Nick Dinsmore Shoot Interview

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One of wrestling’s most under-utilized players sat down with RF VIDEO to candidly discuss his buzz-worthy time in Ohio Valley Wrestling along with his controversial character Eugene in WWE. Nick Dinsmore gave us the ins and outs of the long road he took from being an OVW stand-out to unceremoniously walked out of the building to end his WWE stay.

We covered Dinsmore’s entire career, including his cup of coffee in WCW and having a match on Monday Nitro. Nick described how he got booked in WCW and what the backstage atmosphere was like. Dinsmore quickly ended up in Louisville within the WWE developmental system and told us exactly what it was like to learn his craft under Jim Cornette. There are so many great OVW stories that it just doesn’t do them justice to list them all here, but we can say you will hear Nick talk about Kenny Bolin, teaming with Rob Conway, the Pillman Memorial show, Al Snow, Les Thatcher, Danny Davis and much, much more! During Dinsmore’s time in OVW the company was one of the best booked in the country filled with some of the best up-and-coming talents in the business, you will get to hear exactly what it was like to be in Louisville during this exciting period!

Getting called up to WWE is a major day in any wrestler’s life, but after his long and hard battle to prove himself despite his size, what did Dinsmore think of being given the mentally handicapped gimmick of Eugene? This is the first DVD that will give you Dinsmore’s complete and unedited thoughts on this highly controversial character, including what he studied in order to get the gimmick down. Nick also talked about what it was like to work with William Regal, Coach, Christy Hemme, Triple H, Vince McMahon, Ric Flair, Edge, Tajiri, and Eric Bischoff on the main roster.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Nick Dinsmore is covered in this highly entertaining shoot including Nick’s trips to Memphis and Puerto Rico along with his highly publicized overdose that occurred shortly after the death of Eddie Guerrero. Dinsmore described what it was like to read about his fall from grace straight on the WWE website and what the reaction was from the boys in the back. This is one interview you will never forget as Dinsmore covers everything from working with Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania, to giving his thoughts on all the big WWE names both in front of the camera and behind including Mick Foley, John Laurenitis, Shawn Michaels, and Batista! This is a shoot all of your special friends will love and it is available from RF VIDEO!

Were you a fan growing up
How did you get into pro wrestling
What was the hardest thing about training
What were your expectations
Memories of your first matches
How did you get booked on Nitro
Were you under a WCW deal
Memories of your matches
Thoughts on the locker room
Did any vets mentor you
Memories of your match with Scott Steiner
How soon were you signed by the WWF
Memories of your first few weeks in OVW
Thoughts on Jim Cornette
Some guys like Batista have said they learned nothing in OVW, your thoughts on that
Do you think Cornette got a bad deal
Memories of your team with Rob Conway in OVW
Memories of Kenny Bolin
Memories of the Pillman Memorial
Memories of matches with Rip Rogers
Who did you ride with
Was it hard to make a living there
How much feedback did you get from the WWE offices
Did it bother you during your time in OVW when youd see someone get called up due to their body who wasn’t ready while you were working hard and werent called up
What was the party lifestyle like in OVW
Memories of when you were called up to Shotgun
How were you treated by the locker room
Did you get any feedback from the agents
Memories of matches with Al Snow
Memories of your match with Chris Benoit in OVW
What was it like to work with Benoit at that point in your career
Thoughts on Les Thatcher
Thoughts on Danny Davis as a trainer
Do you think you were trained right for the WWE or is it a different kind of training
How did you find out you were going to get signed by the WWE
What was it like for you the day you signed your deal
Memories of matches with Shelton Benjamin
Did any of the vets take liberties with you when youd work Velocity or Heat
How did the Conquistadors deal come about
Was there anyone you started getting tighter with on the main roster
Memories of wrestling as Doink the Clown
Memories of your match with Kenzo Suzuki
Did you have any input on the Eugene character
Who explained it to you
What were your initial thoughts on it
Did you watch tapes or study anyone in particular to try and get the character down
Were you treated different by the locker room when you started going on the road in the character and you werent just coming up for shows from OVW anymore
Was there any kind of initiation
Who did you ride with
Memories of when you were paired with Regal
Were you and Regal tight outside of the ring
Memories of the early skits with Coach
Who’s idea was it to relate you to Eric Bischoff
How was Bischoff to work with
At what point did you think that the character was taking off
Did you find yourself being treated different by the writers and management as the character expanded
How approachable was Vince
What was his feedback on the character
Was there anytime early during this run where you were nervous about a match or segment
Whos idea was it to put you with Triple H
HHH gets criticized a lot on shoots, you worked directly with him. Your thoughts on him, working with him, and his reputation
Was it hard to handle all of this success so quickly
Memories of wrestling in the main event on raw against flair and hhh with Benoit and Edge
Thoughts on working with Flair
Do you think he makes guys look weaker at his age
What was it like to wrestle HHH on summerslam
Did HHH give you advice during this run together
Memories kissing Christy Hemme
Did you slip her the tongue
What is Vince like to work with in skits and segments
Memories of wrestling Eric Bischoff at Taboo Tuesday
Did you sense any jealousy by vets at your big push
Memories teaming with Regal
Memories of your legendary beat the clock match against Edge
Memories of the match with Cory Macklin and Lawler in Memphis
Memories of your trip to IWA Puerto Rico
What was it like to work an angle with Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania
Did you like being paired with Christy Hemme
Who’s idea was that
Memories of matches with Kurt Angle
Memories of teaming with Tajiri
Did he try and kayfabe his english
Memories of teaming with Jimmy Snuka
How did you find out about Eddie Guerrero
Were you close to Eddie
What happened when you were hospitalized a few days later
Some have said back then they thought you were next, were your habits that bad
Why do you think you fell into that trap
Were you disappointed that WWE put on their site that you overdosed on somas
Do you think that the WWE lost confidence in you after that
Did you feel treated or looked at differently by the boys
Whos idea was it to put you with Duggan
Thoughts on teaming with Duggan
Was it hard mentally when you got such a big push so early to never get back to that level again
Memories of your match with the McMahons
Do you think Randy Orton will self destruct or relish as champ
Did it bother you when Umaga squashed you
Were you surprised your heel turn wasn’t pushed harder
Were you made promises that werent kept as far as your character
Did you pitch ideas
Was it hard to work with Khali
You got back into a main angle at Wrestlemania this year, how did that come about
What was Vince like to work with during the angle
How about Trump
Whos idea was it to bring you to Smackdown
Were you told what the plans would be for you there
Where were you when you heard about Chris Benoit
How hard did you take it
How hard did the company take it
Do you think the media coverage was fair or unfair
Do you think the WWE needs a stronger wellness policy
Did you see it as a bad sign when Khali squashed you as soon as you went to Smackdown
You went back to OVW this summer, how had it changed
Now you were squashed by Mark Henry and then released the next day, what happened
Do you think it was fair
Thoughts on John Laurenitus
Thoughts on Batista
Thoughts on Shawn Michaels
Thoughts on Mick Foley
Do you have plans to go to TNA
Is there anyone you didn’t get a chance to work with that you wished you would have
What was it like to work Wrestlemania
Can you make the adjustment to going back to work on the indys
Is it hard to go from being on world wide television every week to practical obscurity
Thoughts on drugs in wrestling
Would you ever like to open a school or become a trainer somewhere
Biggest piece of advice you can give for success in the business
What is your favorite moment in your career
What has life been like for you on the indys now as compared to 8 yrs ago
What is the biggest misconception about wrestling in the WWE
Favorite opponents, least favorite opponents?
Any regrets?
Thoughts on newsletters and the internet
What do you do now with your free time
What do you miss most and least about being a full time wrestler
Best ribs you ever saw
Road stories