New Jack- Live and Uncensored Shoot Interview

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Are you ready to watch LIVE and UNCENSORED the most outspoken professional wrestler of all time? Get ready and fasten your seat belts because RF VIDEO is sitting down for the final shoot interview of all time with the legendary hardcore original gangsta New Jack live on iPPV!!!!

You all have seen the others that made New Jack the king of the shoot interviews and he was after all our first shoot interview of all time. Now over 15 years later New Jack takes the throne for the final interview to look back at his entire career and answer some final questions.

You can be sure we will be talking about Smokey Mountain Wrestling, ECW, drugs, ring rats, stabbings, balcony dives, shooting in the ring on his opponents, blood, guts and so much more!!! You will not want to miss this shoot interview of a life time and it will be LIVE on iPPV!!!!

To cap it off New Jack demanded that we show his final match ever with the Necro Butcher that has to be one of the wildest, bloodies matches of all time including his in ring farewell speech!!!!

This is the curtain call, there’s no telling what is going to happen. Anything and everything most likely will!!

Here are just a few of the topics that we are going to talk about…

Did you achieve all of your goals

When you first broke into the business in 1992 under Ray Candy what was

the best lesson he taught you that stuck with you for the last 21 years

Looking back at your Memphis run and first push as a tag team in SMW

with Mustafa what sticks out the most.

How strong is your relationship with Ricky and Robert in 2013 compared

to 1992.  Who were you closer to Ricky or Robert?  What did you learn

from them that married over in your career?

Now that your a ring vet and if you were placed in SMW in 2013 what

would you do different for your persona?

Are you shocked that Jim Cornette is not with the WWE or TNA in 2013…

You guys met on another DVD after you left the room did

you feel that you guys were sincere as have buried your heat and do you

think he changed his tune on you?

Do you feel you did the right thing by leaving SMW and going to ECW as

now being in the business for over 20 years….

We covered your ECW run in all of our other shoots but what do you miss

most about ECW?

When was the last time you spoke to Paul Heyman on the phone or in

person and do you like him as a human being?

If there was never a Paul Heyman influence on New Jack where do you

think the Gangstas would have been after SMW?

If you had to be on a desert island who would you want to be stuck on

there with, Paul Heyman or Jim Cornette. Give your reasons…

Talk about what you learned and how each of these teams helped make you

a better person in the ring.. Public Enemy, Dudleys, Eliminators

If Mass Transit was alive and you were in a empty room with him what

would you say to him?

Are you surprised your still alive with the life style that you lived

with drugs in the 90’s and sleeping with ring rats?

What led to your decision to finally step down from the spotlight and

retire and how soon until you return to the ring.  Are you really NEVER

going to come back to work a match for a payday?

If you were not a hardcore wrestler what wrestler in the business past

or present do you see yourself as?

Did you make peace with Abdullah the Butcher

What happened between you and Extreme Rising when you blasted them over

the internet

How did you get hurt in Pittsburgh doing the dive and who had to pay

for the medical bills

You were very outspoken on guys being on drugs at the debut show how

did you stay clean

You have spoken out about Shane Douglas being behind the times when it

comes to his booking philosophy can you expand?

After Jerry Lawler had a heart attack you expressed on FB that you

wished he died.  What prompted you to say that and why did you guys

have heat.

Did anyone in the business reach out to you after you said that.

What are your thoughts on Vince McMahan calling you the devil and where

did he say this?

You recently made a comment about CM Punk and WWE creative stealing

your idea can you expand on that?

Thoughts on Tammy getting out of jail yesterday

How many people asked you if the DVD between you and Balls was a work?

Explain how real it was and how did you sneak in the mace?

Thoughts on guys like Jake Roberts and Scott Hall getting cleaned up by

DDP as we talked about that on the phone and it seemed like you were

inspired by it.

Looking back at all the locker room fights with Brian Pillman, Dancing

with Dudley, Sandman, Balls, Brian Knobbs and countless others do you

regret any of them at all

Name Game thoughts looking back and do you have any regrets on what

went down and would you change the out come on any of the following

names that you had issues with:

Mass Transit

Brian Pillman

Gypsy Joe

Brian Knobbs

Vic Grimes

Chad Austin

Balls Mahooney

Team 3 D AKA Dudleys

Missy Hyatt

If there was never a Mustafa who in this business could take his spot

You were going to add a new member to the Gangstas why did that never

pan out the way it was supposed to?

Out of all the promotions that you worked for which was your favorite

Do you ever hear from Missy Hyatt

Thoughts on the incident with Eric Simms and Sabu from PWS

Are you happy that Perry Saturn cleaned himself up and is back working

shows again

If you are in the ring with a wrestler that is well known and on the

same level as you, what keeps you from shooting on them?  Is there a

point in the match when you say to yourself that this guy is trying to

get over on me and that makes you turn into a different guy where you

stop working and start shooting.

Why are you not working in the WWE teaching guys how to cut promos or

managing the Prime Time Playas…….

What if HHH called you and asked to bring you in and change your name

and gave you a new character as a guy who invested his money and made

millions on the stock market so your gimmick was a investor and you

were to advise the Prime Time Playas and be their mouth piece would you

do it?

If you were to book yourself for a Monday Night Raw debut how would you

do it?  What angle would you see yourself in to make a impact into the


Talk about Bubba success right now in TNA are you surprised he is the

number one heel in the company and working a program with Hulk Hogan

If you went to TNA do you think there would be political problems

between you guys of them trying to keep you down.

Did you ever get the vibe from those guys that they gave you the

attitude of hey we made it to WWE and you didn’t?

Is there one wrestler out there that New Jack marks out to?

Who do you respect the most in this business?

Who do you hate the most in this business and why?

What is in the future for your reality show as a Bounty Hunter

FMK — Tammy, Terri, Francine

Tell us one crazy ring rat story that you never shared before

How did you get hooked up with the Daily show

This is your last chance to say anything you want to so take the time

to say something to any hater or any wrestler that you never had the

chance to say something to them directly.

Did you like working with Necro and did it ever almost turn into a


How did you first hear of Necro and did you ever see him work live

before and your thoughts of him

Any regrets not making it to WCW or WWE

What are you going to miss most about Pro wrestling