New Jack 2004 Shoot & Undercover

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If you are a fan of the RF Video shoot interview series you will know that New Jack was the first shoot interview ever at RF Video. If you have witnessed the first two they were very controversial. But after interviewing Jack for the third time, it blows them two away. Alot has happened in the career of New Jack, and Jack lets you know about it. This is the interview were Jack blows some steam off as he rants about the following topics.

-New Jack gives his wide open opinion of Paul Heyman
-What Heyman did to try to stop New Jack from coming to shows
-Antics Heyman pulled that New Jack didn’t think too fondly about
-Opinion of Tod Gordon
-New Jack goes off the wall against The Dudley Boyz
-Gives his response to the Dudleyz ripping on him on the WWE music cd
-Working for XPW
-What the reason was for going to XPW
-Comparing XPW and ECW
-Rob Black compared to Paul Heyman
-His thoughts on the scaffold match with Vic Grimes
-The life-long injury he suffered due to Vic Grimes from the ECW scaffold fall
-Working with The Messiah
-Going to EPIC in California
-Story behind the bounced XPW check
-What Jack thinks about Kevin Klinerock
-Stealing expensive equipment from XPW
-Thoughts on Gary Yap
-What led to the end of XPW and EPIC
-Thoughts and feelings on The Messiah being attacked and having his finger cut off
-Working for 3PW
-Thoughts on Jasmin St. Claire
-Match with Sabu and Sandman in 3PW
-Why he didn’t make his second appearance in 3PW
-How he ended up in NWA:TNA
-Who he liked working in TNA
-Comparing the way TNA was run to ECW
-Thoughts on the ECW angle TNA did
-His opinion on the Hard 10 Tournament
-What led to New Jack leaving TNA
-Ending up in CZW
-Opinion of John Zandig
-Cage of Death 5 match
-New Jack gives his story in full about the Mass Transit incident with Eric Kulas
-If Jack has any interest in the WWE
-Working in NWA Wildside
-If he still plans on retiring at the end of this year
-Being in the Backyard Wrestling 2 video game
-What caused Jack to knock out the guy in charge of the video game
-How severe the injuries were the guy suffered
-Working for Frank Goodman in USA Pro
-Working with Louie Ramos
-Jack’s thoughts on the “Beyond The Mat” movie
-Does he still keep in contact with Mustafa
-How life is after ECW and what he misses the most about ECW
-What injuries New Jack is sustaining today
-If he has any regrets in his career
-What the biggest misconception of New Jack the person
-Story about Missy Hyatt and when she went to the police with a crazy store while intoxicated
-New Jack tells about his match with Gypsie Joe and what happened to Joe when New Jack started shooting
-Plus many more topics that New Jack discusses without holding back!

This shoot interview will go down as one of the most talked about interviews to date and one you will not want to miss!!!

If you thought the mass transit incident was insane you’ve seen nothing yet!! New Jack goes balistic in the ring once again and goes to jail for stabbing a wrestler 14 times.

RF Video sat down with New Jack for the 4th time to talk about the most controversial incident he was ever involved in. New Jack tells us about the entire incident from Jacksonville, FL in which he stabbed a wrestler 14 times in the ring. New Jack tells his entire story from beginning to end.

He starts out from the beginning of the match to getting out of jail. Jack talks all about what prison is like, if fans recognized him in there and what he did all day long. Jack talks about the fans today and exactly what he thinks about all of them. Who called him after the incident and if anyone wants to work with him after hearing about it.

New Jack discusses what consequences he’s facing now from the incident in the wrestling world and what he’s up to today.

After Jack tells the entire story we then go and watch the match with him as he gives commentary on every part of what is going on.