New Jack: Menace 2 Sobriety Shoot Interview

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We had to do it, no really we did!!! New Jack was our first shoot interview ever and it seems like we can’t shake this guy!!! At the end of our last shoot interview Jack swore he was done doing these interview, well Terry Funk also said he was retired how many times?

This was supposed to be a Face Off DVD with Jamie Dundee but Jamie went MIA. Were we to panic, hell no!!! New Jack had some ideas and he had some friends!!!

This is a DVD that will show you another side of New Jack that NOBODY has ever seen before. I can promise you that this one will be a cult classic real fast. Is there foul language…yes…drug use…Yes…sex talk…Yes…..more foul language YES!!!!

This time New Jack brought some friends along for the ride, as we have a few mystery people stopping by. One of these guys are not even from our planet. New Jack has Starman make his RF Video debut. Your asking yourself right now, who the F*** is Starman. We were too until he got in front of our camera. What happened next will never be duplicated….and that might be a good thing. I don’t want to spoil the interaction between New Jack and Starman but you will see New Jack in rare form and if your drinking some beers during this shoot or smoking anything green you might think you wearing a laughing gas mask as yes its that funny.

On the serious side New Jack talks about some subjects that he never talked about before. Why he choose to stab a few guys in the ring and what happened in court. I have sat down with him around 7 times and we NEVER talked about these details until now.

What really happened with Brian Knobbs and New Jack, Why is there heat between New Jack and Balls Mahoney? Why did New Jack stiff a green kid with a chair in Florida during a Frank Goodman show?

In one of the most monotone voices that I have ever heard New Jack speak in, New Jack tells a story for the first time ever how he purchased a taser gun before his infamous scaffold match with Vic Grimes in XPW at a pawn shop before the show. New Jack goes into great detail on why he bought the gun and what he wanted to happen to Vic on that scaffold. The story will have you picking your mouth off the floor.

I promise you that this is not just another typical New Jack shoot. This is very different than anything we have done with New Jack. There are several guest appearances during this interview from one of New Jacks rivals in ECW….I think its time for you to all step into New Jack’s world for another crazy ride and who knows maybe this could really be his last RF Video DVD ever!!!