New Jack 2012 Shoot Interview

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When you hear the word shoot interview you automatically think of the one guy who is by far the most out spoken wrestler to ever sit down for a RF Video shoot interview.  He was the very first person to do an RF Video shoot interview and holds no punches delivering all the stiff shots.  I am talking about the one and only “Original Gangsta” New Jack!!!Journey into the mind of a maniac with the 2012 New Jack shoot interview because it is the most explosive shoot interview that New Jack has ever sat down for.  Our law firm had to watch this one a few times just to give us clearance on this interview.  New Jack talks about his most recent relationship failure and goes into full detail on what happened in his opinion.  You can be sure that RF Video put a disclaimer out for this interview because these topics get down and dirty.It’s been a few years since New Jack was in the hot seat and there was so much to talk about.  Right off the bat I started the interview hard and heavy with my very first question, which was the entire ex-girlfriend situation from his point of view.  New Jack gave us his side of the story and trust me, your going to want to hear what he has to say.  New Jack spends nearly 40 minutes on this subject and he delivers the answers in typical New Jack fashion.  I already made sure with our legal team that we could release this shoot and we are going to cover our asses.  Before we talked about anything else New Jack verbally went off on Abdullah the Butcher and talked all about the infamous Hepatitis C claim against him.  New Jack brings out his own personal doctors records to show the world something and I do not want to give it away but this is insane.  He than challenges Abby to do the same with his blood tests too and New Jack buries the Butcher on a variety of subjects.  We talked to New Jack all about the recent events with Tammy Sytch which you all know what I am talking about.  New Jack talks talks about racism in pro wrestling and tells us about his new comedy career.  He also ends the rumors on how many people he really killed when he was doing bounty hunting and then lets the world know that this is his last ever shoot DVD of all time.  Trust me when I say this, you will all be watching this one over and over again.  This New Jack shoot interview is by far the most intense interview we have ever conducted!!! He also said this would be his final shoot interview that he conducts by himself!!