Moondog Rex Randy Colley Shoot Interview

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What is it like to have one of the most successful pro wrestling gimmicks stolen right out from under you? What is it like to wrestle in front of a sellout crowd in Madison Square Garden? What is it like to brawl in front of 10,000 plus fans in Memphis, TN? You will find out all of those answers and more as RF Video is proud to present the Randy Colley Shoot Interview.

Randy Colley is a classic, journeyman wrestler who has wrestled all over the world and has stories to tell about it. Randy has some great stories about breaking into the business. He also has a lot of fond memories about his early career in Florida Championship Wrestling. Hear stories and memories about some of the Florida greats including; Blackjack Mulligan, Dusty Rhodes, Eddie Graham, and more. Who helped Randy the most and how? You will find out in this exciting shoot interview.

Randy’s most successful gimmick was as one half of the Moondogs. As Moondog Rex, Randy wrestled in main-events all over the country. Hear all about the Moondogs rise to the top in the WWWF. Randy talks a lot about Vince McMahon SR and his dealings with the boss. Why did Randy come and leave so fast? What happened to Randy’s first Moondog partner? What were the other stars at the time like Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, and Bob Backlund like? Hear some great insight from a guy that was there right in the thick of things.

Randy also talks about his short but memorable run in Memphis, TN. Randy talks about his legendary brawls with the Fabulous Ones. Who feared working with the Moondogs? How seriously did he take his gimmick? How did the other big players in Memphis feel about the success of the Moondogs? Randy has some fun stories from one of the most notorious territories in wrestling history, Memphis, TN.

Randy also talks openly in this rare interview about what happened with Demolition. Randy claims to have created Demolition and wrestled a few matches with Bill Eadie. Vince McMahon made the switch from Colley to Barry Darsaw. Why was the switch made? Was Randy given anything to compensate for the switch? How did he feel about Bill and Barry continuing the gimmick? What happened when he went to court with the WWE? This story alone is worth the price of this revealing interview.

Randy also tons of tales from his other stops along the road including his short run in WCW. What was it like working with booker Ole Anderson? What wrestler leaving impacted Randy?s future in WCW the most? What did Randy do to try and hang on? Was Randy ready to hang it up after things fell through? Hear yet another story about how Randy was so close to success, yet had it slip through his fingers at no fault of his own.

You will hear anecdotes about all of your favorite territorial and national pro wrestling personalities. Randy tells stories that you have never heard before in this entertaining shoot interview. It with great pleasure that RF Video, Inc proudly brings to you, the Randy Colley Shoot Interview.

How did you get into the business
Were you a fan
Who trained you
What was training like back then
How soon did you have your first match
What was the kayfabe like for a young guy
Did anyone ever mentor you early on
How soon did you hit the indys
What was the first territory you worked
Memories of your time there
Memories of working in Florida early on
Memories of Dusty from there
How hot was he
Memories of Curtis Iakea
Memories of matches Bob Backlund from this period
Is it true that Bob used to stretch guys that came down to try out
Do you remember when Hogan came through to train or were you gone
Memories of Eddie Graham
Memories of Greg Valentine from this era
Memories of Billy Robinson
Memories of Ray Stevens
Memories of Rick Steamboat
Who did you like to travel with
Good road stories
Memories of wrestling a young Barry Windham
Memories of matches with Bobo Brazil
Memories of the Funks
Memories of teaming up with Jim Dalton
Memories of your first Memphis run
Thoughts on Jerry Jarrett
How did you wind up in the Moondog gimmick
Did you like it
Memories of touring Puerto Rico
Memories of matches with the Gilberts
Memories of Carlos Colon
Did you initially click with Ed White
What happened to him
Were you afraid the gimmick would be dropped
Did you initially click with Larry Latham
Who’s idea was it to put Latham in the gimmick
How did you wind up in the WWWF
Initial impressions meeting Vince McMahon Sr
Memories of Vince Jr
Memories of Lou Albano
Memories of teaming with Lou in six-man tags
Any good stories about Albano getting fired
Memories of Hulk Hogan in the early 80s
Memories of matches with Andre the Giant
Memories of Bob Backlund
Memories of matches with the Strongbows
Are you surprised that tag team wrestling isn’t as important anymore
Memories of Bruno Sammartino
Memories of teaming with Stan Hansen
Memories of matches with Garea and Martel
Who were your favorite teams to wrestle
Memories of wrestling in MSG
What was the party scene like in the WWE
How well did the locker room get along
Memories of Don Muraco
It seems like you guys left right after you dropped the belts, was that the way it was designed
How come you don’t think you had a long run
Did you expect a longer run
How did you wind up back in Memphis
Did you get pushed more coming off of the WWF run
Memories of matches with the Fabulous Ones
Did you like the brawling more in Memphis
Memories of matches with the Rock and Roll Express
Memories of Jerry Lawler from this era
Memories of Bill Dundee
Memories of Jeff Jarrett
Is it true that a lot of enhancement guys walked out when they heard they were booked against you guys
Memories of being managed by Jimmy Hart
Memories of matches with Terry Taylor
How did you wind up in Mid South
Memories and thoughts on Bill Watts
Was he a bit too harsh
Memories of teaming with Eddie Gilbert
Memories of matches with Al Perez and Wendell Cooley
Memories of the harsh travel schedule
Any good road stories
Memories of Junkyard Dog from this time
You guys came back to the WWE in the mid-80s as enhancement talent, how did that come about
How did things change in the locker room
Why do you think you never got a push
How was Vince Jr different than Senior
Was it frustrating to just be used as enhancement
How had Hogan changed
Did any of the boys treat you differently
How did you come up with Demolition
What was Vince’s reaction when you approached him
Who chose Bill Eadie
Did you like Johnny V as a manager
Thoughts on Bill
How did you get cut from the group
How did you find out
Did you feel betrayed
Was it a big drop to go from Demolition to the Conquistadors
Are you surprised that fans still remember the Conquistadors
Was it hard showing up for work watching Demolition get all of that success while you were stuck in the opening matches
Did you threaten a lawsuit
What happened when you sued
Were you afraid you’d be blackballed
Did you settle and howd it work out
Were you surprised that Spot continued the gimmick
Was it hard getting work after the lawsuit
Do you regret it
Memories of your run as the Nightmare in Mid South
Fav matches from that time period
Memories of Oliver Humperdink
Memories of working in Continental as Detroit Demolition
Were you sued at all
Thoughts on the territory at the time
How did you get into WCW later in your career
Memories of the Deadeye Dick gimmick
Thoughts on your stable mates Black Bart and Dutch Mantell
Thoughts on Ole Anderson as a booker
What was the plan for the group
Did Stan Hansen leaving for Japan kill the group
How soon were you released
Did you try and stay on in some other capacity
Did you ever try and get into TNA
Do you think the Moondogs get their due for their place in history
Fav teams overall you wrestled
Least fav guys to work with
Was there someone who you thought would make it that didn’t
Vice versa
Best ribs and road stories
Do you ever want to write a book
Can a character like the Moondogs get over today