever shoot interview with RFVIDEO. In fact you’re going to hear his entire story on how he rises to fame in the WWE and became The Funkasaurus!!

Brodus takes us back to his training days in Deep South working with Jody Hamilton and discusses training under Bill Demott who has a reputation for being a beast when it comes to training the boys. Was his reputation merit or was Bill Demott not the bully that people paint him as. Brodus has his own opinions on this matter. What were his memories teaming with New Japan Superstar Luke Gallows. What advise did he get from Johnny Ace, Tommy Dreamer and Mike Bucci. Brodus takes us to his days down in Florida with Steve Keirn after Deep South closed down and what it was like to train with the legendary Steve Keirn. He has fond memories of hanging with Teddy Hart, training with Jack Swagger, Derick Bateman, Harry Smith and TJ Wilson. It was not long until Brodus was called to be apart of Nxt season 4 and put with Maryse and Ted Dibiase. You will hear all about that pairing in this interview and what he thought about being transformed to be apart of the Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo clique.

Brodus got to work with Edge and Christian and was apart of Wrestlemania and talks in great detail what it was like to be on the road during this time period. Brodus takes us back as we talk about the creation of the Funkasaurus and we discuss how Dusty Rhodes was a huge influence to Brodus as we talk about the advise and help that he gave him to develop that character. After Mania 28 and the infamous call your momma dance he quickly was in a program with Dolph Ziggler and that it seemed that his push started to loose some steam after he shot the angle with Big Show that went no where. What happened with that deal and what was going thru the mind of Brodus Clay when it seemed like creative had nothing for him.

Brodus was quickly tossed back on TV and put in a few quick programs with David Otunga and than was paired with Tensai as Tons of Fun. There are more fought times ahead for Brodus because the team did not last very long after they turned Brodus on Tensai and make him go heel. Brodus will talk all about the hot shot angles and if he thinks it hurt or helped his career. Did you like Tiger Woods getting his theme music? What was it like to work with Naomi and Cameron?

He went back down to Florida to do a mini program with Adrian Neville AKA Pac and soon after that he was let go by Mark Carrano by a quick phone call. Looking back Brodus discusses in full detail what it was like to work with WWE creative and how it was frustrating at times when they seemed like they had nothing for him.

Brodus got to share the locker room with all the current and top superstars and has great stories on his time on the road with the WWE. What did John Cena do for him before his huge Wrestlemania match and how helpful was he? We talk about all the top names in the WWE and he has great stories on all the guys that he was around for the last decade. Brodus gave us one of those interviews that was really from the heart and he has a great dry sense of humor. If your a fan of the WWE product you’re going to love this one on one interview with one of the WWE’s most electric performers. You might even want to call your Momma!!