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It was months in the making but RF VIDEO finally sat down with the most controversial superstar nZo, formerly known as Enzo Amore in the WWE!

Words can’t describe this interview because honestly this was the first time that I did not have to really say a word, as nZo was just on fire as soon as we turned the cameras on it was off to the races. Never before in WWE history has any act got so over in less than one year, as nZo and his tag team partner Cass. In one year they were breaking merchandise records and selling more shirts than John Cena!! They were also in some of the highest rated TV segments on RAW.

nZo’s career was never supposed to happen as he tells you first hand how he was always considered HHH’s red headed step child and project. He was supposed to be fired and always thought the hammer was about to fall until the one night when John Cena came to visit NXT and a star was born. He tells you in full detail the story on how he got so over with the fans and some of the boys in the locker room.

nZo was never excepted by many of the guys in the locker room because he never paid his dues or came from the indy scene. He was hand picked by HHH after seeing a video tape that was produced and gave to his friend who also happened to be HHH’s trainer in the gym. You will hear the process that he went through to get into the WWE system and he had it rough. This story alone is worth the price of the DVD.

As most of you know his career has been filled with some controversial issues as others have talked about it him on our shoots and his name was all over social media in the last 24 months for so many topics, but don’t worry because for the first time ever nZo breaks his silence as I ask him all about the questions that you wanted to have answered and this guy holds NOTHING back.

We talk about his issues with Simon Gotch, how ya doing!! The injury where Simon tossed him outside the ring and he got his concussion and his reply to what Simon has said, How Ya doing!! Heat with the Boys, How Ya doing!! Issues on the bus and locker room during his two over seas tours in the UK with Roman Reigns and someone else, How Ya doing!! Heat with the office on refusing to do certain things in the ring, How Ya doing!! Shoot on Cass on twitter, How Ya doing!! Relationship with Dusty Rhodes, How Ya doing!! His 205 run, How Ya doing!! What does he have to say about his incident that had him leave the WWE, How Ya doing!! His unexpected run in at Survivor Series step by step and why he did it, How Ya doing!!

Ladies and Gentlemen this interview was just amazing as nZo is very articulate and there is a reason he quickly became one of the best talkers in the business. During this interview you see for the first time his HUGE binder of promos that he wrote down for himself since 2012, you will hear about his background before getting into the WWE, all the hurdles he had to jump in the PC including working with some of the trainers like Bill Demott who had it out for him.

nZo breaks down his run in the WWE and discusses how they rose to the top but also talks about all of the politics that were involved and if he played that game. nZo talks about building his brand and there is no doubt he figured out the system quick as he knew how to play the game. He knew he built a brand and wait until you hear some of the ideas that he had proposed to Vince McMahon that never got off the ground. nZo really takes his time and dissects his entire WWE run from start to finish and he covers everything under the sun.