Nicole and Brianna Shoot Interview

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We have had The Bruise Brothers, and maybe we could throw in the Killer Bees and the Invaders but never before have we had female twin sisters in Pro Wrestling until now!!!  Not only are they twin sisters but you can add the adjective “gorgeous” every time before you say their names, Nicole and Brianna formerly known as The Bella Twins!!!!RF VIDEO brings you a new shoot interview with double trouble as Nicole and Brianna take the hot seat and talk all about their career in the WWE and how they got to the dance.  We take a look back to their child hood and teen years when we discuss how they started to model and act at a early age.  Both girls were huge fans of pro wrestling growing up and they discuss what it was like to try to get into the WWE in 2006 when they participated in the Diva search and who they competed against that year.


We talk about how they got signed into the WWE and being sent to the FCW developmental training grounds in Florida and they both take us through their training regiments and how it finally paid off when they were called up to the main roster.  We talk all about who else were in the promotion with them down in FCW from Nattie Neidhart, Lacey Von Erich, Katie Lee Burchill, Victoria, Maryse and so many of the other WWE Divas that are still on TV to this day.

We talk about all of the major angles that they were in and their matches with Victoria, Primo and Carlito, Gail Kim, Maryse, Eve, Melina, Kelly Kelly and every other girl under the sun who works in the WWE.

Not only do they look so pretty to stare at on this DVD, but the chemistry between the two sisters is great as they tell locker room story after story and if your a huge WWE fan your going to love all the scoops that they give you.

The girls talk about all their major story lines and angles and what it was like to become famous in the WWE.  Bri talks about her outside relationship with Daniel Bryan and how it all started, you will hear what it was like to work their first Wrestlemania, how they liked working ECW compared to Raw and Smackdown, road stories, ribs, winning the Divas title and so much more.

If your a huge fan of the WWE women’s division this is a great inside look into what goes on inside and outside of the rings and the girls story telling skills makes this very entertaining.