On The Road with Abdullah The Butcher

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RF Video faithful have traveled to Honkywood and ridden with the devil with Jake “the Snake” Roberts, now, for the first time ever, RF Video takes you on a road trip you will never forget. RF Video’s fan favorite ground breaking On the Road series continues with a true legend in the wrestling business, Abdullah the Butcher! For almost forty years, Abby’s name has been synonymous with blood, mayhem, and forks. He’s the man who brought hardcore wrestling into Japan. The man who was literally put in the electric chair while in WCW. Famous for leaving a trail of blood in everyone of his matches, you will now have a close and personal encounter with the one and only butcher. This is as close as youll ever get to spending a weekend with Abby and RF Video cant guarantee you won’t have nightmares of him coming after you with a fork!

Infamous for his bloody and vicious brawls with the Sheik, Kevin Sullivan, Dusty Rhodes, Terry Funk, Buddy Rogers, Bobo Brazil, Carlos Colon, and Bruiser Brody, the butcher is an international hardcore icon. From Japan to the Sudan, from Giant Baba to Kamala, from wrestling Sting to BBQ chicken wings at his house of ribs, Abby has had a career like no other. You are in for a treat as this is one DVD that takes every wrestling fan behind the scenes like no other. You will be there as we picked up Abdullah at the airport and drove over to Frank Goodman’s UXW show in New York. Try to picture in your mind RF himself sandwhiched between a 400 pound Abdullah the butcher and a 300+ pound “handler” that Abby brought along with him! Seeing is believing! You will hear every story that we heard, including Abby’s thoughts on All Japan, Stan Hansen, Eddie Graham, Bruiser Brody’s controversial death and much, much more! Barb wire, Forks, Puerto Rico, teaming with Sheik, wrestling Bravo to New Jack, Abby butchers everyone on this informative shoot. Fans of Abbys career and previous great RF shoot interviews will love seeing this we also recommended to fans of All Japan pro wrestling as Abby discusses the changes in the company with Mutoh and goes through some of the biggest historical moments of his career in Japan. Also included is Abdullah’s insane hardcore match against Louie Ramos from the UXW show along with several other Abdullah matches!

From blood in matches, to being a gaijin in Japan, Onita, ECW, Cactus Jack, Sabu, to his continuing survival in the wrestling business, Abby covers it all. The madman of the Sudan + RF Videos On the Road = crazy delicious!