Nikita Koloff Shoot Interview

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Live the story of “The Russian Nightmare” Nikita Koloff as he has experienced a unique wrestling career that cannot be matched by anyone. Youll be shocked to find out how much training Nikita had before he hit big time wrestling with Jim Crockett and the NWA. Find out how this football player with unbelievable physical ability skyrocketed to the top of the wrestling business in record setting time. His rise to main event status didnt happen without some major roadblocks and youll hear all about them. Also, youll learn the unique way he was promoted so his lack of experience wasnt exposed. Live his stories as he portrayed a Russian in and out of the ring, and actually how far he took the believability of his hated foreign character in public places and even the wrestling locker room. Hear all of the tremendous stories about the rise of the NWA with all of the top stars including Flair, Dusty, Magnum and all the legendary wrestlers that were on that incredible roster. Nikita also talks about his dramatic change to babyface after the tragic accident involving Magnum TA. Find out why Nikitas career was so short lived, and exactly what he is doing with his life now. Seeing Nikitas new appearance is worth the price of the video alone, because you wont believe what the former “Russian Menace” looks like now.