Ole Anderson Shoot Interview

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There is only one word that can describe Ole Anderson. Cantankerous. Actually, now that we think about it, several other words come to mind as well: bitter, cranky, malicious, stubborn, and outright mean.

Like the old man down the street who yells at squirrels on his lawn, Ole Anderson can be unapproachable. Downright scary even. But no one can accuse the crack staff of RF VIDEO of being cowards, and we summoned up all our courage and approached the notoriously media-hating Ole for an exclusive interview. A one-on-one shoot that would allow one of wrestling’s most controversial speakers to hold court and hand down judgment on everything and everyone in his path.

Lo and behold, we proudly present the DVD you’ve been waiting for. Ole Anderson lives by one rule, it’s his way or the highway and this interview is no exception. Wrestling historians will love Ole’s tales of wrestling’s yesteryear, with stories that including legendary stars such as Verne Gagne, the Bruiser, the Crusher, Lou Thesz, Jim Crockett, Jim Barnett and the Duseks. You will hear all about hooking and booking, as Ole gives first hand accounts of shooting in the ring and what it was like to have to book a promotion full of stars. You want the big names? They come fast and furious as Ole gives his thoughts on men such as Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Thunderbolt Patterson, Roddy Piper, the Road Warriors, Stan Hansen, Jake Roberts and many more. In fact, the promos Ole shoots on his former Four Horsemen teammates are worth the price of admission alone!

We put Ole on the spot by reading him various quotes from over the years by other wrestling superstars about his booking style and watched Anderson go into overdrive. Black Saturday. Vince McMahon. Jim Herd. Kip Frey. The Black Scorpion angle. Brian Pillman. Mick Foley. Why he was really fired by WCW. What really happened in Smokey Mountain Wrestling with his son Bryant. Who is the superstar he considers a stooge above all others? You’ll get all that and so much more in the one shoot that has more yelling and cursing than a whole season of The Shield. Outspoken. Outrageous. Outstanding. The Ole Anderson shoot interview from RF VIDEO.

Howd you get started
Was the training more difficult than you thought
What was the kayfabe like for a young guy back then
Initial memories of Verne Gagne
How tough was he as a trainer
Memories of your first match
Were you a wrestling fan before you got into the business
Is it true that you were the first Rock
How quickly did you develop a passion for booking
Memories of Bruiser and Crusher
Memories of Lou Thesz
How did you wind up wrestling for the Duseks
Memories of the Duseks
How did you become an Anderson
Initial memories of Lars and Gene
How did your career change once the Andersons took off
Memories working for Jim Crockett SR
Memories of the Alabama territory
Memories of matches with the Briscos
Memories of Bruno Sammartino
How tough was the travel schedule
Memories of your first trips to the Georgia area
How did you wind up becoming an owner of the territory
Thoughts on Jim Barnett
How did the Briscos get involved
Grade yourself as a booker in Georgia
Does it surprise or bother you when you wrestlers today trash you from your days as a booker
Tito Santana recently wrote a book and more or less called you a racist in the book. Your thoughts?
You once booked Crockett and Georgia simultaneously. How difficult was that
Did you have any aspiration s of becoming NWA president
Thunderbolt Patterson accuses Dusty Rhodes of stealing his gimmick from him. Do you agree
Does it bother you when Vince gets the credit for having the first national heel announcer when you had Roddy Piper
What gave you the idea of putting Piper into that role
Memories of the famous angle between he and Muraco
Memories of when Hogan came into Georgia
Can you talk about your disagreements and friendship with Verne Gagne over the years
Memories of Eddie Graham
Memories of Danny Hodge
Memories of Bill Watts as a colleague and in the ring
Memories of Nick Bockwinkel
Memories of Paul Orndorff
Memories of the Tommy Rich-Buzz Sawyer angle
Memories of Jake Roberts
How did you discover the Road Warriors
A lot of guys say they hurt the business at=2 0the time by not selling, do you agree
Memories working with them
Memories teaming with Stan Hansen
Why do you think he walked on Verne
Do20you think things would have worked out different if Hogan never went to Vince
Memories of Johnny Valentine
Memories of first meeting Arn Anderson
How did the idea come about to make him an Anderson
What are your memories of Black Saturday when the WWE took over TBS
How did you find out that the Briscos sold their shares
How much do you think Jim Barnett was in on it
Did you have conversations with Vince
Was it hard to wo rk for Crockett after booking Georgia and not be a booker
Talk about the politics between Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair
How did the whole idea of the Four Horsemen come about
Did you like it
Memories of matches with the Rock N Roll Express
Memories of matches against Magnum
You left the Horsemen for a little while, what happened
Who’s idea was it to turn you babyface
Do you think more could have been done with the turn
Memories of matches you had with Ric Flair
You have been critical of Ric Flair in your book and interviews. Do you think that Flair was that great or in the right place at the same time
Do you feel the same about Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage
Dusty wrote in his book that Vince SR wanted him first to be the top babyface when he went national. Do you think that the WWF would have been just as successful
If you could have put someone over as the world champ in say 1986 over Ric Flair, who would you have put in there and been just as successful
Memories of when Luger got involved in the Horsemen
Was it difficult when they stopped booking you to wrestle
Memories of Jim Herd
Thoughts on Flair leaving with the title
How did you wind up moving into booking
Thoughts on putting Sid into the Horsemen
Thoughts on Barry Windham
Do you think the Horsemen franchise has been tarnished
How did you

Was WCW hard to book at that time with the corporate influence
How hard was it to go up against Vince
What was the idea behind the Black Scorpion
Do you think it was a good idea in retrospect
Who was the Scorpion supposed to be
Was Sting overpaid by WCW
Is it true that you jobbed out the younger talent in hopes they would quit
Are you surprised guys like Mick Foley and Brian Pillman went on to be successful
Is it true that a lot of the younger guys were demoralized after you squashed Tom Zenk to Vader
Why do you think the house show numbers fell so bad
Why did you let the Undertaker walk
Were you surprised Cornette and Stan Lane quit
Ric Flair tells a story on his DVD that you told him when he came back he was worthless since he jobbed to Curt Hennig on TV. Is that true?
Why were you eventually let go
What would you have done differently
Do you think you were unfairly fired
When did Bryan tell you he wanted to get into the business
Were you surprised Bischoff let him go so soon
Jim Cornette has said that you and Bryan got fired because you did business with him on WCW’s property. Is that true?
Why did your son give up wrestling
In Eric Bischoff’s book he says that Blackjack Mulligan ratted you out to Bischoff for talking about him behind his back. Thoughts?
What promoted you to write a book
Were you contacted about doing business for the Horsemen DVD
Why didn’t you appear on the DVD
Were you contacted about appearing at Flair’s retirement
Why do you think there is so much bad blood between you and Ric
What are some of your favorite angles that you have booked
Thoughts on the business today
What is missing from the business today
Could you still be an effective booker
Are you surprised WCW went out of business
What is the problem with the business today
What is lacking in independent wrestlers and indy wrestling
Can TNA compete with the WWE
Memories of working out with fans
In your career who did you find was overrated and underrated
Favorite matches overall
Fav guys to work with
Least fav guys to work with
Who do you enjoy watching
Good ribs and road stories
What do you do today
Do you ever want to write another book