Necro Butcher Shoot Interview

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He’s one of the most unique charachters in all of professional wrestling. A “country boy” from “God Damn, West Virginia” who followed a dream that led him on one of the most unusual paths to becoming one of the most unlikely stars in the entire industry. His incredible journey took him from the depths of the business, pouring blood before crowds of forty or fifty people to sharing the silver screen alongside Mickey Rourke in the Academy Award nominated film ‘The Wrestler’. That man is Dylan Summers, better known to fans around the world as ‘The Necro Butcher’, and now he has finally sat down for the first time with RF Video for a groundbreaking interview that covers not just his entire career, but his unusual life outside the ring as well.The Necro Butcher’s first rise to fame in the wrestling world came via his exploits in the world of the Deathmatch, playing a charachter that led many to believe he was not necessarily one of the brightest people in the business. However, those that know him will you tell otherwise, and in this interview you will see for yourself that Dylan Summers is not just one of the most interesting people in the business, but also one of the most intelligent.In this interview we start from the beginning, from his training in Texas which led him to the world famous Sportatorium, the time he spent learning the business from Black Bart, the roads he traveled while paying his dues and the matches he had before he was known across the world as ‘The Necro Butcher’. We discuss his transition to the hardcore deathmatch scene, and his participation in some of the bloodiest battles ever caught on tape. We discuss the matches that built his reputation as one of the toughest performers that ever stepped in the squared circle, and also those matches that almost jeopardized his career, and even his life.


We discuss how the deathmatch scene took him from Texas to the popular midwest proving ground at the time that was IWA Mid-South and the time he spent living on Ian Rotten’s couch. We learn how he progressed from performing in front of crowds of 50-100 people in the small town Indiana to his rise to fame on the East Coast performing in front of crowds of 1000+ at the world famous ECW Arena for CZW. His rise to fame in Philadelphia led him to Japan, where he performed in the world famous Korakeun Hall, where he became so popular that he was asked to return for more than 20 tours in the land of the rising sun. In this interview we discuss some of those tours, and learn what it was like to be an American deathmatch wrestler living abroad on the other side of the world.

His international success led him to greater heights back on American soil, as he became a full time contracted member of the Ring of Honor roster. We’ll ask him what it was like becoming an unlikely major player in ROH, and how he was treated by the veterans in that locker room. We ask him what it was like making the transition from a full time DM wrestler to working the ROH style, and how he was able to survive for more than 2 years in a company where many thought he would never last.

We’ll also talk to him about perhaps his greatest and most unlikely acheivement, which was his role in the critically acclaimed film ‘The Wrestler’. The Necro Butcher worked closely with Mickey Rourke, who would go on to receive an Academy Award nomination for his performance in the film, and we’ll ask Dylan what it was like to work with a bonafide Hollywood star. In this interview, you’ll find out how his participation in the movie almost never happened, and who talked him into taking the part. It’s a story you won’t believe.

The story of “The Wrestler” is just one of the improbable and unbelievable events in Dylan Summers career, but it’s not even the craziest thing that ever happened to him. In fact, while in Japan and working for Antonio Inoki (another topic we will discuss at length), he came face to face with one of the most notorious and evil dictators in the history of the WORLD. Find out what happened when the Necro Butcher came face to face with North Korean leader KIM JONG-IL, and became one of the only people in the entire western world to speak one-on-one with the hated dictator.

The Necro Butcher has had an incredible career in the ring, and also a very eventful life outside of the ring. In addition to being a world-traveled wrestler, he’s also a verteran of the United States Military, an avid reader, a huge sports fan and supporter of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and a dedicated family man and father. In the ring he’s had world famous matches with Low Ki, Samoa Joe, and internationally he’s participated in shoot fights with Bob Sapp and Don Frye. We discuss it all with him, his career and his life in great detail in this over 4+ hour interview. Here are some of the other topics we discuss with the Necro Butcher in this interview that you will not want to miss