On the Road with Diamond Dallas Page

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RF VIDEO has been running all over the city of Philadelphia over the last 24 hours with former WCW World Champion DDP. It all started last night when we kicked off our new DVD series On the Road with Diamond Dallas Page at the Market Street Station where we picked him up. We had our cameras rolling from the time he got off the train until he checked into his 5 star hotel at the Four Seasons. Wait until you see the trouble we caused by filming at the hotel…there are tons of WCW road stories on this DVD as well. You will hear about his troubles with Ric Flair after his book came out and how DDP fixed the situation. What heat did he have with the Undertaker and the WWE office if there was any at all….What happened the first time he talked to Dusty Rhodes…What are his views on the Chris Benoit tragedy? The entire DVD will run over three hours but the main focus of this DVD was his media appearances today in Philadelphia which we were able to capture as well on this DVD from the radio show with Danny Bonaduce and Ukee Washington on Talk Philadelphia to promote his amazing YRG DVD’s.

RF VIDEO was granted permission to film everything behind the scenes at the Danny Bonaduce show and we were even there in the studio and filmed his appearance on Dannys show. They talk in great detail about TNA and if DDP would ever go back to the company. The main focus of the appearance was DDP promoting his YRG DVD’s which are a must for anybody looking to get in shape. I actually did some of this last night with him in the hotel and its amazing. He also showed me a video which you can check out on his new website that we plugged last night where this one guy who could not even walk can now run and he lost so much weight. We actually will show the footage on this DVD too. Danny was so impressed with the YRG workout that he is going to take it on as well as myself. I am not fat or anything but this program will get you super in shape and give you abs of steal.

Everyone was great at Danny’s show and they treated us well. We than went out for Breakfast since his appearance was like at 7AM and we filmed all of our car rides as well. From there we went back to his hotel for more talk with DDP about his YRG programs and of course wrestling talk!! We headed out around 11AM for a private tour of the CBS studio here in Philly. We were able to film all of this as well and we filmed DDP in the green room waiting to go on with Ukee Washington. We also filmed everything behind the scenes with Ukee Washington as his staff was also amazing with us. I met Ukee about 10 years ago when I was on the news for my pro wrestling shopps that I had in this area. He actually remembered our interview together since Steve Austin was also on the same show via satellite. We had DDP and Ukee do a private interview for this DVD as well.

The highlight of the show was DDP teaching the staff how to do YRG once again. You will all be amazed at the results as we are going to really push his YRG products thru this DVD. It’s some amazing workouts that really get you results.

The entire day was just amazing and loads of fun. We can’t thank everyone enough especially the staff over at CBS and Danny Bonaduce show. I also want to thank DDP who allowed us to take part in this and he really let us into his world over the past 24 hours. If you ever met DDP you know he always goes that extra mile and he was working non stop all day in his hotel on his website and company as he lives for YRG. We can’t wait to release this new on the road DVD so you can see a whole new person and see how DDP is outside of the squared circle!