Nicole Bass Shoot Interview

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Nicole Bass talks about her start in bodybuilding, other stars she met in bodybuilding, what happened when Nicole Bass met Arnold Schwartzeneger, how she got her start in ECW, what was the first thing Tommy Dreamer said to her, what Big Dick Dudley did when he saw her, what she thinks about Francine, talks about the ECW locker room, Paul Heyman & much more about ECW, how she was approached about the WWE, why Chyna didn’t want Nicole Bass around Sable, Marc Mero, Val Venis & much more on WWE, her lawsuit against the WWF, tons of Rob Black & XPW stories, Jasmine St. Claire, Missy Hyatt, Tammy Sytch, TONS of stories about The Howard Stern show, how Nicole Bass reacted when Howard Stern be-littled her, how she really feels about Howard Stern & much more. This interview was not conducted by RF Video